Friday, July 29, 2011

Target Opponents

“No swim lessons tomorrow,” Natalie’s teacher told me on Wednesday.

My heart immediately lifted. This meant I could shop the 75% off Target toy sale on Thursday. I had been worried that I’d miss all the deals since Natalie has lessons in the morning.

Now they were cancelled.



Why were they cancelled? Maybe all the teachers knew about the sale. Maybe they wanted to take all the toys. WHAT IF THEY TOOK ALL THE TOYS?


Calm down.

If they take all the toys it doesn’t matt—

“Mommy?” Natalie tugged on my shirt. “Can we go?”

Oh. Right. Focus. I tend to go off into JD-from-Scrubs daydreams several times throughout the day.

I know, it’s silly to look forward to a sale. But 75% off toys is a fabulous deal. You can get stuff for birthdays. For Christmas. For bribes. Not that I bribe. (Okay, once in awhile. But it’s for GOOD things. Like good grades. Or…I once told Natalie, “If you stop crapping in your pants, you can have this creepy Yo Gabba Gabba doll.” And hey, it worked.)

I wasn’t even sure if I’d find any deals. I found them all the time at the Target in Wyoming, where I used to live.

But what if the Target in Oklahoma didn’t have any deals?

I couldn’t ask the workers. Most of them act as though you’re stupid if you mention a 75% off sale. I’m sure it’s in their training “don’t tell the customer if things are being marked down further. We’re here to make money people” but still, don’t blink at me and say things like, “Oh, toys never go that cheap.”

I hated the fact that I had to bring the kids, too. But I had no childcare. So they’d have to come along.

On Thursday morning we left the house around 9. A lot of people who shop this sale are at the Target doors at 8, when they open. I am not like this. I like my sleep.

So we get to Target and I get out of the car and start scanning the parking lot for people walking out with huge bags of toys. I saw a woman with a full cart and my heart dropped. She took everything. I’m too late. I’m—oh, wait, it was just filled with toilet paper. Phew.

“Mommy?” Natalie called. “Mommy?”

Crap! I left my kid. She was standing on the sidewalk, blinking at me as I walked away.

Parenting fail.

But really, why was she just STANDING there when we had a sale to get to? Sometimes I don’t understand her.

I went back and scooped her up.

“I want to walk,” Natalie said, struggling free. “I WANT TO WALK!”

My ears started to ring. Now I was partially deaf. But no matter, I didn’t need to hear in order to get great deals.

Natalie walked slowly. Then she’d stop for a few seconds, twirl around, and start walking again.

She knew she was bugging me.

She loves to bug me.

Ten minutes later we made it inside. I put her in a cage (re: the cart) and started heading for the toy section.

I saw the most beautiful site.

A Target worker was marking down all the toys 75% off.

And then I saw a horrifying site.

A woman was already there. With two carts filled with toys. (No, not Natalie’s swim teacher.)


Still. I had to see if anything was left.

And lucky for me, there was. I mean, yes, Two Cart Lady took all the Transformers. And all the Princess stuff.

Apparently I’m cursed on having a Target Toy Sale opponent. In Wyoming, it was Old Lady Hog.

In Oklahoma, it’s Two Cart Lady.

See, I love a deal, but I never take ALL of everything. It’s common courtesy.

This lady, I suppose, didn’t get the memo.

Oh, well.

I managed to find this:

The Vtech laptop was $29.99. I got it for $7.48

The Cars 2 set was $39.99. I got it for $9.98

I only got that set because it fell out of Two Cart Lady’s cart and she didn’t notice. She kept walking towards the checkout and Natalie was like, “It’s the Cars movie. Hi, Lightening McQueen.”

So I scooped that baby right up.

Sadly, Two Cart Lady took all the Cars 2 Lego sets, the kind Tommy likes to build.

Next year, I’ll get to Target a little earlier and see if I can beat Two Cart Lady.

If I’m tired, well, there is a Starbucks in the Target.

So I’m all set.


  1. How do you know when the sale is going to be? Is it always the end of July?

    I don't have a kid (yet) so have never paid attention. Maybe next year ... if I have any functioning brain cells left to remember it (one of my biggest fears).

  2. I'm glad you got a few toys, despite your nemesis! I wished I'd known about that sale. I'm all for bribing with toys.

    Though, I would have had to take my kids. That's never pretty. They all like to team up on me!

  3. I would be heading to every Target in near by states! Is this sale online??

  4. People that take EVERYTHING on sale really gripe me. I mean... save some for other people right??

  5. I hit up mine yesterday too :) LOVE the 75% off sale. Got birthday presents for my nephews and my boy's friends as well as a couple of stocking stuffers for my kids. Yay!

  6. Yeah, how DO you know?

    Two cart lady is probably selling on Ebay.

    You can put the evil eye on her so no one pays for their bids. ;-)

  7. those are great deals! And Two Cart Lady needs to get the memo about not taking everything! Legos are so good for Tommy.

  8. Are you known as one cart two kids lady?

  9. CRAP! I missed it! I'm stuck at work!

    Damn those Extreme Couponers for taking everything too. There really should a limit of how much of one thing people can buy - like one of each thing. Who needs 10 of the same Lego set?

  10. There should TOTALLY be a rule against two carts on 75% toy day! That's just rude.

    Glad you found SOME things though - those are great deals!

  11. well.. you found some awesome deals... so go you..
    but... it was super RUDE of that woman to pick what all she did!!

  12. I really NEED to know when the sale goes on. I won't be a 2 cart hog, but some good deals on Christmas and Birthday gifts would be great. :-)

  13. Oh no! I forgot about this. Is it always the end of July?? And yes I would be so mad at two cart lady.

  14. Those were good deals. We gave one of my granddaughters the Vtech laptop and she loves it. You got that for a steal. Good for you. Two-cart lady needs to learn that hogging everything is unacceptable. Good luck next year!

