Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to Texas!

Some people love to fly on airplanes.

I am not one of those people.

Today I’m flying to Texas because my Nana Jo turns 90 tomorrow.

Flying just makes me…well, I sort of feel like I’m walking to my death the second I step onto the aircraft. When the flight attendant is like, “Hello and welcome,” I want to reply, “Please don’t kill me.”

Traveling with children doesn’t make it any easier. Usually I have Tom to help me out. Not this time. And okay, I’ve traveled with the kids alone before, but still.

Tom would also be there to calm me down.

“Will you play Lost with me?” I would ask. Lost is a game I play and it’s based on the show Lost. (Duh) It doesn’t make any sense but to calm myself down, I pick passenger and say which character on Lost they would be in case we crashed on an island.

“No,” Tom would usually say.

I’d ignore him and whisper, “You can be Jack. Only you aren’t a doctor but still, I’m sure you’ve been trained to take a bullet out of someone, right?”

Tom would blink at me. “What are you TALKING about?” He never watched Lost with me because he’s strange. He claims the show is weird.

“Shhh, Jack, I’m thinking. I couldn’t be Kate, because I suck at tracking people. I’d get lost in a second and would curl up in a fetal position and cry. I could be Clare, only I wouldn’t go crazy. Then again, if I went without my Diet Coke for days on end, I might. Ha ha.”

“I really don’t get how—” Tom would start again.

“Tommy could be Aaron. That man over there could be Sawyer. He’s pretty cute,” I’d continue.

“Uh, excuse me, I’m sitting right here,” Tom fumed.

“And there’s our Hurley! He’s even eating a candy bar. Perfect!”

By this point, Tom would be flipping through a SkyMall magazine totally ignoring me. But still. It helped take my mind off the fact that I was in a death can with wings.

Who will play Lost with me today? I have a feeling if I leaned over and asked a perfect stranger to play Lost with me, he’d ask if he could change his seat. If I asked my son to play with me he’d say, “You wouldn’t let me watch Lost. You said the smoke monster might scare me. Or people called The Others. So I can’t play.”

Who will calm me down? If I didn’t feel like playing Lost on the plane, I’d scribble Tom a note with I’M SCARED written across it and he’d take my hand without a word.

I should be fine though. I’ll just think of happy things.

Like the fact that my husband will be home in a week.


  1. Umm...I love Lost and I love your game! I hope you have a safe trip!

  2. Safe travels and Happy 90th to your Nana!

  3. I think traveling with you would be fun! Hoping for a quick and safe flight for you :)

  4. Have a great trip! Make sure you bring a really great book that you can enjoy on the plane. It'll make all the difference!

  5. Aw Amber, I'd play Lost with you on the plane. I'll be Kate. I'm sure you will get there safely and have a GREAT time. :)

  6. saying a prayer for you! At least you will go on an air plane. I've never been on plane and don't plan to. I'm having a tiny panic attack just thinking about it.

  7. Hugs to you and good luck with flying. You'll do great.

    Hang on to the fact your husband will be home soon.

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  10. New follower! Loving your blog. Happy travels!

  11. You should write notes to the flight attendants. though it might scare them to receive hand written notes. Like potential bomb threats. That might not fly so well.

    HA! FLy. I am funny.

  12. I would have played! I am a Texas gal and HATE flying, but I've flown on many intercontinental flights and each one is bad for my flight-induced-anxiety-fall-from-the-sky FEAR.

    Your game is interesting. I'd like to sit on the plane and pick out as many potential Sawyers as possible, surely there are several. If there were none on board, then I'd just have to resolve for us to remain FOUND because who wants to be Lost without a Sawyer? Augh.

    I'll be back to read some more...your neighbor,
    Lana from Farm Life Lessons

  13. Have a safe trip, can't wait to hear all about it!

  14. You and the Bugs fly safe, and try not to lose anything (like your lunch or Natalie)
    Wow- 90?
    I hope I can pretend to be completely insane at 90, so I can say whatever I want to people and they wont wanna punch me:)

    Have a great trip!

  15. Hilarious! I'm flying solo in two weeks and it will be the first time I've done that. Maybe I'll play your Lost game. ;)

  16. I would play Lost with you. Definately. In fact, next time I fly, I'm definately playing Lost. And I agree with Lana - no Sawyer, no Lost.

  17. I'd play LOST with you. I've been going through serious withdrawls since it went off the air. Have a good trip.

  18. The long flights home every year are boring rather than scary. I might have a go at your game! Hope your Nana has a good party.

  19. I have a strong feeling that thinking about him coming home in a week will be all you will need to get you through.
    But I do love your Lost game!

  20. He'll be home in a week.......WoooHooo! With that and your kids to keep you occupied the flight should go by quick and easy (I hope).
    Enjoy your trip.
    And Happy Birthday Nana Jo!

  21. You know 90's is the new 70's...tres chick.
    Rock it while you got it.
    Anyplanedon't crash, good luck with the flight!

  22. lol - love it! I hate flying also and playing "Lost" sounds like a good way to pass time. My hub would never watch Lost with me either which really annoyed me because I know he would have liked it if he gave it a chance.

  23. If I was on that plane with you, I'd totally play Lost. Except that I didn't watch that show. So you could play Lost and I'd just nod a lot and say "Absolutely!"

    Have Fun!


  24. Love your game! I need to do something like that or start drinking a lot! I can't stand flying and having lived overseas twice I have flown so many time but it never gets easier for me! Glad he will be home next week - how exciting even if for a short while!

  25. The Feds are following Di & Rick...RITE AID.


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