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CoverMates Help! Review and Giveaway**CLOSED

**CLOSED--winner was posted here***

Messy microwaves.

We’ve all experienced them.

Or maybe I’ve just experienced them because sometimes I’m too lazy to clean mine out.

Or sometimes Tom has decided to re-heat chili and not put something over it to prevent the splatters and I’m like, “You know what? I’m tired of cleaning up after everyone else.”

Want to know a good way to prevent messy microwaves?

These! They’re called CoverMates. A lovely representative from Rosica Public Relations sent them to me so I could review them. They come in three different sizes: medium, large, and extra large.

No, they aren’t a hat. Sorry, Natalie.

See, my problem is I have a lot of plastic containers but I’m always losing the lids to them. Where do all the lids go? I’m not sure. Probably where all the missing socks end up. It’s like a mystery.


These CoverMates work perfectly as a lid.

Before I had been covering the containers with foil and that didn’t always work well. I’m awful with judging how much foil I’d need so I’d waste so much.

With the CoverMates, I no longer have to waste foil. I just pull one out, flip it over the lid and wa-lah!

CoverMates also boasted that they fit every shape. To test it out, I grabbed my large plastic container and yup:

They fit!

Other uses for CoverMates? Covering containers outdoors during a picnic. I hate when insects land on my food. These will prevent the annoying bugs from messing with your meal. My bag also contained a can cover so I use these to put over my soda cans. I always worry a bee will fly in there and I’ll drink it…..(Ew…)

This information is from the back of the container about the CoverMates:

--Heavy Duty Clear Wrap: keeps food fresh, easy-to-see contents

--Corner Vent: Allows Steam to escape when used in microwave

--Build-In Corners: Corners expand to fit rectangular dishware

--Heat Sealed Edge: Eliminates sewing and thread so it’s reusable and dishwasher safe

Yes, that’s right. The CoverMates are even dishwasher safe so you can reuse them again and again.

CoverMates are also BPA and PVA free!

Do you want some CoverMates of your own?

A lucky reader will win a bag that contains 11 covers!

Giveaway Rules

--Must be 18 or older

--Must reside in the US (sorry!)

Mandatory Entry: How would you use CoverMates if you won them?

Extra Entries:

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Please leave a separate comment for each entry and make sure your e-mail address is linked to your blog. If not, please leave it in your comment so I can contact you if you win.

I will pick a winner a week from today on August 3rd.

Good luck!


  1. I've seen those, but have yet to try them.

    I would more than likely use them when I lose a cover to a plastic container. I would SURELY put them on my husbands chili bowl b/4 he heated it up in the microwave... that stuff is stinky and nasty to clean! :o)

  2. I've not tried these. It would be nice to NOT see my kids food all over the top of the microwave.

  3. You sold me on the reusable part! I hate cleaning out the microwave.

  4. I would use them to cover items in the refer., when camping to cover items in the cooler and out so bugs do not get in them, and I would use them in the microwave and to cover the cats bowls when we spray the area for ants and no overspray to get in her food.

  5. They do look like they work as hats.

  6. I would LOVE these! I swear all of the tops to our tupperware are cracked and thus we can't really seal anything. These would be great!

    nonsequiturchica at gmail

  7. This will save me a ton of paper towels! I eat a lot of soup and this will keep it from splattering all over.

  8. Those are really cool- I will have to pick up some. My hubs is notorious for not covering his food. Maybe I could get him in line.

  9. Like you, I have no idea where my lids have gone, so these would be perfect!

  10. As a shower hat.

    What? It was Natalie's idea!

  11. I love the fact that these are reusable! Our lids always seem to disappear, too, and I've used just about everything microwave-safe in substitution... I need to check these out!

  12. No more fighting to make sure the edges are going to stay fit in place! Also, with foil, you can't see what is underneath and these awesome little beauties prevent the refrigerator from being full of "mystery" left-overs!


  13. ...why save them for a rainy day of course!

  14. Love those!!! Perfectly brilliant! And so glad you mentioned that they're BPA free because I found myself wondering that as I was reading your review!!

    I'd definitely use them for covering things when we picnic. Nothing worse than a couple dead flies in the macaroni salad.

  15. Following them now on Twitter!

  16. Believe or not, we've got an actual cover for plates and stuff that goes in the microwave, and I keep that cover in the microwave so we'll always have it at hand. And if the BF uses the microwave, he puts that cover - on the fridge. Aaaaaaah!!!

  17. I would love a chance to win a set of these. Never would have though to use them picnics, but that is a FANTASTIC idea for them, and it is what I would use them for. Also completely sold on the dishwasher safe part.

    Hope (

  18. i'd def wear them as a shower cap like natalie.

  19. Um, hun?? You CANNOT put foil in the microwave!!! Unless setting it on fire and perhaps the kitchen as well is on your To Do List!!!

  20. Love these things! And, although they're not really a hat, I've been known to use one as a shower cap too (don't worry, I don't use that one for food.)

  21. I also meant to say I have some older bowls from the 50's (my grandmothers) and when it's too warm out the condensation on the outside of the bowl keeps plastic wrap from sticking and those covers work perfectly then. Did I mention I love them?!

  22. I would use covermates to keep things from splattering upon reheating in the microwave. I think maybe they're trying to excape their fate.

    Or I might let Lil Duck use them dress up the dog. That might be fun!

  23. Could I use them to cover the boys not to make a mess in the house .. lol :)

    I would make the boys AND hubs use them so I can cut down the cleaning of the micro :)

  24. I lack a lot of Tupperware... so, I would totally use it for leftovers!

  25. I would use them instead of Saran Wrap, which is expensive and doesn't stick/stay down unless you use enough to cover the bottom.

  26. Ahhh — this makes so much sense to keep on hand. I've always used the plastic one that you have to wash and it stains easy, but with these — I can use and throw away! LOVE!!!

    I would use these on reheating left-overs and melting butter. I get so tired of it bubbling and popping all over the microwave!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. I would use this in place of plastic wrap
    smartinez03 at live dot com


Thanks for the comment!

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