Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Wyoming

Dear Wyoming,

Look, I know I called you some bad names. I know I probably complained about your crazy winds and the fact that your wildlife liked to eat my grass. But really, you weren’t a bad state at all. Your roads were easy to drive on, you had most of my favorite stores (Old Navy never arrived but you are forgiven since Kohls was built a year after I got there.)

I didn’t mind your snow when it didn’t get out of control. I did not like it when we were snowed into the house. That was a little extreme, as though you were like, “Haha, look what I can do!”

I’ll even miss Glen, the antelope who loved to eat the tree I attempted to keep alive in my yard (it didn’t work. Glen ate it.) I won’t, however, miss Glen’s offerings (re: poop) that he loved to leave all over the driveway.

You’ve been good to me for the four years we were there and I thank you. Perhaps one day we’ll return for a visit.

Take care of yourself. A suggestion though: you might want to start getting warm in May. It’s not nice to tease your residents and be 70 one day and then 40 the next. By May, that nonsense should be over. I hear that even now you’ve been rather chilly. Please get some lessons from California, Wyoming. She’ll teach you all about weather.

I will miss you. My daughter was born in your state so I’ll always have that even though your nurses promised me a Popsicle while I was in labor and never brought me one. That was mean.

Goodbye for now.



  1. I've missed your sass over the last week or so while you've been in the midst of transporting from WY to OK. I hope you enjoy your time in OK and know that you're that much close to Dallas!!!!!!! We have great foods, shopping and some cool things to do.

    Best of luck and thanks for checking back into the world of cyberspace. Glad to know things are starting to settle down just a bit for you and the family!

  2. That was pretty mean about the Popsicle.

    I wish you lots of love, happiness and wonderful memories in your new home!

  3. You will not miss the snow....but the tornado warning you might be begging for snow again.

  4. That popsicle thing was mean. Do you have photos of Glen?

  5. Awww, it is hard to move on. Great letter!

  6. I love your letter. I hope Oklahoma has only kindness for you... all the Popsicles you want, and no Glens to eat the trees in your yard!

  7. Haha! Bittersweet memories. Good luck on your next adventure!

  8. How sweet. . . I'm sure you brought a tear to Wyoming's cold, windy eyes with such heartfelt sentiment ;)

  9. Poor Glen. I bet he misses you too.

    No popsicle? Darned nurses. They're like Nazis.


  10. Enjoy your new home in OK! I hope you had a nice birthday!

  11. The new furniture in OK has to take the sting of a move out a little, right? I'd still be pissed about the popsicle, too.

  12. Good luck in your new endeavors!

    And good riddance Wyoming and the trooper who gave us a speeding ticket as we drove through (and were snowed on) over Memorial Day Weekend! LOL! Though I swore we wouldn't spend another dime in the State, the spouse said we had to. Dang need for gas!

  13. Oh Amber, you are such a hoot!! Enjoy your new state too, OK?

  14. LOL! Enjoy your new home :-)

    p.s. Belated happy birthday!!

  15. Welcome back! I've missed you!! And feel for you, having your husband have to leave so soon. I'm not good in strange, place either. I make for a terrible traveler, the homebody that I am. I can't imagine all the moves you've probably had to make!


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