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It's The Vow Renewal! Part Two!

Part One here.

So where was I?

Oh, right.

I was about to see my husband for the first time in my wedding dress. He had never seen me in one before. When we got married ten years ago I had on a black maternity dress.

Tom was waiting for me right inside the Titanic museum and I stepped out of the vehicle gracefully—or I tried to. Sitting down with a bunch of dress around you is not easy. Getting out? NOT EASY. There’s so much material to worry about. I don’t know how Princess Diana did it.

I managed to get out and make sure I wasn’t flashing anyone. By the way, I didn’t even have cute underwear on. I didn’t even THINK about what underwear I should wear with my wedding dress. I imagine some women have every detail planned to the last flower. Me? Yeah, I basically winged a lot of it. I was sporting my typical cotton briefs. Perhaps I should have worn a lacy number? Oh well, it was too late to worry about it.

I took a deep breath and headed inside. My feet were already killing me since I was in heels. I don’t do well in heels. I was concentrating on not falling over when I saw him. Tom. My Tom. He stood there in the uniform he had worn ten years ago for our wedding. I gave him a shy smile and a wide grin formed on his face.

A grin!

You have to understand, my husband doesn’t always smile. He’s one of those people who will say, “That’s hilarious,” in a deadpan voice to the point where you’re like, “Uh, did you really find it hilarious or are you being sarcastic?”

“You look beautiful,” Tom whispered to me. “Really beautiful.”

“Wow, Mommy, you look different with all that makeup. Like a Barbie. I mean, you look fine, but really different,” Tommy spoke up. He has Aspergers so he can be incredibly blunt.

The guy from the Titanic museum stood there and reminded us that we could not take pictures inside, which was a little bit of a bummer. We got one outside:

…and then we followed the man inside to where we would be having our vow renewal. We went from room to room and the other people who were inside looking at the Titanic artifacts looked up at us with confusion. They noticed my wedding dress and were probably like, “Um?”

We made it to the Grand Staircase and took our place at the top of the stairs with the kids positioned beside us.

(These are pictures of pictures..)

I wish I could have taken my own photos. Or video taped everything. This was the only thing I yearned to be different. Other than that, everything was beautiful. The room was decorated for Christmas and a Captain was marrying us. Or vow renewing us.

I hate being the center of attention but I certainly was then. They don’t close off the Grand Staircase to the public when you have a vow renewal so strangers were able to look at me and this was slightly awkward. Still, I didn’t really focus on that. I watched my husband and said, “I do.” Again. I remember the look in his eyes. He had a look that told me I was important, that he’d do anything for me. I hope I conveyed the same look to him.

Anyway, I kissed my husband when the Captain pronounced us man and wife. Again.

And then it was over.

We did the Titanic tour after that and let me tell you, it was amazing. If you like the Titanic, go to Branson.

(You can check out more about Titanic Branson if you click on the link!)

(Or, if you are closer to Tennessee, there is one in Pigeon Forge.)

Yes, I did go through the museum in my wedding dress. I figured this would be the only time I’d wear it and dangit, I was going to do it.

However, wearing my wedding dress meant I had on my heels. And my feet felt like they wanted to break off.

The cool thing about the museum though is that they give you a card with a passenger name on it. At the end, you get to see if you survived.

I did. (Word!)

I was Madeline Astor, married to John Jacob Astor, one of the richest men in the world.

Tommy and Natalie survived.

Tom did not.

Poor Tom.

They had a thing of freezing cold water set up so you could feel how cold it was for the passengers who were in the water when the ship went down. I stuck a finger in and was like, “Oh, I’d have totally died. I don’t handle cold well.”

Jennifer kept her hand in for SEVEN MINUTES before finally pulling it out. “It started to feel warm after awhile,” she said.

She’d have survived.

At the end of the tour, I was beginning to sink like the ship. Literally. My feet hurt so I was hunched over to try and take some of the weight off of them. I was being semi-dramatic.

No, but seriously, how do people walk in heels all day?

I bought a couple of things at the gift shop and then it was time to take pictures outside.

Where it was a balmy 30 degrees.



But the lighting was better outside so we had to do it.

My Dad had already changed. He wore a suit to the renewal but he thought we were done, ha. He didn’t realize there would be pictures. And yes, my Mom’s eyes are closed. You get to check out her awesome eye shadow.

This is me with my Mom, Natalie, and Tom’s Mom. And yes, that IS a Heart of the Ocean necklace. I got it after the renewal. I didn’t wear it for the ceremony.

