Thursday, August 11, 2011

They're REAL Handcuffs

It got quiet.

I should have known there was an issue when it got quiet.

Quiet + kids=disaster.

Quiet + kids=mayhem

Quiet + kids=there goes your nice China/purse/television/couch/autographed Jonathan Brandis picture

It didn’t start off quiet. I told the kids I’d be cleaning the bathrooms and that they could play nicely—I stressed the word nicely—while I did so. Or, I suggested, they could help me scrub the toilets. Naturally, no one volunteered. So I went upstairs armed with Clorox and Windex and other products filled with chemicals because that Earth chemical-free stuff barely cleans a thing.

As I sprayed down the sink I could hear Tommy saying, “Natalie, I don’t want to play restaurant anymore. I want to draw.”

Natalie didn’t get the hint and tried to get Tommy to take her plate of plastic fruits again.

“Nat-a-lie,” Tommy groaned. “I said no. I have Autism and I understand when people don’t want to play. Why can’t you?”

I snickered at that one.

(But seriously, Natalie doesn’t comprehend that not everyone wants to play her games. She was downright insulted when I turned down her request to play Candy Land one day. It’s just, playing Candy Land with Natalie is frustrating. She forgets the rules within five minutes and starts throwing the cards in the air, moving her game piece all over the board while I’m sitting there wanting to say, “That’s not fair. You’re cheating!”)

It was when I finished the bathrooms when I realized it was silent.

“Guys?” I called out nervously.

What if they took off down the street? Natalie did that once and said she wanted to “explore.” She blamed it on Diego. “Diego told me to explore. So I did.”

“Guys?” I tried again.

What if Natalie had an accident and was smearing feces all over body?

I sniffed the air. Phew. No feces.

Still. What was going on?

I came down into the living room. Natalie was on the couch with Tommy at her feet.

“Are you playing Queen?” I asked. Natalie likes to pretend she’s on the throne and she has Tommy kiss her feet. And be her horse. And…well, be her servant. Not surprisingly, this is not Tommy’s favorite game.

Tommy jumped up as though he touched fire. “I didn’t do it!” he yelled. He brushed past me and thundered up the stairs.

Uh oh. That wasn’t a good sign.


“Natalie?” I said, setting down my cleaning supplies. “What—”

And that’s when I saw it.

The handcuffs.

Around her leg.

“I can’t get these things off,” Natalie sniffled. She tugged on them. “It’s stuck. And it’s hurting me.”

They were Tom’s old handcuffs. Not a sexual toy, I want to stress. (No, really, ours are fuzzy.) (Kidding.) (Or AM I?)

“It’s okay,” I said even though I wanted to scream, “HELP! HELP!” followed by a string of swear words.

“It’s okay,” I repeated, my voice shaky. I sat down on the couch and pulled Natalie’s cuffed leg on my lap. I peered closer at the handcuffs. Surely there had to be a secret latch on them. There’s always a latch in the movies.

I poked various items in the keyhole to no avail.

I contemplated sawing off the handcuffs but worried I’d also saw off my daughter’s leg.

Plus, we don’t even have a saw.

I texted Tom, who, as my Twitter followers know, is back from Korea. His Mom took care of his truck while he was gone so he was collecting that in Ohio before he came home.

I asked Tom where the secret latch was.

His answer?

“There is no latch. Those are real handcuffs.”

“I know they’re handcuffs, smart ass,” I replied.

No, I didn’t. I wanted to. But that would have been mean. He was in Korea for a year for God’s sake. I’ll be nice for a month. Two, if he puts the toilet seat down.

ME (via text): So there is no way I can open the handcuffs?

TOM: You need a key.

ME: Where is that?

TOM: In my stuff.

ME: Where is that?

TOM: Coming in a box from Korea.


TOM: Don’t know what to tell you.

I mean, he didn’t even seem concerned that his baby girl was TRAPPED in handcuffs. He was just like, “I’m going to enjoy my last few days of kid-free time. Lalala.”

He did suggest asking for help. Or going through his military gear that he kept in the garage just in case a key turned up there.

I decided to do that. I really didn’t want to ask for help because, well, what if when Tom started work people are like, “Oh, you’re the Dad of the kid who was stuck in handcuffs. Har, har, har,” and then Tom would forever be known as Handcuff Dad.

I went to the garage to search through Tom’s gear and the second I unzipped the bag, I was hit by the scent of sweat and boy. Gross. Tom really needs to clean his stuff. Or spray the hell out of it with Febreeze. I dug through everything to no avail.

No key.

I had to ask for help.


“Natalie, can you be a team player and leave the handcuffs on until Daddy gets home?”

Natalie scowled at me. “No!” She walked around and the handcuffs made clanking noises against the floor. (I sort of wanted to yell “Dead Man Walking!” but that would have been inappropriate.)

