Thursday, November 10, 2011

20 Kids! Ouch, My HooHaa!

Can you imagine having 20 kids?

I can’t.

But that’s how many children Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are going to have since Michelle just announced that’s pregnant again.

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I like their family. I think the kids are extremely polite. My children could probably learn something from their family. Heck, I know grown adults who could benefit from their family.


I don’t like how the older kids seem to be stuck watching the younger ones. I’m a firm believer that a kid should be a kid. Chores are fine, yes, but not to the extreme. I don’t feel older siblings should constantly be in charge of the younger ones. Asking an older kid to grab a diaper or a bottle is fine, but flat out expecting said child to watch over the younger ones on a daily basis seems wrong to me.

Yes, there was an article where the older kids said that they love helping out with the younger ones. But it’s all they’ve ever known.

Again. I like the family. But I can’t help but feel sorry for those older kids, especially when it seems like the new addition will be stuck in their room.

What do you think of the Duggars?

Do you think of Children of the Corn when all the kids face the camera and start singing Amazing Grace?

Do you sometimes want to slip your kids in with the Duggars and see if they notice?


  1. I agree with the whole childcare comment. Yes, everyone is in a family and you should help out. However, she flat out assigns a child to basically be the mother/father of that child for the day and attend to ALL OF THEIR NEEDS. I don't think that is right. Siblings need a sibling relationship not a parental one. And while it's good to care for your younger siblings you shouldn't have to be their primary caretaker.

    That said----I wish I had 20 kids!
    ; 0 )

    Okay, maybe 8

  2. I think they need to be sterilized.

    We should remember the world only has so much room - and to go far beyond replacing ourselves is strictly selfish and irresponsible.

    That said, at least this family isn't on the dole...

  3. I love the Duggars and I totally admire Michelle. I can barely run my household of 1 child. I really think they know what's truly important in life. All the worldly stuff we get caught up in is not important to them. I really think that's awesome.

    I would have a totally different view if they were on any type of government assistance. But since they aren't and really, they aren't hurting anyone, who cares how many kids they have??

    And the overpopulation myth? That's a non-issue.

  4. I couldn't imagine pawning my children off on their siblings. I think its my responsibility to raise them. That's why I had them!

  5. I don't watch the show but have seen it a couple of times and have thought the same thing about how the older ones are forced to grow up and take on a lot of responsibility at young ages.

    I can't even fathom having that many kids. The mere thought of it exhausts me, both mentally and physically!

  6. The thing that bothers me about the Duggars is that they just seem...greedy. I know a few couples who are unable to have children, and cannot afford adoption. Lord knows there are plenty of kids in need of a good home.

    I don't know, I kinda feel like if they wanted to provide a good, loving home for so many kids...why not provide it to kids who are already here and in need instead of just producing a whole bunch more?

    That being said, it's their family, it's their business. I just really *really* hope that the baby makes it thru ok...the last one almost didn't.

  7. It's a different way of looking at things; an older way. When my great grandparents were growing up, and even my grandparents, that's what THEY did. My great grandfather was working farmland in Germany at the age of 14 and living, married in the U.S. with his own farm at 18. They USED to teach responsibility early back then (and I'm talking early 1900's here).

    I'm not saying it's a better way. But it's not a bad way.

    I'm not raising my kids that way, just sayin'.

  8. I'm with you on this 100%. They seem like a really sweet and loving family. Their lives are being taped almost constantly and yet you never see them fighting.

    I'm just wondering what they think of someone like me, who has one child and does not want another one. Not because she's a hrad kid or that I don't love her but because it's what is right for my family. Do they judge just as we do for having different beliefs?

  9. I'm with you on this. I can't help but think some of the older kids are being cheated on just being kids.

  10. If it works for them, then it's fine as far as I'm concerned. I try not to get riled up over things like this. The only thing, though, I hope the baby is delivered at a healthy full term. Because they put a real risk on this baby, and the mother herself, after her last pregnancy. And then they maybe just stop. I mean, 20's a nice, round number I think.