  15. It should be a needlepoint sampler, it's so true: Two Cart Ladies Never Get the Memo. But why don't you lay the guilt trip on Natalie for dawdling. If you can bribe, you can guilt trip, right?

  16. Wish I had known about the sale. Wondering if it is still going on. Any excuse to got to Target.

  17. I never thought about the shopping cart being like a "cage" but that is too funny. I never knew Target had a 75% off toy sale, but since I hardly ever go shopping, it's not shocking for me to be so ignorant. But, I do love hearing about people getting great deals! Way to go and the Eagle Eye for the toys she had fall out...oh snooze, you lose. haha.


  18. Is this like a last Thursday in July thing? I never remember until you post about it, and never know when it is.

    You definitely got some good deals.

  19. Ok.. next time this happens.. you totally need to send me a reminder email.. I live a whole state away so there is no chance in me stealing your toys.

    On a side note... I didn't even finish reading your blog.. I jumped up out of my seat and told my coworkers I would be back in a few hours. I ran into Target almost running over a Old Lady.. only to find.. there was nothing left on the shelves but some TRON toys.... ick.

    So sad I missed it. =(

    Maybe I will make the winter one.

  20. I wish I'd known about this - Jellybean decided to come early and have his birthday 5 days after Christmas. Seriously what was the kid thinking?

  21. So spill it How DO you know about these 75% off sales in advance?

    You need to be there when the doors open. Sleep when you get HOME, girl!

  22. I made out like a bandit for the first time. I'm normally an hour or two too late, but I got there at 9...they'd been open for an hour and there were still tons and tons of things left. Guess I got lucky because within 10 minutes, people were swarming and the shelves were emptying fast. Glad you got some good stuff! Our Target had that laptop at full price, I was so disappointed. Maddie already has one, but I'd love to have gotten a couple for my nieces and nephews.

  23. How in the heck do you know about 75% off toy day? I used to work at a Target and never knew about this!! (maybe that's why the employees look like you're stupid? *but I didn't work in the toy dept.)
    What mean 2 cart lady! At least you got some toys and a little but of revenge.. with the fallen toy - Nice catch, Natalie! :)

  24. Two Cart Lady is a pig. We hate her, right? You should have given her cart #3, right into the side of her car. One good push......

  25. For the record, yes, it always seems to be the last Thursday in July :)

  26. I wish we had sales like that here in Australia. So jealous!!

  27. Oh, I didn't even realize Target had that sale, but was THRILLED when we stopped in there yesterday for the boys' "pinchy Prizes" . They'd both had to undergo nasyt allergy scratch and shot tests, were MAD as hell, but I promised them toys if they cooperated. Yes, desperate Mommy. But hey, I came out only spending 8 bucks! A cool Ben Ten watch thing, and some transformer thing markets down from $15 to $4 and $3! I forced them to choose those, and they were happy. You know,played with them for five seconds until they were sick of them but I only wasted 8 bucks!

  28. I wish I would have known about that sale! Shoot I'll have to remember next year.

    I hate when people hog all the sales, drives me insane. Its like that every Sunday when I go to Walgreens for the super good deals that I have awesome coupons for, stingy people clean the shelves off.

  29. I have never heard of this sale. Next time a big sale like this comes around, please let me know in advance! I'm in Kentucky, so I won't steal any of your toys. Sorry about the stupid lady who took most of your toys. People aren't courteous. It sucks.

  30. Wow that's one good sale. I've never heard of that. I wonder if they do that at every Target. That would have come in handy for future Christmas and birthday presents for the niece and nephew!

  31. OH MY GOD is that a Boba Fett helmet?!?!?!?! I WANT THAT! Favorite character! So awesome! Two cart lady was a fool to miss that! A fool! Congrats on all your great finds. ;)

  32. You did pretty well!! 75% off toys!?! That's crazy! I'm jealous. I love a good deal, too.

    But yeah, you never take ALL of anything...that's just rude.

  33. You're lucky! By the time I got to our target the shelves were bare! Like the only thing there were some bubbles. I have never seen the shelves to cleared before.

  34. two cart people at sales make me angry! the only time it's acceptable to have two carts is if you're grocery shopping and you're the Duggar family.

  35. hhehehehe! I loveed this, you sound like me so much. Thanks for sharing.

  36. You did well. I love the toy that fell off her cart.

  37. Thanks for your comment; now I've found YOUR blog. :) I guess I missed this sale. But we have TONS of cart-hogs in Houston and I'm always missing out on the great sales because of it. I'll go to CVS for the free stuff and it's gone by Sunday morning. Apparently the shopping starts on Saturday. And though it's a limit of 1...somehow all 50 things are gone. That's just how it is, I guess! Glad you got some good deals!

  38. OK, I want this sale memo - anyone???

  39. wtf? How come i dont know about this sale?????

  40. Is that sale online, as well??? See, THIS is when living overseas really sucks- not only are American toys already twice as expensive as they are in the US, but I also miss the Target toy sale!

    Well, I'm glad you scored some deals, at least...and I think Two Cart Lady should be stopped! How rude...

  41. You still got some good scores! I HATE shelf clearers!!! I will never take all of something on the shelf, even if it's something I really know I can use!

  42. At least you got some good stuff out of the deal! I bet you'll beat her out next time for sure!

  43. If the kids were with you....don't they now know what they're getting??

  44. Sounds to me like you simply need to buff up on your shopping cart jousting.

    (wipes hands)
    Yep. That should fix her right up.


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