She was right though. She couldn’t keep them on. Plus, I had to go to Wal-Mart the next day. Granted, I imagine kids have shown up in handcuffs there before. I mean, it’s Wal-Mart.

But then I had to go to Tommy’s Meet and Greet at his school where he’d meet his new teacher. What sort of impression would I make if I brought my daughter who had a handcuff stuck around her leg?

I knew of a guy who was a cop who lived right across the way. So I scooped Natalie up and walked over. I knocked on the door and when the guy answered, I lifted up Natalie.

“We have a problem. I tried to find the secret latch, hahaha…”

He blinked at me as I dangled my kid in front of him.

“The handcuffs are the real thing. There is no latch,” he slowly said as if addressing Gary Busey.

Luckily, he had a key and three seconds later Natalie was free.

“I can breathe again!” Natalie marveled which confirmed my belief that she needs to get back to school. Stat.

Doesn’t Natalie look thrilled to be free?

Well, maybe not.

She was miffed that I made her put a dress on when we walked over to the guy’s house. She would have preferred to go in her Curious George underwear.

All I have to say is, that better be the last pair of handcuffs she’s ever in.


  1. Beautiful last line. And I know exactly what you mean about being afraid when things get quiet!

  2. Is it wrong to laugh?? :) And I am glad I am not the only one who cringes at the thought of playing board games with my little ones. And when they can't remember (or choose to forget) the rules they make new ones up. Keep those handcuffs where they belong - in your bedroom! :)

    1. Is it wrong vshe makes my dick hard for gorgeous little feet

  3. Sorry, but I laughed. A lot. Actually, I'm sorry at all, because it's really funny when you're not the one in charge. Hahaha.

  4. I have to admit, I laughed through this entire post. Especially the bit about bringing her to Walmart in the cuffs. *LOL*

    I'm not a "greener cleaner" either. If it doesn't involve lysol or clorox, I just don't think it's clean.

    Glad to hear your Hubby is almost home!

  5. Bahaha! I'm really glad to know that Evie isn't the only mischievous child this week! I bet you make sure you know where an extra key is from now on, eh? I'm glad you didn't have to CALL someone to come out at least. :)

  6. At least you got a good story out of it:)

    I'm not a green cleaner either.

  7. ok.. I totally laughed out loud the whole time I read this.. haha.. glad shes out!!

  8. Kids.

    They ruin everything. Can't even leave a pair of cuffs around nowadays.

  9. OMG, I can just hear the good ever came from a quiet house.

    From experience handcuffs are way easier than the feces. Just sayin.

    I'm glad your neighbor had a key.

    And I love Tommy's comment.

  10. I am so hubby (cop) and I are totally laughing at your expense. To be fair, we've actually considered putting his handcuffs on our kids....on purpose. LOL

  11. that is hysterical! I know it probably wasn't at the time :)

  12. I am truly laughing out loud! Thank goodness for cops who live in nearby.

  13. First of all, I did a fist pump when you wrote the words "because that Earth chemical-free stuff barely cleans a thing." Why will no one admit that??? Stupid green people.

    And I'll pay you for those cuffs if you'll mail them to me. I could use them on my boys. I would totally cuff them together until they learned to get along. That would be the best punishment ever.

  14. That's awesome! I have no doubt there will be many stories like this in our family memory book. Thank goodness you took pictures teeehee

  15. Geez Amber- Those are real handcuffs. I love the way men feel the need to state the obvious.

    This was too funny. I hope you hid the handcuffs.

    But why does Natalie breathe through her ankles?


    1. I'd cum on her little soles so hard she's got very sexy feet andsooooo sexy legs ,hand cuff her ankles together and stroke

  16. OMG, so cute. Though I understand it wouldn't have been yesterday :-) Glad she is free. Chances are, she won't WANT handcuffs again.

  17. Whew! Thank goodness for neighbors! I hope he reads your blog. :)

  18. That's the best story ever!

    BTW - didn't you ever read Geralds Game by Stephen King? Get rid of the handcuffs and get yourself some thigh highs from Frederick's, they're much easier to get out of!

  19. i love your son's line about being autistic & knowing when someone's over a game, so what's her problem! cuz for real! some kids are so dense when they want people to participate in their ideas.
    at least she wasn't handcuffed TO something. or even to herself, like an arm & a leg together. maybe you could use that as a threat for when someone's bad next time.

  20. Bwhahahahaha. I love that you had to go across the street. I also would love to be a fly on the wall in that man's house as he retold the story over and over and over.

  21. This was just the laugh I needed this morning! Glad the neighbor was able to help out!

  22. From your mouth to God's ears, as the saying goes!

  23. Or at least until she's grown and married!!! haha. OMG, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I can just imagine your reaction. And you are so right about Quiet = Trouble. Never fails does it! Great post and glad you had a neighbor. However, I do know how to get out of handcuffs if it ever happens again. It's pretty simple if you have the right tool. How do I know this? I'll never tell.

