Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving TODAY

We’re having Thanksgiving a day early since Tom has to work on the actual holiday.

I’m cooking everything.

Have I mentioned I tend to panic when I have to prepare multiple items?

Some people do that easily.

I do not.

I hate to cook, so add a bunch of steps and I begin to get flustered. And, if it gets really bad, I start to cry which in turn panics Tom because he’s not a fan of a crying woman. His first instinct, as I’ve mentioned before, is to throw a box of tissues at our head and run screaming for the hills.

It doesn’t help that I think our oven is dying. I made chicken the other day and put it in for the proper amount of time and it was still pink in the middle.

What if the turkey doesn’t cook all the way and we have a Full House Thanksgiving? You know, in the first season where they try to do everything like the dead Mom did and the turkey is still frozen and Stephanie drops the pie and runs off and everyone goes to find her so they can cheer her up? In my case, if the turkey is frozen and I run off, NO ONE WILL COME FIND ME!


Wish me luck that everything comes out edible.

And, you know, COOKED.


  1. You just reminded me to take the turkey out of the freezer, thank you! :)

    The first time I baked a turkey, it all came out very very pale white. I was horrified. Everybody else ate it as if it was good, but I was sure it was going to kill someone. It didn't.

  2. Start the Turkey an hour early... :) it can sit awhile if it's cooked.

  3. Bless your heart!!! Saying a prayer for you. There's NO WAY I could make a FULL Thanksgiving dinner.

    Can't wait to hear how it all turned out GREAT! ;o)

  4. i've been doing the whole thanksgiving dinner a day early thing for years since my husband always had to work on the actual day. i suck at getting the timing right on things. but don't worry, someone would come find you if you ran off. maybe not to comfort you, but to tell you to get back in the kitchen & finish cooking.

  5. Oh gawd! Good luck, that's all I can say.

  6. I hate cooking multiple things too! I'm just not equipped to time everything right. I definitely panic too. I don't usually cry but I may have to remember to do that. It might help when the meal is on the table and tastes like crap!

    Best of luck to you! And I agree with SherilinR, they will definitely come find you when they realize the food is not on the table yet. :-)

  7. Good luck! Don't freak out too much - it will be memorable if it's good and really memorable if it's bad! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. It'll be great. :) Can't wait to see pictures!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving (a day early) to you and yours. And I'll bet it will all be fine. Just imagine, it could be worse - I could be cooking it for you. ;-)

    Oh and I have to tell you - I was in Target yesterday and had to look at this little girl twice to be sure it wasn't Natalie. She was dressed just the way you dress Natalie. I almost asked the mom if she read your blog!

  10. I'm sure it'll be a great, memorable Thanksgiving dinner, edible food or not. I'm thankful my mom is making most of our meal this year, I'm just in charge of the mashed potatoes. I can do mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Oh, you'll be FINE! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Last year I had a houseful of people coming, that morning I went to get the turkey out of the refrigerator and it was frozen solid! It had been in there for FOUR days already and felt like lifting a really big rock. My husband has this thing for having very cold drinks, so we have this little temperature fight...I turn the refrigerator down so all the things in the back aren't frozen and he then turns it back up to arctic to have his cold drinks. Well, I should have known better and should have checked to see if he had put it at freezer level again, but didn't. So there I was holding a frozen turkey and ready to cry at the thought of all the people who were coming and expecting a delicious turkey dinner! Needless to say, my husband will NEVER live that one down. Oh, and he had to drive around Brooklyn looking for anyone who might have a cooked turkey. There was ONE left, which they sold to my husband for $100! He was none too happy, but maybe that will teach him to stop touching my refrigerator!!!

    Hope your meal went well! Happy Thanksgiving!


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