Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inside Natalie's Closet

It’s no secret I love to buy clothes for my kids.

Occasionally I’ll do a post where I share pictures in their latest outfits.

Today I’ll be posting pictures on what leads up to the better ones. It doesn’t always go smoothly. It’s not as easy as running into the side of the house all the time. (I do this to get Natalie to smile.)

So here we go.

For starters, Natalie was like “no pictures.”

I don’t press her if she’s being a pill so I put the camera away.

She had a fit.

“But I wanted PICTURES!”

(And by the way, her outfit is from Gymboree’s Panda Academy line. It’s all in the clearance section and right now Gymboree has a Circle of Friends sale. It’s 30% off everything, including clearance. Use code GYMCIRCLE.)

Anyway, I said fine, let’s go outside.

And she proceeded to be a pain.

First, she turned her back on me.

She eventually came over and looked at me like I had lost my mind. (I mean, I WAS dressed in sweats and a shirt that didn’t match but still…)

Then she did odd poses. “Look! I can stand on one foot!” (And yes, that is a Cookie Club sticker from Wal-Mart on her hand. She wouldn’t get rid of it. We love stickers that represent free cookies I suppose.)

She did another weird pose.

Stuck her tongue at me.

I said, “Natalie, are we going to do this or not?” She gave me a look like, “Or NOT.”

I asked if she could just smile and look cute.

She said, “Run into the side of the house. Like this.” And proceeded to smack into the side of the house.

So I tried that and it didn’t work!

She did ballet moves.

Then she said she’d smile now:

(One never knows when she’ll cooperate.)

She decided she was done with pictures and was like, “I’ll blow a kiss. Goodbye.”

She did this and went inside.

I half expected her to pull an Austin Powers and go, “And…I’m spent.”

Okay, then. Nice taking pictures with you, kid.


  1. Ohhhh yeah. I know ALL about the joys of trying to get a good picture with kids involved! It might take a few more shots than you wish, but you always get something in the end. Something SUPER CUTE!!!! I'm in love with the Panda line, Ro would totally rock it!

  2. I LOVE the panda line from gymboree!!!!! Natalie is adorable!

  3. Oh man, I know how that goes! My 4yr old does the same stuff (and then says, "let me see the picture!! Let me SEE!"). She is SO CUTE, and I love the headband!

  4. Can you take some pictures of MY kid next?? Ridiculously cute pics.

    Gymboree rulez.

  5. The ends justify the means - great pictures, even if you had to work your butt off to get them. She's a doll.

  6. With all those odd poses she'd fit right in on American's Next Top She's just too adorable! :c)

  7. Goodness she's getting big. I remember when you were pregnant with her!

  8. She's so pretty! Such a beautiful smile!

  9. Those odd poses look remarkably familiar. Is there a class kids take to perfect them?

  10. She is still the cutest model around.

  11. She is so adorable, but that sounds exhausting haha.

  12. Hahaha! I was thinking about posting all the pictures I had to take before I got TWO of my little bitty smiling. Sometimes I think the "leading up" pictures are even funnier...and they definitely make the good ones worth it!

  13. She's so cute! Wondering if they make those shoes in adult sizes...

  14. Lol! The things we go through to get cute pictures. But it was worth it as the pictures are adorable.

  15. She is quite the cutie!!! And DIVA!!! LOL!

  16. My five-year-old would absolutely love that striped skirt! So cute!

  17. Sign me up for free cookies and a location where we can still wear short-sleeve shirts and skirts.


  18. Kids are so challenging to photograph! My son has his moments too!
    She is so cute. I think girls have the cutest clothes.
    Shopping for my son is a challenge sometimes because I feel everything looks the same.

  19. Even when she's not cooperating, she takes cute pictures! :)

  20. She doesn't even need cool outfits to look adorable!

  21. You don't get any cuter than that!

  22. She is beautiful!

    And I also feel better that my son isn't the only one who thinks the camera is an opportunity to contort his body and make weird faces.


Thanks for the comment!

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