  24. hahaha - ahhhh, I've missed your blog and your kids antics!

  25. HA HA HA HA HA HA. SURE those are Tom's old handcuffs. wink wink. :-)

  26. LMAO!!! Thank God you have a cop for a neighbor. I was cracking up at the thought of taking her to Walmart like that.

  27. Now that she's free, what's his punishment? As the tortured (oddly, older) sister, I always wanted to know that brother wouldn't get away with endless torture...

    Although I do have to admit, it was funny. I wouldn't be too happy if I were her though!!

  28. That's hilarious! Nice to know I'm not the only one who locks my kids up. Thank goodness for the cop. I'm glad she is now cuffless. :)

  29. LOL!

    I love that your daughter was caught in handcuff.

  30. Ok.. and I need to ask.. where did you find the Curious George undies? I can't find any and Joshua would love them.. and I have a friend whos little girl would love them too!

  31. It's ALWAYS something when there are little ones around! Hahahahaha! I've said it a million times before, but I sure wish blogging had been around when mine was small!

  32. Oh my gosh- I am totally CRACKING UP. Not that your little darling in handcuffs is funny- but I am sure you know what I mean. I can totally see this happening to me. We have some in the house & the only key is on my hubs key ring. I am sure if this were to happen to me- it would be when he's on a 2 week trip & we would be stuck :)

  33. Oh phew! Well at least she wasn't handcuffed to something. Time to hide this bad boys :).

  34. LOL! **I love Tommy telling her he doesn't want to play! :)

    This whole story: FUNNY! :)

    **Glad to hear Tom's on his way home!! :)

  35. I haven't laughed this hard at a blog post in a while. This is hilarious! Oh kids.

  36. HYSTERICAL....especially NOW that she is free! ;) Glad you'll get to put your fuzzy version to use soon! (Just kidding! Or am I? ;) )

  37. Hahahaha. Im not laughing at you I'm lauging with you. I hope your're laughing.LOL so does that mean handcuffs have a skileton key? I think we need to keep a spare around here. Just in case. Lol

  38. Hahaha great story, thanks for sharing! Glad you were able to get her uncuffed!

    One of my favorite bathroom cleaners is the magic eraser. well, for the shower and tub at least. No gross fumes and it gets it really clean! I use chemical crap on the toilet though.

  39. I am so not a green cleaner either, but I do have to admit, I tried hydrogen peroxide on a tub with some gross stains, and when I was done it was a brighter white than I have ever seen it! Even more than with bleach!

  40. Not sure what's better- your last line or Tommy's Autism quip. Both are pretty priceless. Poor Natalie. Thank goodness you have a friendly cop nearby!

  41. Oooh! I know the terror that comes with silent kids. . . Glad it was so easy to fix - I'm sure I would have had to take her to the local station!

  42. You are awesome. Erma Bombeck never had to contend with handcuffs (to my knowledge.) And why hasn't anyone commented about the Gary Busey line?!? Hysterical. Also: "Don't know what to tell you." Also: Tommy's line. Only one who didn't get off a good one was Natalie, but then, she was kind of tied up. See? That's why I leave the jokes to you.

  43. Oh, man,,,cannot even believe that.

    Killer closer, too.

    And SO right about beware the silence of a quiet house.

    Love your son' line, mine would say something like that, too.

  44. Haha! I know if it was my kid I'd feel different, but that is hilarious! Thank yo so much for sharing that.

  45. I totally enjoyed this one!! My kids are all grown up and this had me in tears laughing (sorry) and believe it or not wishing my guys were little again...enjoy them. You are so lucky!!!

  46. My husband tells me that too! "Dont know what to tell you." Drives me nuts!

    You're a nice mommy. I would have seriously considered attaching the other half of those handcuffs to the dining room table or something. =)

  47. Ha, ha. All the fun things happen at your house. At first I thought she was handcuffed to the couch. Good thing you listened to that inner voice before it came to that point.


  48. OMG! We had a brush with handcuffs about a month or so ago but thankfully our key wasn't in transit from Korea! Smart thinking about the guy across the way!

    And why did no one think your "secret latch" comment was funny? Those cop/military guys are much too serious! I would have laughed at you...I mean WITH you! :-)

  49. Hahahahaha! I love it! What a great story - and btw - my husband's texts would have read the same way.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commmenting! I really appreciate it!

  50. Oh My word!

    I love your writing style. This was such a fun read... of course after the happy ending.

  51. Make sure you have extra keys for the fuzzy ones, for when she puts those on. (you know she'll find them)

  52. HAHA! "Diego told me" best excuse ever

  53. BWAHAHAHA! I can't stop laughing! She is gonna be trouble forevah! Love the entire post. So glad you have a nice neighbor.

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