Monday, November 7, 2011


I’m not going to lie.

I was scared.

But it was my idea to go upstairs and watch it in the dark even though Tom was like, “Are you sure? It’s about a ghost girl and ghost girls are the worst.”

I said I’d be fine.

But I wasn’t.

Why did I want to watch Ghost Adventures in our room? In the dark? And holy crap, why were they going on about a satanic ghost? I had to deal with a ghost child AND a demon?

“I warned you,” Tom said when he saw the covers up to my nose.

“I’m not scared. I’m just comfortable this way,” I lied, voice muffled.

(I was scared. Shitless.)

(Especially when the show aired a photo taken of the girl ghost and IT WAS SCARY AS HELL! Why Zak Bagans? Why?)

I was contemplating suggesting that we change the channel to something less...satanic when the house started to shake.

As in, things on the drawers started wobbling back and forth and pictures against the wall jerked violently.

“It’s the ghost! Poltergeist!” I screamed. Right into Tom’s ear, apparently, because he was like, “Thanks for screaming into my ear. It’s not a ghost. Calm down.”

Calm down?


OUR ENTIRE HOUSE WAS SHAKING! The demon ghost knew we were watching the program, it was pissed, it came to Oklahoma and....


Didn’t I remember hearing that Oklahoma was hit with an earthquake early that morning? Tom and I slept right through it but when I checked the Facebook group many people reported feeling shaking.

Were we having another earthquake?

“The children!” I bellowed. “We have to get the children!”

I leapt out of bed and burst into Natalie’s room. I expected to find her curled in her bed crying. Instead she was passed out. Asleep.

Um, okay.

So I peeked into Tommy’s room and he was sitting up in bed going, “What was that? Are we dying?”

(I MIGHT have passed on my dramatics..)

“No, it’s an earthquake,” I explained as the house shuddered one last time. Then it was perfectly still.

“But we’re not in California,” Tommy answered primly. He’s really into weather. He has many books that he’s studied.

“You can have an earthquake anywhere,” I said.

“What about the aftershock? We have to prepare for the aftershock,” Tommy replied.

We waited a few minutes and then switched on the local news where we were told that yes, it was an earthquake (phew, no poltergeist) and that it was measured at 5.6.


It was the highest record Oklahoma ever had.

I’m sure glad I got to experience it <--sarcasm

My nerves are not prepared for earthquakes, people. I’m overdramatic. If this happens again I’ll want to burst outside screaming, “We’re all going to die!” I’m sure the people who believe the world is going to end in 2012 are like, “You see? YOU SEE!”

Anyway, we’re all okay. Nothing was damaged. I wouldn’t be sad if we never got another earthquake again…

…because really, other than thinking we were being attacked by Casper, I also pictured that scene in Independence Day when everything was shaking as the UFO came into our atmosphere and thought, “The aliens have arrived!”


I need to chill.

And never watch ghost programs in our bedroom again.


  1. Glad everyone is okay!!

    Georgia had an earthquake when I was living near ATL, but I never felt it. Thankfully!

  2. We just had one of these in Pittsburgh a few months ago. It was weird. I thought I was having a dizzy spell or something except that the walls were creaking.

    Glad you all lived. (weirdo)

  3. Knowing that everyone is ok, I can laugh at the fact your earthquake arrived AS you were watching a story about ghost demons. That's ironic - and likely the stuff urban legends are made of :-)

  4. Glad everyone is ok. We felt an earthquake that was centered in VA (5 hours south from me) and it was not fun at all. Hopefully, its all done now!

  5. Too funny the timing of that one....would be as dramatic if your were watching the Real Housewives of NJ!!
    Glad your all okay!

  6. When I heard about the earthquake in OK, you were the first person I thought about! Glad you and your family are okay! And, girl, what were you think watching a scary movie in the dark? Sheesh!

  7. I'm happy to hear you're all ok after the earthquake.

    We had on here in Boston not too long ago, it was freaky. Well, the epicenter was in Virginia but we felt it here.

  8. I can't watch any of that scary stuff. I'd freak out- even w/o an earthquake.

  9. We've only had ONE earthquake in my LIFE, and I did NOT like that one bit, so I feel your pain. On top of creepy movies in the dark? That must have been a very frightening experience until you figured out what was going on!

  10. Glad everyone's ok? Did you have nightmares about the ghost?

  11. I never would have survived that night. I can't handle ghostie stuff, and earthquakes freak me out. Kudos to you, I would have panicked myself to death.

  12. Don't feel so bad, the first tornado alarm when my parents moved here from Arizona, my dad ran around the yard screaming, "TORNADO!!"

  13. Oh yes, I don't like scary movies but definitely could not watch one in my bedroom. Earthquakes are pretty disturbing huh?

  14. We were in Christchurch, NZ last January (before the 6.3 earthquake) and we felt two earthquakes while we were there - a 5.4 and a 4.4. My kids slept through it. I woke up and just waited for it to end. My hubby, on the other hand said "COOL!! Make it go again!!" *sigh* Men.

  15. I no longer allow myself to watch ghost stuff. I'm jumpy for weeks!

    And holy crap about the earthquake! I didn't hear about it. We had a mild one here (extremely rare in North Carolina) over the summer but I never felt a thing.

  16. I would have been scraed out of my mind if I had been watching a scary show and then the house shook! We;'ve had a handful of earthquakes in Buffalo but never that strong!

  17. There was an earthquake in San Antonio last month, but I didn't feel it at all. I was kind of bummed.

  18. I'm laughing my arse off up here. My neighbor called to tell me her son came down from his bedroom and asked her to check under his bed because he thought there was a ghost shaking it. He's 17. She told him about the quake and he was all, "hey, don't tell my friends."

  19. I don't like scary movies and I never have ! You must have been terrified when the earthquake started. I'm glad there was no serious damage except maybe to your nerves...

  20. Is it bad that I'm jealous that you got to watch Ghost Adventures? We don't have cable, so if it's not online or on netflix, I don't get to watch it. Anywho, I'm glad that you all weren't dying or experiencing an alien invasion.

  21. That's a good story. We had an earthquake here in Ohio a couple of months ago. I was in our car and didn't even know it happened. My husband called me and was like, "are you ok?" I was like, "why?" And he says, "well, our building just swayed and an email came out that we had a big earthquake." I'm glad I didn't know. I would have freaked.

  22. Glad everyone is ok! I would have freaked if that would have happened while watching something like that lol

  23. Without the earth quake I'd be scared enough.

  24. We felt it too! And literally, as I opened this, we felt another earthquake tonight. You jinxed it! lol

  25. I was in a little earthquake once while on choir tour in CA. It was very odd. Very glad that you survived the great quake of '11, and all is well. Here's hoping you DON'T have to experience it every again. I wouldn't want you to have to follow through on your threats of running through the streets screaming. It might prove embarassing.

  26. 5.6 is a pretty impressive shaker! Glad you're okay!

  27. This has been a CRAZY year for Oklahoma weather phenomena! I've lived here 30 years and these were my first earthquakes! And 5.whatever is as high as I care to go!

  28. I'm totally with you, on not wanting to experience another earthquake. We had our first on the east coast this past summer, registering at 5.8. It happened during nap time and the kids slept right through the whole thing, I couldn't believe it! I live in NYC, so at first I thought it was another terrorist attack or something.

  29. I hope you have learned your lesson about watching satanic ghost shows! Nothing good can come from that!

    (re-reading my comment I realize I may come off a bit Fundamental Christian-y. That wasn't what I was going for, I just meant that those shows are freakin scary and should be avoided at all costs due to the freakin' scariness!!)

    Glad you are all ok!


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