  11. Maybe the older kids are being cheated on being kids, but maybe they're not...

    I can definitely see how it seems that way since they have to tend to the little ones, but I am sure the little ones have plenty of play time. That would mean the older kids have plenty of 'kid time' with them. At least, that's what it would seem like to me.

    Other than that, I wish I would have had the opportunity to help with my younger siblings more. It would have given me consistent responsibility instead of just chores. Not having children myself and not being around small children much growing up, I am now learning that I have no idea what to do with small children. In being around small children now (friends' kids), I have plenty of freak out moments or a semi-panic of "what do I do?".

    I think the older kids have a great opportunity to have responsibility (like I said before), but also to be comfortable with children when (or if) they have their own family.
    Maybe instead of them going through anxiety and fear of not knowing what to do, they will have complete confidence and be able to fully enjoy a parenting experience.

    Other than that, I am thankful we live in the US and have a choice on how we want to live our lives!

  12. I really don't know what to think about them. I can't keep up with what I have but they are such a great family. I feel guilty having my 15 year old hold my youngest so I can take care of my toddler, don't think I agree with all that the older children have to do.

  13. I think somebody needs to cut Mr. Duggar's nuts off. Wait. Did I really type that? Okay, maybe they need to practice the Rhythm method. SOMETHING. Okay so they are not relying on anyone else's money to raise the kids, etc. But what about the planet and over population? And, yeah, what ABOUT Mrs. Duggar's who-ha? Geez-louise it needs a break!

  14. none of us wants anyone saying what decisions we should or shouldn't make about our families. seems reasonable that as long as they're providing a safe, stable home for the family, we should let them make their own decisions too. i was one of the older kids in my family & i had to take care of the youngers ones. i spent a lot of time being responsible while my friends were out being kids and in the long run, i think i've become a much more responsible adult for the headstart i got.
    that being said, i only have one, so i can't even imagine being the mom of 20. or 10. or 4.

  15. I like them. I think they're kids are smart and polite, and the family seems so great together. Let them have their babies, I say.

  16. haha! I would never slip my kids in with the Duggars! First of all - who marries a guy named Jim Bob?? Is he a circus bear? WTH! Secondly - STOP HAVING KIDS! You are a grandma, your time is over. the last one was in the hospital for months...MONTHS!!! Stop having kids, get the hell off my TV!

  17. I agree that about the childcare - kids should be kids... I have two teens and that's totally enough for me... it feels like 20 kids at times when you throw my husband into the mix!
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  18. I have trouble raising my one so I cannot imagine having all those children around. But if that is what they want for their lives and all the children are loved and well cared for, more power to them.

    I might have a bigger problem with them having so many children if they were relying on others to help raise them.

  19. I think its wrong for the Duggars to keep having babies but I would like to slip my kids in with their group.

    Maybe not b/c then I would have to unbrain wash them.

  20. She may have to have hoo-ha replacement surgery soon. I wonder if they take an extra stitch or two now, I imagine doing it with her at this point must be like throwing a hot dog down a mine shaft.

  21. My own mom came from a family of 11, and while she does say that she didn't like helping to take care of the younger ones: she is extremely close to all her siblings. they are all each other's "rocks" and safe place to fall in this life. So there must be something to this kind of lifestyle.
    but I don't think it would necessarily work for every family.
    I think the Duggars are uniquely blessed.

  22. I don't know too much about them. But I did know a family that had nine kids (now they have 10 from what I hear) and the one thing I did notice was that none of the children ever seemed to get any extra attention. I think each child deserves some special time with a parent occasionally. How can you do that with 20 kids?

  23. Laughing at the "children of the corn" part. My grandfather had 21 children. Not from the same woman though. LOL. We know he had others apart from the 21. It seems the Duggars are making it work though. I've always wanted 10 children. My body can only handle 7. It's hard work but it works nonetheless.

