Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: No More Moose and Zee

Know who these creatures are?

Moose and Zee.

And Moose does NOT like candy corn.

But that’s not the point of this post.

No, the point is that Nick Jr wants to get RID of Moose and Zee. (Actually, as of March 1st, they sort of already DID..)

I’m a person who isn’t fond of change. For starters, I didn’t like how the channel was suddenly called Nick Jr when for years it was called Noggin. I still call it Noggin sometimes.


Well, remember this guy?


He came BEFORE Moose and Zee on Noggin. Excuse me, Nick Jr. No wait, Noggin. It was Noggin when Face was on. Or was it? (DO YOU SEE HOW CONFUSING THIS ALL IS?)

I guess Nick Jr wants to revamp its image which is why they got rid of Moose and Zee. Or something. I picture a bunch of bigwigs sitting around the table and one is like, “Let’s get rid of the moose and bird. What purpose do they serve?” And then the other bigwigs, who lost their imaginations at the age of 3, start stroking their chins thoughtfully while going, “Hmmmm…great idea..”

Here’s my comment to the bigwigs: stop trying to compete with the Disney Channel. Be different. That’s what sets you apart. Get rid of annoying Dora, who by now should be old enough to figure out her own way, and bring Moose and Zee back.

Come on. Do the right thing.

If something HAS to be rid of, how about we say goodbye to creepy Yo Gabba Gabba?

Of course then my daughter would be like, "Ahhh, Brobee! I love him so much!"

I know odds are that we'll never see Moose and Zee again. But maybe, just maybe, a bigwig will have a heart.

Or have a tiny child who keeps whining, "Daddy, bring Moose and Zee back! DADD-DDEEEEEE!"

Never underestimate the power of a whining kid. Which actually, could be a whole 'nother post for Things That Annoy Me Thursday...


  1. I like Moose and Zee...they could have produced more segments, so I didn't have to watch the same ones over and over, but they are cute.

  2. I know! They should come back. Natalie loved them.

  3. I hadn't heard that, but it makes me sad. I like Moose and Zee. :(

  4. But I don'!

    Gosh I miss that and now it's gone??? They had the cutest little songs, and I loved it when Bella sang along with them! Bigwigs suck!!!

  5. we watch nick jr nearly every day and I just realized I haven't seen them. that kind of makes me sad. and I absolutely remember face! my sister watched noggin all the time. and seriously I can't stop singing "I don't like candyyyyyyy corn, no I don't like candy corn"

  6. That would explain whey I've been subjected to the likes of the Fresh Beat Band for the last few nights.....

  7. My kids don't watch Nick Jr. too often, but when they do I am stuck watching it with them. I remember Noggin when I was a kid (haha!) and it has changed SO much. I loved Face!

    I don't understand why they change things that don't need changed.

  8. We watch so many DVR'd programs that I guess I didn't realize they were gone. I have noticed an increase in the Fresh Beat Band (yuck). At least they haven't added commercials! I'm sure that's coming though!

  9. Things change and move on. I still miss Rocky and Bullwinkle, but moose and squirrel not coming back. Or Boris Nogoodnick and Natasha.

  10. This stinks. I love Moose and Zee. They are adorable!

  11. It was actually Nick Jr first, then Noggin, now Nick Jr again. It was Nick Jr when I would watch stuff like Eureeka's Castle, David the Gnome, The Elephant Show, among others. That was 20+ years ago. Before Nick Jr/Noggin had it's own channel and was just a few hour block in the morning on regular old Nickelodeon.

    Anyhoo, Don't get rid of Yo Gabba Gabba. By far the coolest show they have on there right now.

  12. You know what I just thought of? Oobi! Whatever happened to Oobi? I miss him! Yeah,he was a hand with eyeballs but so what? He was cute....kinda!

  13. We didn't watch much Nick Jr because most of their shows annoyed me and its more background noise than anything else, but I loved Moose and Zee when we would catch it now and then.
    I dont deal well with change either. Disney did the same thing last year with their Monkeys Ooh and Aah. Made a lot of people made when they took them away.
    I wish they would consult their viewers before making ridiculous decisions.

  14. Huh. I've never even heard of those shows. But if Phineas and Ferb ever went off the air....grrrr...

  15. I also loved Moose and Zee! RIP dear animal friends.

  16. Back when we still had cable, I really enjoyed Moose and Zee...they were cute. That's so uncool.

  17. Nick Jr is pretty much on our tv every waking hour of the day. I am so annoyed that they changed things. Oh & I can't agree more with wishing Yo Gabba Gabba would go away... weird!

  18. You know what, I haven't even noticed that Moose and Zee haven't been around. I did notice there was more pirate stuff going on in between shows but quite honestly I try to ignore it all together. And HELL YES, let's start a petition to get rid of Yo Gabba Gabba. What the freak is the point of that show and how do they get so many famous people on it? Why Nick Jr? Why?

    And yes, I too am still coming to grips that it's not Noggin anymore. In the beginning I completely ignored the fact that they changed it and just kept calling it Noggin. Damn corporate execs! Don't they know children don't like change even more than adults!


  19. I remember face! :-D

    I hadn't realized until I read this that Moose and Zee were gone. That is sad! I agree that more segments should have been created, but Moose and Zee were fab!

  20. We were wondering where Moose and Zee went, too. I guess they didn't just go on vacation. Boo. You're right- they were what set Noggin, er, Nick Jr. apart. I'm pissed.

  21. Oh, heck no. I didn't even realize, because we've kind of moved on, but Moose and Zee? I love those guys. And I'm in complete agreement about Yo, Gabba, Gabba and Dora, for that matter. Where's the petition?

  22. My son absolutely loved Moose and Zee, and was telling people about it for three days straight that they were gone. All I have to say is that I really dislike the new lineup and format. I want my Moose and Zee back! I mean I grew up in the era of Face, and to deprive kids of someone that they can associate themselves with is a crime. I'll miss the monthly songs, especially around the holidays.

  23. Moose and Zee!! They need to bring them back! I miss Pokoyo too, and If I have to get rid of my DVD for some reason(again), my daughter will be very sad! She's almost 2; Her 40 Episodes will be all gone and??!!@#$%%^&%&*(at a loss for words-LOL) cos she knows exactly which episode she wants to watch and ??!!%^&**()$@#%%-NOT COOL!!!

  24. Good griddles!! They were the most annoying thing about the channel. I feel bad for the parents who’s kids really liked them, but I’m not going to cry over it because my kids cried over them and scared them. We’re not missing them here.

    I think the new look is fresh, clean and exciting for our kids. As long as they don’t take away Fresh Beat Band, we’ll be a loyal Nick Jr. household. :-)


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