Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Coupons

“What Nicholas Sparks book did you want?” Tom asked as we walked into Barnes and Noble last week.

“It’s called The Best of Me,” I replied. “If you’re planning on getting it for me as a Christmas gift, Amazon has it cheaper.”

It was like Tom didn’t hear me. He headed for the new release section, found the book and picked it up.

“It’s a sweet gesture,” I tried again. “But it’s like 13.99 on Amazon.”

Tom pointed to the book. “It shows here it’s 30% off.”

“Yes, from the cover price so the total will probably be 18. On Amazon it’s—”

“Great. Sounds like a deal,” Tom cut me off. He doesn’t comprehend saving money. I once handed him a coupon and he was like, “What’s this for?” He figures if he can find something he might as well pick it up then.

This pains me. While it’s sweet that he wants to buy me stuff I so wish he’d bargain shop and compare prices like I do. If he sees something he thinks I’ll like, he buys it and doesn’t bother checking to see if he can find it cheaper elsewhere.

At the grocery store he tosses whatever he wants in the cart to the point where my brow starts to sweat. This is why he rarely goes grocery shopping with me. He tends to get irritated when I’m flipping through my coupons to see what product I can save on.

“Does it matter? Let’s just get this brand of ketchup.”

“But I have a coupon for Heinz for 50 cents off,” I’ll explain.

So Tom will dig around in his pocket, produce 50 cents, hand it to me and toss the other ketchup in the cart. “There. That’s settled. We can go now.”


I told him I wanted the entire season of Friends for Christmas but explained that he should check Amazon daily as the prices like to drop. The other day they had the entire set for 89 and I hinted it to Tom.

“Okay,” he said but I don’t think he got it because I made the mistake of checking the Amazon credit card and saw a charge for 199. It might be for the DVD set which means he bought it another day WHEN IT WASN’T ON SALE! How does that not bother him? He could have saved ONE HUNDRED dollars!


I try not to think about it. At least he gets me stuff.

And I’ll enjoy my overpriced Nicholas Sparks book.


  1. If you get a membership card with Barnes and Noble, you get 10% off on top of that 30% off. I love my barnes and noble. That book would've been like $10 bucks for me.

    AND if you are a member, you order online? Free shipping!

    What is your take on the kindle, nook, etc versus real paper books? I prefer the real stuff.

  2. That's a little bit funny!
    If he isn't worried about the pennies...or hundreds.....

    Enjoy your book! I didn't know there was a new one. I love Nicholas Sparks, except I ususally end up crying like a two year old.

  3. yes, its sweet that he gets you stuff but it would be better if it was on sale too! Enjoy the Friends DVDs and the new book!

  4. He could get you twice as much if he shopped the sales.

  5. Oh my god, that drives me nuts. My husband is the same way. Last year I actually printed out pictures and descriptions of the items I wanted, along with a coupon for Kohl's, and sent him to the store. I told him if he didn't use the coupon to not come home.

    I keep trying to tell him it's like free money.


  6. hahaha. . . i like him. *gives you $.50.* If 200 people all gave you $.50 you could have your money back!

  7. Sounds like he does it on purpose just to exasperate you. Which is exactly what marriage is all about!

  8. Just expalin to him that he could get you MORE stuff if he bargain hunted...or stuff for himself!
    Happy Holidays to you and the Family!

  9. My husband is the same way and it drives me bat shit crazy.

    Once I sent him grocery shopping. Once.

  10. Alas, sometimes men don't enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Fortunately, my hubbs enjoys saving money just as much as I do. Win. I don't know..seems I enjoy things a teensy bit more when I got them on sale. ;)

  11. That kinda stuff drives me crazy too. I send my hubs links to stuff he should buy that day. It helps sometimes.

  12. I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon... I watched and watched and watched for this blu ray player my husband wants to go on sale... well, time was a tickin' so I went ahead and bought it at another sight, $20 cheaper than amazon had it for (free shipping too).. I kid you NOT the next day Amazon had it on sale for $20 cheaper than I bought it for!! I could have saved $40!!!! off the original price! Arrgh!!

  13. My husband is the exact opposite! He goes out of his way to find something for cheaper. Oh, and when it comes to food, he's very stingy. I want Coldstone, he says we have ice cream at home (not the same!). I want Starbucks, he says we have the same stuff at home... ahh!

  14. My other half isn't quite that bad but it always amazes me how much he spends when he goes food shopping (I can't at the moment) and spends twice as much as me for half the amount!

  15. OMg I wish my husband were a little more like Tommy!!! He waits and waits till something goes on sale and then busy it. AND THEN keeps waiting to see if the price drops even lower!!! He once took something back and exchanged it for the exact same item at $10 cheaper!!!

  16. My hubby is the same way....they just can't be bothered...they want to shop when they want to and the easiest way possible!

  17. I am the exact same way. As that guy on Extreme Couponing said, "Full price is the f word in my house." Luckily my husband is just as much of a money stickler as I am.

  18. Sometimes men just don't get it. My husband's the same way. When I say right, he says left and when I say slow, he goes faster. So much contradictions yet we seem to balance each other out. I'm a passenger side driver and that drives him berserk.

  19. Men --- to the point --- impatient --- don't waste time --- don't save money.

    Wife agonizes over what could have been done with the $1.50 saved, for at least one week she thinks about it. Augh.

    I know, I've been there. Lana

  20. I laughed when you said he tossed you 50 cents. It must be a guy thing because mine won't compare prices either.


  21. Same scenario here. Mine just spends. Doesn't read reviews, doesn't comparison shop, pays for quick delivery, doubles what I spend for a week's groceries, the whole deal. Then again, if time is money, I waste too much by spending hours comparing, reading reviews, vacillating, suffering buyer's remorse... We need to meet in the middle.

  22. I have to do all of the research and find the cheap one and then say this, and NOW. But I am lucky that if I send him with a coupon most of the time he'll use it.


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