  24. I think they're doing a great job with their family! It isn't what *I* would want, I'm perfectly happy with two,thankyouverymuch, but their kids are respectful and seem fairly well-balanced, if sheltered. I see your point about the elders raising the younger, however that really is the way it was done for hundreds of years, so I don't see a PROBLEM with it, exactly, though again - it's not what I would want for my kids. I DO, however, have a problem with them being on television. That doesn't sit well with me. Makes it seem phony, somehow.

  25. I don't have many thoughts on the Duggars, other than I hope baby 20 is okay and full term. She's an older mom with one micro-preemie under her belt, making her overall more likely to have more complications and more micro-preemies. They're lucky their last baby was/is so healthy. Many micro-preemies die or have lifelong health issues.

  26. I enjoy watching the Duggars on television however I'm with you about letting them be kids.

    I wonder why they would risk another scare like they had with the last baby?

  27. I totally agree with you!
    And how can you have 20 kids and give each one the love & attention that they DESERVE??? Not fair to those all!
    The older kids are totally taken advantage of. It wasn't there choice.

  28. It will be funny if this one is another multiple birth, because I saw where the dad said it'll be nice to have an even 20..though if it's twins it's be 21 :c)

  29. I dont watch them- but I've read about them.
    I think they're insane.
    Who pays for college? Or dont they care?
    I'm not saying they're bad parents- who am I to judge? But I feel that with 20 children, someone is slipping through the cracks. Parenting is a hard job with one, two, three, or four.
    20 is crazy...
    and yes, they do remind me of the children of the corn...or some experimental family.
    I think the whole thing is yucky. And there's probably WAY more than meets the eye.

  30. I feel sorry for the older ones too. I can't imagine the parents can give all the attention that they all need.

  31. I don't care if they can afford them, the world population is over seven billion, and we don't really need twenty kids apiece.

  32. well i have 2 kids. I dont care if they have 20 kids or 21 kids. Having many children is not for everyone. Also nothing wrong with caring for younger siblings. It is better than not knowing anything about baby and housework, cooking.

  33. Also overpopulation is non issue for few hundred years at least.

  34. I do not watch the show so really do not know that much about them. I do think that as long as you are able to support yourself and your family then have as many as you like. That being said, once it starts being a health issue for yourself and the child maybe it is time to stop.

  35. She just likes the attention of being pregnant. They are the reason we don't watch the TLC channel in this house. Such a drain on the Earth they create with the disposable eating utensils and paper plates for every meal because - hey! surprise! it's a job to wash that many dishes for that many people. Go figure.

  36. Hey, this is 2011. LOL. The more kids you have, the better your chance for a reality show.

  37. For me, it's all about results. So many of today's kids have been so carefree and have had so little expected of them (in the name of a 'good' childhood) that they are incompetent to take on the yolk of adulthood. Failure to Launch is a very real thing- especially for boys.

    I don't think having 20 of your own kids is ideal. In fact, it's kind of crazy. However, I do have a friend with 24 children. She gave birth to 4 of them, 20 are living, and they represent the 4 corners of the globe. Some of them are special needs too. The kids are pretty well adjusted for the most part. Some come from pretty scary parts of the world and have endured some awful things and they have greater needs. Her kids are well-behaved and they help each other.

    I don't know. Historically kids have had a lot more responsibilites than they do now. Teaching kids that doing only the things they want to do is the highest and best use of their time is causing us to raise a generation of incompentents- and that's more scary than the Duggar's kids!

  38. My sentiments exactly!!! I do not like how they EXPECT the older children to help take care of the younger ones. It's not fair to them. Who decided to have the baby?? Helping out from time to time and baby sitting here and there is fine, but not a daily thing.
    I like the family too. I just don't agree with that part.

  39. Honestly, I can't even imagine having half that many kids. Really I think just one more (which would make 3) might put me over the edge.


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