Monday, September 12, 2011

All That Glitters

“There it is. THERE IT IS!” Natalie shrieked, finger pointing wildly ahead of her.

She was gesturing to her beloved Disney Store. She could probably spend hours in there, if we’d let her. She loves to run her palm down each of the Princess dresses. Sometimes she even breathes, “I would love this so much.”

Most of the time we tell her no dresses because after all, she has a drawer filled with them. However, those dresses are the $20 ones from Wal-Mart. In the Disney Store they’re made a little better….but they come with a $39 price tag.

“Oooo, I’d love this,” Natalie whispered, hugging a Tiana costume to her chest.

Tom and I stared at each other. Normally we remind her that she can ask Santa for a dress. This time Tom whispered, “She’s been good, right? Maybe we could let her have a dress…”

I agreed.

For purely selfish reasons on my part. Before I was a Mom, I always vowed that I’d put my daughter in Princess dresses. And now I could put her in a beautiful one from the Disney Store. They were so…SPARKLY. (Have I mentioned I love sparkly things?) (Except for vampires. Vampires shouldn’t sparkle.)

“You can get a dress,” Tom told Natalie.

She practically fell over from shock.

And then we had to play the waiting game and she decided which one she wanted.

First she went for Rapunzel.

But then she saw the Jasmine outfit.

“That’s not a dress,” I told her. I wanted her to get a DRESS. Not a Jasmine outfit.

“But I love Jasmine,” Natalie informed me, plucking it from the rack.

What? But…but…

“What about this lovely Aurora dress? It’s pink. And sparkly,” I pressed.

Natalie tilted her head to the side as though this were a very important decision. I could see her hand going back to the rack to return the Jasmine costume. Yes. YES!

“I like Aurora…but…” Natalie muttered and hugged Jasmine back to her.


“Or…or…there’s Cinderella. Remember Cinderella? She has this gorgeous blue dress that would totally bring out the color of your eyes,” I said. I was pretending to be Tim Gunn. Or one of those people on Project Runway. (“Get the Cinderella dress, Natalie. Make it work.”)

In the end, she agreed on the Cinderella dress and I couldn’t wait to take her picture in it.

Naturally Natalie put it on right when we got home.

And that’s when I realized we had a problem.

The dress had spilled glitter. EVERYWHERE.

I may love sparkly things but sometimes I forgot HOW they got sparkly.

Suddenly there was glitter all over the couches. All over the carpet. The TV screen. I was trying to watch the Real Housewives and couldn’t concentrate because there was a glittery square on Kyle Richard’s boob (I actually thought she was wearing it in real life…I mean, it IS Beverly Hills. Maybe tossing glitter on you is the style these days…)

I have glitter all over me.

Tom had glitter in his hair that I worked to brush off.

Tommy had glitter on his shoes.

“I’m going to get beat up for this!” he pouted, trying desperately to get it all off.

In short, it looks like Tinkerbell exploded all over our house.
I keep vacuuming and the glitter keeps coming back.

Tom has to go to work and if he shows up with glitter all over his uniform, who knows what his boss will think.

(“Uh, did you have an extra fun weekend, Tom?”

“If by fun you mean my daughter’s dress drops glitter everywhere, including places I didn’t even think it would ever appear than yes, Sir…”)

Will this glitter ever go away? Surely the dress must run out of glitter at SOME point…

(And as I typed that, a drop of glitter fell from my head….SIGH…)

(Ironically, the Jasmine costume had no glitter on it…)


  1. The grass is not always greener... and that's why Jasmine flies on a magic carpet. Or something.

  2. I got Skye the Belle dress for her 5th birthday. She's seven now... sorry, had to stop to brush some glitter off my keyboard. Embrace the glitter. Or die trying.

  3. I have no girls so no glitter dresses here but I feel your pain. I used to be a florist so at Christmastime when we put those sparkly things in arrangements, I was covered in glitter from head to toe until way after New Years! That stuff has some staying power!

  4. I have the same problem with strippers.

  5. Gotta say I like the Cinderella dress. Cute picture!

  6. We have one - ONE - toy that our two year old received as a newborn that came in a glittery bag. That toy still has glitter on it, and that glitter STILL gets on things two and a half years later.

    So to answer your question, no. It will never go away.

  7. A little sparkle in our lives never hurt anyone, except maybe the man in the military who is not exactly fond of anything shiney, except for pins, medals, boots and such.


  8. Hee hee, such a sweet story and picture. I have an aversion to loose glitter, but I'm trying to embrace my 17 year old daughter's philosphy, " A little glitter makes everything better." Stopped by from SITS!

  9. ahh but she's just so darn cute!!!
    i do know the feeling though, last Christmas, some of our ornaments were sparkly.. and still to this day we'll get glitter on ourself from them!!

