Friday, February 17, 2012

Inside Natalie's (and Tommy's!) Closet

It’s no secret that I love buying clothes for my kids.

So occasionally I’ll post an entry about their latest outfit.

This one is Valentine’s Day themed.

Both outfits are from Gymboree.

First, Natalie wanted to be a pirate:

“Ahoy there, me hearties! I’m Captain Feathersword!” Yes, she loves those strange Wiggles. (Did you hear that the original Greg who stepped out is replacing the new Greg? Crazy.)

Then she was like, “Run into the house, please!” All prim-like.

I did.

I got an bruise, but hey, she smiled:

Then I gave her a lollipop:

“Can I eat this?”

“Can I eat this now?”

“Can I eat this?”

“Natalie, fine, eat it!”

Then I brought Tommy out:

I do not need to run into the house to get him to smile. I talk about farts, boogers, and kissing.

Then I gave him a lollipop.

He was confused.

“Tommy, it’s not girly just because it’s a heart.”

“Tommy, I need to see your face.”

Getting a picture of the two of them can be tough:

I managed.

Tommy threw his lollipop away. He said it tasted weird.

Natalie sucked on her lollipop and then set it on our couch. It stuck to our couch and now that spot smells like burnt sugar.

Thanks, Natalie.


  1. When i was a lad, i REALLY wanted one of those big lollipops. They suck. I threw mine away too.

  2. At least the lollipops photographed well for the camera before they met their tragic, unlicked, demise.

  3. Your kids are so cute! And Tommy still smiles for pictures! My son, not so much anymore.

  4. I hate those big lollipops! My mom always buys them for my kids and they end up staying on my counter for about 3 months before the guilt fully evaporates and I'm able to finally throw them away. My couches are hand-me-downs but I still have to sit on them. And the chances of me really cleaning up the sticky residue? Well, let's just say not good.

    But you are right, they do make for some great pictures! :-)

  5. Tommy looks more and more like Tom the older he gets! Two cute kids! :o)

  6. Very CUTE Valentine Kids!
    Love their SMILES!

  7. That's funny---my son just threw his milk down the drain this morning. Said it tasted weird. And I'm jealous, he won't smile for the camera for anything. Not even lego's.

  8. Gorgeous kids and I love the valentines photos. Sorry abut your sofa.
    xo jj

  9. Perfect Valentine's kids.
    And, those lollipops definitely look better than they taste!

  10. Gymboree ought to be paying you to advertise for them. You should totally send them a link to every single post you have written about their clothes. And Natalie is definitely cute enough to be a professional model, so I'm thinking you should go for it! Not that I'm telling you what to do, but yeah...I'm telling you what to do. :)

  11. Cute, cute pictures. I need to shop at Gymboree more!

  12. you have beautiful Valentine kids!!

  13. I think that both the kids and the photographer earn points for being adorable with these photos.

  14. adorable..and I love the awkward teeth of youngsters

  15. Cute! Funny about him thinking it's little guy wouldn't eat the "girly m-n-n's" I had to go buy him boy ones!!

  16. I would run into a house for a chance at a lollipop like those, haha. :) Great pics, awesome outfits!!

  17. Adorable kiddos! I hate those giant lollipops too. *shudder*

  18. Those are some awesome poses! It looks like they really hate the camera.

  19. Great pics. And I'm glad I'm not the only one whose kids put sticky food on the couch. Which is why we are not replacing our totally old, nasty couch!

  20. Hahahaha!!! I love hearing what happened behind the scenes of these great pictures. It's so similar to what goes on when I try to get pictures of my kids. There's a lot of begging, silly faces and sounds going on...from me, to get them to smile. I've yet to resort to throwing myself against the house/wall. Your kids are so darn cute!!


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