Saturday, August 13, 2011

CampusBookRentals.Com Review

“Uh? Two hundred and fifty dollars for ONE book?” I turned the science textbook around in my palms. Surely if it were that expensive it had to do a special trick or something. Maybe it highlighted itself?

But no.

It didn’t do anything fancy.

That was just the amount that my college wanted to charge for one book.

I had to buy a total of four. The total cost? Around 800 bucks.

I wanted to cry when I slid my credit card over.

I wish there was a site like around when I was in college. I would have saved a ton. is a site where you can RENT textbooks for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is search for the book you need by the ISBN number and there it is. And yes, you CAN highlight!

Some other great features?

You can free shipping both ways! understands that life can get expensive for a college student. You can live customer support AND it has the largest book selection in the nation.

If you end up dropping the class that you rented a book for, no problem! Just return the book within 30 days and you can a full refund.

Another fantastic tidbit I learned about the site was that it has partnered with Operation Smile and is donating over 1,000 life changing cleft lip surgeries. So if you use the site, you’ll know that it does good things for people in need.

I actually plan on going back to college when Natalie goes to school full time and I will definitely keep in mind

There is no way I’m ever paying over $200 for a book again.

(And YES, has a Facebook page here!)


  1. WHERE were they when I was an undergrad?? Lol. The price for books is ridiculous. I'll have to keep them in mind when I go to grad school.

  2. Renting books is such a great idea! I did this last year for my senior year, and I saved several hundred dollars! Granted, I still spent almost $600, but compared to the nearly $1,000 I would've spent at my college bookstore, I was happy to write the check.

    That's a downside to becoming any sort of scientist- science and math textbooks are SO much more expensive than any other subject, except possibly history.

  3. They'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too. They make minor updates every year, and they have some kind of reciprocal deal where the professor tells you you need THIS YEAR's update.

  4. So true...I tried using a previous years' edition once..and every time the Prof. said turn to page page 56 was completely different. I was always lost! A rental service would have been a godsend!

  5. Since I have to buy my son's high school textbooks (yeah, go figure - what am I paying tuition for?) I've learned to look around for deals and have come across these types of websites. They will be a godsend when he goes to college next year; they don't really work for high school though :-( Since he needs the books for the whole year and not just a semester.

  6. So confused, are you going back to school now or not?

  7. There are many high school level text books offered for less than $10 for Kindle. There are also Kindle versions of several university text books (for about the same cost as rentals). Also, if you're studying the biological sciences, many biological text books are available online for FREE at:

    Personally, I think the text books are a HUGE rip off. I have 3 versions of a single text book (2 of them given to me as a class instructor in grad school), and the only real difference is the page numbers and a single added chapter at the end of the most recent version.

    As a student, I seldom purchased the text book if it was available in the library. That way, it encouraged me to go to the library between classes to use the book (typically text books can't be checked out), which kept me current on my reading.

  8. Sandra, I'm going back to school when Natalie is in Kindergarten. Next year. I've already been to college before but then I got pregnant so I put it on hold, I guess you can say. My goal has always been to finish what I started so I can show my kids that yes, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

  9. That makes much more sense than buying something you'll never read again and trying to sell it.

  10. My husband is renting his text books instead of buying them (thankthelord) it's saving us a ton, his books were going to be more than the tuition for his 2 classes!

  11. Where was this site when I was in law school????? I almost pooped my pants when I saw how expensive my textbooks were.


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