That IS a smile from Tom! And yes, I DO look like I’m freezing BECAUSE I WAS!

Tom and I got some shots together:

In this one I was like, “Let’s gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes like popular wedding pictures I’ve seen.” It did not go well. I kept getting the giggles. We are not serious people.

This is my all time favorite picture:

And then I got some with just me:

Later we went to the Keeter Center for dinner. It’s a college place where college kids prepare the meal. It was really pretty inside.

No, I was not in my dress. I had it with my heels. Plus, after dinner we were going to Silver Dollar City, an amusement park, and I was NOT going in my dress.

We got a small cake from the Titanic Vow Renewal package:

Then it was off to Silver Dollar City…where NONE of the rides were on! Apparently if it’s less than 40 degrees they are shut off. We did not know this. There were pretty lights, which were nice, but still. We wanted some RIDES!

We still got some pictures:

So yes.

My vow renewal day was fabulous.

I absolutely love Branson, Missouri and the Titanic museum was amazing.

Who knows?

Maybe we’ll be back for our 20 year anniversary.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful renewal:)

  2. ooooh! 30 degrees?! Brrrr!
    It looks like a beautiful time regardless! :)

  3. Beautiful. The story, the location, the dress, all of it. Absolutely beautiful. So happy for you! :)

  4. I always wonder about those brides in gowns roaming the streets and casinos of Vegas, and there you were doing it on the Titanic!


  5. Gave me tears! You both look gorgeous! Makes my heart warm and full of smiles <3

  6. WE live up in KC and people love to go to Branson for vacations. LOVE IT. It sounds like you all had a blast!!


  7. You are such a beautiful bride! And, congrats on the special.

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  9. You're a gorgeous bride!!! I love your hair color!

    Kudos to making it out alive!! haha

  10. You look beautiful. It looks like a fabulous renewal. Congrats.

  11. Wow! You look great! I'm glad everything went well for you.

  12. Gorgeous pictures - you look amazing!!!

  13. It's wonderful that you were able to have such a dreamy wedding vow renewal ceremony. We've been trying to play our renewal ceremony, but have now been married for over 25 years. It's wonderful that you DID IT!!!! Beautiful!


  14. This was so awesome. I am so happy for you.

  15. how beautiful! Love the pictures and your story :-) And your favorite picture would TOTALLY be mine too!

  16. You all looked fabulous. I love to see the smiles on Tom's face, and I think your kids were awed by the whole thing. Plus, now I see where Natalie gets her fashion-model posing ability. Congrats, Amber.

  17. Wow! So beautiful. Congrats :)

  18. Love all the pictures you all look beautiful! Congrats on having your special day!

  19. You looked beautiful and your hubby very handsome in uniform. Love that you did this and your pictures show me a great family! Congrats on 10 great years and 50 more.

  20. Aww it looks like such a beautiful ceremony. Your favorite family photo is my favorite too. I love the fun shots.

  21. I love the pictures on the staircase, even if they are pictures of pictures. It must have been so neat to stand there, just like in the movie!

  22. Congratulations! What an awesome story - and some great pictures, even though you didn't take them yourself :-)

  23. How wonderful! What a perfect idea! congratulations on your 10 year anniversary/vows renewal!

  24. I just can't type out how cute you are! I love that you did this and I thank you for letting us in on a little bit of it.

  25. Again, many congratulations. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  26. Beautiful. Love the silly pic!

    And I didn't know about the one in Pigeon Forge. I'll have to check that one out some time.

  27. What a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing and congrats again.


  28. I absolutely love this idea. It looks like so much fun!

    Just a little over a year til my 10th... wondering if I could talk my husband into something like this.

  29. So fabulously wonderful!! You looked amazing! Congratulations on ten years together!!!!! It's not an easy life, but it's so worth it! Hugs!!!!

  30. You looked BEAUTIFUL! Just beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to wear a wedding dress and have the whole experience! Just beautiful!

  31. It's such a sweet thing, and you are simply gorgeous, congratulations!

  32. You are GORGEOUS! Love the dress and I love that you did your vow renewal at the Titanic museum. So happy for ya'll :)

  33. You looked gorgeous!! What a beautiful couple you and your husband make!! Gorgeous family too!! Congratulations!! So happy for you all!!

  34. Amber you may have been uncomfortable and hated the shoes, but you made A BEAUTIFUL bride.
    I'll bet you were just as pretty the first time, too.
    The kids and Tom looked great- but sweetie you stole the show.
    And that is EXACTLY how it should be!
    Congrats for remaining upright (from one tripper to another)



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