  10. But she looks so pretty . . .

    Has she taken it off yet?

  11. I love that you're all for buying princess dresses. I would be the same way:)

    One of my friends calls glitter "the herpes of craft supplies" because there's just no getting rid of it.

  12. Oh my, that reminds me of my stepdaughter's foray into glitter. Hers was eye shadow, and I have never seen glitter travel so far! It's everywhere. Tracked by her feet, her hands, the dogs, etc. You're right - vampires should not sparkle. I'm not sure eyeshadow should either.

    BUT, she looks beautiful, your daughter :-)

  13. But, you'll always think of your precious, little princess the rest of your life when you see glitter! So cute.

  14. Caitlin has a couple Disney princess dresses. The glitter shedding slows down but doesn't stop.

  15. ahahaha.. made me laugh.

    And Victoria's Secret sells body spray with some big chunks of glitter in it.. My friend got me some for Christmas.. I guess she thinks I still go clubbin...

    .. or something...

  16. haaa! We have the Cinderella dress too and glitter gets in everything...including the food! She can't wear it to her dad's house because of the glitter. He's a little ocd on the neatfreak stuff and has black interior on his car. *snicker*

    I let Lil Duck sleep in it sometimes. I just love how much SHE loves it and feels pretty in it. Her smile is much more sparklie than the glitter and the memories are awesome!

  17. She looks so cute......I'm not a fan of glitter either! I can just see Tom in his uniform shining away! heehee!

  18. You probably don't want to get her those cans of spray on glitter they sell at WalMart. I'm finding glitter from 2009...

  19. Aaahhhh sparkly things! lol Cinderella has my favorite dress but I like Jamsine's attitude.

    Good luck getting the glitter out of the house.

  20. Ha, I feel your pain! Glitter is the worst...even more than dried playdoh stuck to everything. ;)

  21. LOL! Embrace the glitter, Amber, just embrace it.

  22. We got ViMae some "ruby slippers" with glitter on them. Who knew? She's outgrown that pair but I have a feeling we've not seen the end of glitter.

  23. I made a scrapbook page with loose glitter back in 2008 (yeah, that hasn't happened again). It is still all over my desk lamp, my storage shelves, the desk...even after I moved halfway across the country!

  24. Doh! I guess the lesson here is we shouldn't always manipulate our kids into getting what we want...only sometimes :)

  25. :) LOL! Tom can be princess too!
    LB has a shirt with a pink glitter butterfly. I feel like we've all went to the strip club as a family fun day when she wears it...

  26. Glitter is so pretty but such a pain.

  27. You know what's going to hurt more than glitter in your panties? Every time you try to get out of the Disney Store with Natalie without buying her a dress. Mooch's dad is a sucker for her Build a Bear requests, so now I avoid that whole wing of the mall.

  28. hopefully her love of sparkly dresses will turn into a love of books like her mother...they don't glitter...unless you get the ones about vampires ;c)

  29. haha, nope! The glitter will NEVER go away. . . :D

  30. LOL!!!!!

    Only laughing because we have ALL those stupid dresses and have so been there! Bella's now seven and can't fit into her dresses anymore but won't let me get rid of them! But I'll tell you what....they provided hours and hours of enjoyment for her!!!

  31. Ha, this so sounds like me. I swear, having a girl is the worst childhood-do-over ever. I buy her toys just because *I* think they would be fun to play with. She just HAS to have every Disney Princess Barbie, and that cool Tinkerbell house Lizzie made, and and and. It's endless. Target is my favorite store and my nemesis at the same time because those pink toy aisles just looks so prettttty :)

  32. Oh...glitter...I LOVE the stuff - The Man, though, HATES it (with a passion). The Man says I remind him of that teacher from the Target commercials...but I'm not Asian...who says, "glitter...LOTS of glitter" she is my hero!


  33. Glitter is my lease favorite craft item. I can imagine that the dress shares its glitter everywhere.

    She does look wonderful in it.

  34. because of that same nightmare when my Diva was younger, I now do the "Glitter Test". I rub my finger across the product, if anything comes off, back on the rack it goes! Its saved me a lifetime of heartache!

  35. The last line made me laugh so hard!

  36. Thought I'd chime in 9 years later to say my 5 year old had the most eventful day and we ended it at the Disney store and we got her Aurora's dress with all the accessories. It wasn't till we had been home for an hour or so now, that I can see the full wrath of the glitter inferno behind her. Glitter gives me anxiety but I can only imagine if you read this you'll think back on that day and how you wish she'd be getting glitter all over the place still as she's now a young woman. Im going to let my lil one make a mess today, but it's not coming out again until Halloween lol.


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