Friday, November 18, 2011

Return of the Book Buddy

I saw her holding something as she approached.

Then I realized what it was.

The Book Buddy.

The Book Buddy was back.

Remember how I blogged about it before here?


Well, as a quick recap, this was the Book Buddy:

Looks diseased, right?

So you can imagine why I was hesitant on having it back in my home.

“I got the Book Buddy!” Natalie said, holding up the cage.

“Let’s get some Lysol,” I answered.

No, I’m kidding. I wanted to say that but I didn’t. Instead I peeked in the cage. Book Buddy looked…different. He wasn’t so…hairy.

Then I realized it was a new Book Buddy.

A tiger.

“Isn’t he cute? I love him,” Natalie said.

Book Buddy still had the Smell Of 1000 Dirty Hands but at least he wasn’t quite so....Gary Busey-ish looking.

Naturally Natalie did not want to let Book Buddy go the next day.

“I love him so much!” she cried.

Never mind that she has a room FULL OF TOYS.

I managed to pry Book Buddy away from her. I’m sure we’ll get a new one to take home soon.

I wonder what the next one will be?


  1. I totally would have lysoled that sucker!!! ;o)

    Yeah.. the tiger looks WAY better than that other, thing..

  2. That's how schools spread lice and seperation anxiety.

  3. Looks much better then the last one lol :c)

  4. Not as bad as the last one. Still, best to not think about where that thing has been.

  5. "Gary Busey-ish looking"! Bwa Ha haa! Yes, this one defintely looks less so!

    I don't know what it is about getting to bring home something like that from school (something so much less great than the stuff they have at home) but they all seem to love it. It's almost as if they think they're getting away with something.

  6. I wonder why there's a new book buddy? Perhaps the old one scared too many of the kids...or the moms.

    A tiger makes a much better book buddy than a dust mop.

  7. You can find a book buddy and donate it to the teacher. (and get a second one to leave home for periodic (yea, right) loan directly to her.)

  8. So much better than a live animal...hate the Hamsters too much pressure to keep alive. Have a great weekend.

  9. I like this one way better than the last one! Though I'm sure he's covered in nasty little kid snot, I think the idea behind the book buddy is adorable!

  10. That is so gross. I'm all over the "no germs" thing. In fact, I wash my hands directly upon entering my house because I *know* my steering wheel is covered in Lord knows what.

    My daughter is in Kindergarten and her teacher sends home a book a week for her. She asked why she was the only child to get a book to take home and her teacher said, "Because you are the only one who can read." (She's 5).

  11. That tiger is way better looking than that other thing.

  12. OMG, my son had one of those. And we had to write about all of it's "exciting" adventures in our house. We almost lost Puppers (I still remember its name) at an estate sale, WalMart and he almost got flushed down the toilet. My son got him on video launching off a balcony when they taught him to "fly." He then brought the video in to class and they showed his video of Puppers flying, getting flushed and driving on our car.

    Yeah, we never got him back again. Thanks God.

  13. -No way would I let that tiger in my house!!!
    Did someboday say: " Gary Busey?'

  14. my second grader when they earn points get to bring home Harry the Hound. Luckily, he's short haired. But Ryan does not like to return him for days; I forget about him, lost in Ryans messy bed. The class doesnt seem to miss him; for points you can choose instead to sit next to a special friend so the other boys choose to sit next to this one girl with whom they're all smitten. I'm not prepared for smitten. I prefer Germy Harry the Hound.

  15. OMG Gary Busey-ish looking.......Thats HILARIOUS! Damn, you crack me up!


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