Monday, October 17, 2011

Into The Corn Maze

Ahhh, Fall.

The time when the leaves change, when pumpkin flavored everything appears, and the weather becomes a little cooler.

Oh, and let’s not forget the corn mazes.

We went in one over the weekend.

Tom took it seriously and studied the map. I’m glad he did because have I mentioned I’m awful with directions? (Readers might recall how I would have gotten lost in New York had my best friend Jennifer not led the way.)

My plan for the corn maze? To just walk around and hope for the best.

Tom’s plan? To figure out exactly where we were at each point so we wouldn’t take the wrong way and have to start from the beginning.

(That would be Tom staring at the map seriously.)

Had I led us, we’d have gotten lost and would have had to call 911 like that one family who couldn’t find their way out of a corn maze.

Or I’d have just charged through the corn. I’d have raised my purse in the air, given a speech like William Wallace about freedom, and would have instructed my family to CHARGE THE CORN.

As it is, I didn’t lead the group.

Tom did.

So we were in and out in less than fifteen minutes.

“That was easy,” Tom said as we emerged. “All you had to do was study the landmarks.”

What landmarks? All I saw was corn.

I suppose that military folk are trained to remember ordinary things so they won’t get lost.

Thank goodness someone in this family has a good sense of direction.


  1. don't feel bad! I would have gotten lost for sure. you're lucky to have someone w/ a good sense of direction. :o)

  2. I so would have gotten lost. I would have gone with your charging the corn route.

  3. They teach soldiers LandNav! So it's not fair to compare yourself to him!!! Although that corn looks rather short....

    Did a family really call 911 for a corn maze??? Fer reals???

  4. I would have gotten lost too unless you can bring you GPS in. I'm lost without it.

  5. I would have gotten lost too! Thankfully my husband is pretty good at directions too! I could see my husband staring at the map too! If we go I should proably pack supplies and a cell phone! Glad you made it all out alive!!!

  6. That corn looked short, but yeah I guess you could still get lost- inspite of land marks. To carry a whistle around your necks at least on these adventures might help some, when one of you go astray.

    Thank God for cell phones-but what if they don't function in corn fields, or your battery goes dead?

    My imagination runneth away with me now!

    Thanks for the fun story.

  7. HAHAHAHAH!!!!

    I swear I could have written this same post. Jason (military too so there may be something to this theory) can find out way out of any mess.

    If you left it up to me we'd be walking around in circles until I found a cell phone signal strong enough to call for help.

    GPS was made for people like me!

  8. We go to the haunted corn maze every year - I don't mind getting lost until the creepy guy with the chainsaw starts chasing us. Then I can't wait to find me way the heck out of there!

  9. Haha!!! That soooo sounds like my son. He actually took my I-phone out when we were at the park and took a picture of the trail head map so we wouldn't get lost.

  10. I've never done a corn maze. If I had my son with me there's no way I'd have the patience for it. We would certainly be wandering aimlessly for a very long time. Never a good idea with a little one! Glad you survived!

  11. We haven't taken the kids to a corn maze yet because I would probably freak out. I don't like feeling closed in :P

    Glad you guys had fun :)

  12. Those people who called 911 to get out of the maze - yep, that happened near me. I was laughing my butt off because you know, corn stalks aren't made of steel, at the very least the husband could have gone for help by himself.

  13. As soon as you mentioned corn maze, I was hoping you didn't have to call 911. We did our first, and only, corn maze 2 years ago and went around in circles for about an hour until we just had enough and got out at the first exit we saw.

  14. It sounds like he'd be really handy in a shopping mall parking lot.

    Thanks again for stopping by on my SITS day.

  15. I get lost in the parking lot, much less in a giant field of corn. Plus I'd be looking for the baseball players...ya know, if you build it...

  16. Corn mazes and mazes in general FREAK me out. I am terrified about getting lost.

  17. Every time I do a corn maze (or any maze) I end up going in a circle going back out the in. My husband would have taken a picture of the map and led us through that way.

  18. I would SO be the person that called 911! That's if my husband wasn't with me. He'd be fine. 911 would find me sitting in the middle crying.

  19. Too bad the corn wasn't taller than him so he couldn't see landmarks.
    I like Natalie's pumpkin coordination.

  20. I'm with you on the direction thingie, and as for the corn maze, I've never even heard of such a place, never mind seen one - mazes over here take YEARS to grow, and tend to be permanent. I love this idea!

  21. I've always wanted to do a corn maze - but no one else in this family seems interested! But, I know me. I would definitely get lost.

    I still get lost in town - and I've lived here 14 years.

  22. I thought half of the fun was getting lost?
    (or at least losing a kid or two?) ;)

  23. I'd say that his military training definitely took the fun out of getting lost. My husband is a former Anti-Terrorist Specialist in the military and everything is approached with precision and seriousness. Augh. At least you weren't running around singing with ToTo! That's what I'd have been doing! "Somewhere Over the Rainbowwwwww."


  24. I'm glad you had a good time, and got a weekend free of rain for the journey. You have to take me into Natalie's closet, I just KNOW she's wearing something adorable, but I can't SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  25. I'm with you, I'd just march through the corn until I found the outside. That family that got stuck and called 911 seem awfully weird for not figuring that out.

  26. Landmarks in corn? I'm curious also about
    I've never been to a corn maze, but it looks like fun.


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