Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Things That Have Made Me Smile

Today I decided to do a post of random things that have made me smile this week.

You wouldn’t think pizza from a box would be delicious, but this kind truly is. We have it for dinner a lot.

This is a response that Tommy wrote for one of his class work assignment. I chuckled.

Tommy made this for me. The only problem is that I have green eyes (hazel, to be totally specific), not brown eyes. Typical male forgetting details...I mentioned Tommy’s mistake and he was like, “Oh, really?” like I was lying or something.


Looking at this photo made me really want to go back to Disney. It was a blast.

This was a letter in Redbook magazine. I think this lady needs to chill.

**And I am so glad that Blogger is up again. I was going through withdrawals.**


  1. Wait ... fart and penis jokes aren't funny? I think Karen Billow of Bel Air, MD has a cucumber thrust up her backside.

    And I love that Chef Boyardee pizza too. Reminds me of my childhood. :)

  2. I was going through withdrawals too! What was up with that?

    I saw that royal wedding thing on facebook and chuckled too.

    And I love Chef Boyardee pizza! I grew up on that stuff!

  3. i know right??
    i TELL fart and penis jokes, lol!!

    glad YOUR blogger is better, cause i still have posts that are missing out in lala land somewhere, lol

    have a wonderful wkend!!!

  4. Oh my - that pic of Cinderella was so funny!!!

  5. ok, she's right- penis and fart jokes aren't funny. it's jokes about BALLS that are really hilarious.

  6. I was going through serious withdrawl from Blogger being down too, the plus side is that I cleaned my house! Great post as usual! I love the answer your son gave on his test! I also like that he forgot you had green eyes! It starts so early with men doesn't it? Thanks again for the laugh!

  7. my husband (our 10yr anniversary is THIS year) thought my eyes were BLUE up until a year and half ago... they are hazel... but, in Tommy's and my husband's defense, hazel eyes do tend to change colors. :o)

    fart jokes are a staple at our house!

  8. My favorites? Your son's open-response answer and the Cinderella doubles. Thanks for the smile!

  9. Tommys not color blind or anything? I'm not sure what colors are affected with color blindness, so maybe you're absolutely right about the typical male forgetfulness gene!


    no go on the cinderella picture

  11. and this post made me smile!

    Thanks for that!! :)

  12. All those things, this post & the fact that Blogger is back have made me smile today!

  13. I LOVE your header and style! Love it.

    Thanks for sharing the funnies. They made me smile too. :)

    Thanks also for visiting and following A Helicopter Mom! I'm following back now.

    Have a great night!
    A Helicopter Mom

  14. Just wish my boys would outgrow the fart jokes -- at least it was nicer before they knew the actual word,and called it burps '' "I burped." giggle, giggle.

  15. HAHAHA! Because scientist are very smart! Classic :)

  16. That Cinderella cartoon makes me wonder if they did that on purpose.. it's a little too coincidental!

  17. Your post made me smile this week :) And then your first commenter Rita/ Fighting off Frumpy made me LOL! Mostly because fart and penis jokes are hilarious and so are cucumber up the backside jokes!

  18. got a couple of chuckles out of me on these. . . I really love the pic from Disney - they were sooooo CUTE and tiny!

  19. Smilin' right along with you!! That cartoon/real life collage is fabulous!!!! Even my husband thought it was cute. Or he pretended to. Whatever!

    Hugs! Blogger has been such a booger!

  20. That lady definitely needs to chill. Loved Tommy's answer.

  21. The royal wedding graphic is too funny!

  22. "Because they are very smart." Oooh, priceless!!

    That Royal thing is too acurate for comfort!! Haaaaaaaaaaa!

    And Amen to that last sentiment, Jeez, I still haven't recovered those deleted comments - Blogger, you owe me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..


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