Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl Thoughts

So, did you watch the Super Bowl?

Yeah. Me, either.

No, I’m serious. We’re not a football family. Unless the Cleveland Browns are playing well. Which is rare so yeah, we’re not a football family.

I decide what team I want to win based on their uniforms. For example, I preferred the Patriots uniforms to the Giants. Unfortunately for the Patriots, they didn’t win. (Sorry. Spoiler alert.)

Another reason Tom doesn’t watch football is probably because of my commentary. While most men cheer and say things like, “Dammit, catch the ball!” or, “Run faster, you ass!” I’m like, “Ouch, did you see how hard he fell down? I bet his Mom is cringing right now.”

I guess talking about another dude’s mother is not cool.

We might not have watched the game but I catch the highlights on The Today Show. And every time a player crashed to the ground, I sucked in my breath and went, “I bet his poor mother is beside herself. Or his wife. If that were you out there I’d be so panicked, I’d pass out. Or cry. Or blog or tweet about it. One of those.”

When that Patriots player dropped the ball I went, “Poor thing. He could probably use a hug.”

Tom gave me a Look when we were watching the highlights so I can only imagine what he’d do if we were watching it live.

(Seriously. The poor guy probably DID need a hug. Mistakes happen. I’d have dropped the ball. Granted, I don’t get paid millions to catch it, but still…)

Even though we didn’t watch the Super Bowl, we still pigged out because I figured, hey, big event, calories can’t possibly count.

So I made a buffalo chicken dip.

We bought Krispy Kremes.

We had pizza.

I imagine my calorie intake was that of a grown man.

Big football days work up an appetite. I guess.

I hope the Ravens make it to the Super Bowl next year.

I like their purple uniforms.

(And that Raven’s player who missed the field goal during playoffs (is that what it’s called???) probably also needs a hug.)


  1. They probably do need hugs - and some probably go home and cry on their wives' shoulders. I have to tune in (being a copywriter, I'm required to watch the commercials) but I don't really pay attention. Twitter was fun, though.

  2. I like watching football. Don't get involved in stat counting or discussing the merits of a play but I love watching the game. I couldn't really tell you how I pick a team to cheer for most of the time but for the Superbowl it was simple, I detest Tom Brady and his wife, so I cheered for the Giants :)

  3. We watched the Superbowl - more out of habit than actual interest. I didn't care which team won (though the Patriots had a better looking QB AND yes, better uniforms), but like you, I did indulge in a super bowl of calories. :-)

  4. I watched maybe all of 5 seconds of the game. I commented on a pass that a guy didn't catch. Pshaw! He TOTALLY should have caught that ball, it was RIGHT.TO.HIM. Idiot. And then...I went back to doing whatever it was I was doing.

  5. We didn't watch the game either. I usually watch it (mainly for the commercials and half time show) - but we just ended up on Netflix instead. We really didn't even think much about it.

  6. lol I have a tendancy to root for uniforms whenever some european soccer games are going on that my hubs just 'has to watch'.

  7. I'm not too into the game, but I do enjoy the commercials and checking out how good/bad the halftime show is every year. And of course eating waaaay too much!

  8. I watched it because I am a HUGE patriot's fan. I would have been happy to give poor Wes Welker a hug but on a positive note, they made it to the Super Bowl and that's not something to sneeze at.

    I am a little curious though as to how a person can detest Tom Brady and his wife (they're both been admirable residents of their adopted state of Massachusetts), unless of course they've actually met them. I'm not a fan of Eli Manning but I don't hate him. How odd.

  9. I did not watch The Superbowl. In fact, I renamed it. It is now the StupidBowl.

    Bring on baseball season!

  10. This cracked me up! While you're talking about giving them hugs and their poor mothers, I'm saying stuff like, "what a great tackle", "he needs to be slapped", "come on boys, "get your head in the game", or "you know the game started right?". And I'm also the one encouraging them to sack the quarterback.
    Oh and it is a field goal. Also, another example where, sure he probably could have used a hug after missing the field goal, but I was yelling at him from my living room. I wanted Baltimore in, not New England, but at least the Giants beat them!

  11. That Raven kicker needs more than a hug.... he needs a psychiatrist! As for the game it was good.... but you didnt miss too much. Sounds like with that buffalo chicken dip.... you were just fine!

  12. I single handedly won my husbands college football poll based on the uniforms and size of the stadium. True. Over all those men with their ESPN analysis and stats.. I picked the more winning teams..ha!
    I won't be eating ay chill or wings for about 6 months...ate way too much junk food on Sunday!! I am happy you told me about those calories not counting.

  13. We watch. Or really, we have it on and I don't pay attention except to the commercials. But, I love the food.

  14. You might try watching soccer - so much more eye candy! Er, I mean, action. Ahem.

  15. Are you kidding? In *this* house both my guys are HUGE football fans and even BIGGER Giants fans. So, yes, the game was on....LOUD. And that meant that their commentary/cheering/cursing/crying/cheering was even louder.

    So even though I was upstairs and not watching, I heard every flipping minute of it.

  16. I like the Ravens for their pretty uniforms too and because the guy from the Blind Side plays for them.

  17. i'm not a football fan but i make all the fattening goodies for the football fans in my house. i agree with you, for an event calories don't count!

  18. I'm SURE he needed a hug. He just might not have accepted one. ;)

    I actually didn't watch at all, or even pay attention. I remembered to ask about who won Monday night though. :)

  19. I love that you has Super Bowl food but didn't have to watch the game. That's awesome.

    And coming from Cleveland, I feel your pain about the Browns. Maybe next year.

    xo jj

  20. I didn't watch it either. Thank goodness for FB and Twitter or I would have never known who won.

    I do love good excuses for eating party food though. :o)

  21. My husband- who doesnt EVER watch football- was pissed because I didn't remind him "his Superbowl" was on.

  22. Being from Baltimore, I guess I should be all like "GO RAVENS!" but... yeah. Not a sports person. AT ALL!

  23. It's so great that you want to give them a hug! :)


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