Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Rude Airplane Passengers

I’ll be traveling to Hawaii on Monday.

That’s an eight hour flight. (Tom is like "eight hours? That's nothing. Try flying to and from Korea. That's 16 hours.") (Whatever. Eight hours is still long to me.)

I am not a fan of flying. But I always try to be considerate about it. It seems whenever I fly I get that one person around me that does the following:

--Announces that they hope we don’t die when we go through turbulence

My response: Stop it! Don’t SAY that because I already THINK it. I immediately believe the plane is going to split apart and we’re going to go plummeting towards Earth. This is why I play Lost, based on the TV show. I scan the passengers and decide which Lost character they’d be if we crashed. It helps relax me.

--Constantly have to get up to use the bathroom.

My response: if you have a weak bladder and can help it, DON’T SIT IN THE WINDOW SEATS. Get an aisle seat so you won’t keep irritating the people around you. I once had to sit in the middle seat and the chick beside me kept wanting to use the bathroom. I was fast asleep once, which is blissful for me when I’m on a airplane because then I FORGET I’M THOUSANDS OF MILES ABOVE GROUND and then she had to tap my shoulder and go, “I need to use the restroom.”

--Ignore screaming children

My response: My kids aren’t perfect. They’ve wailed a bit on airplanes. But I have stuff to quiet them. I ALWAYS buy new toys to distract them with. Or I bring the DVD player. I’ve noticed some parents just ignore their kid and will continue to play on their phone or read. I get that some experts say to ignore your child if they are throwing a fit. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO AIRPLANES!

--Practically make out with their partner

My response: You might want to join the mile high club. If so, just do it but NOT in your seats. I don’t want to see a full makeout session. I witnessed this one time when I was flying with my kids. Do you know how embarrassing it is when your kid shouts, “Mommy! I saw his tongue go into her mouth. That can’t be healthy.”

--Keep talking to you even though it’s obvious that you want to read

My response: Look, if someone has a book out and keeps looking down at it, shut up. I’ll chat for a few minutes and then I’m done. If I can, I’d rather read. When I fly to Hawaii, the kids won’t be with me so that’s eight hours of reading time! If I get a chatty person beside me (husband will be on one side, the other is anyone’s guess..) I might have to go, “Shh. It’s reading time now.”

So yeah. Let’s all hope that I get a polite passenger beside me.

Have YOU experienced a rude passenger before?


  1. I support the theory that we have the right to recline our seats somewhat, but not at such great force and speed that they crash into the knees of the people sitting behind us. Ouch!!!

  2. I flew to Fiji once, squished between one very large man and one very large woman, both of whom snored. That was a long, awkward flight!

  3. I've only been on a plane once, and luckily I didn't have to experience any of this. My flight was also only about 2 hours, so it was easy.

  4. I had a man sleep with his head practically in my lap because his seat was ALL THE WAY BACK. This lasted several hours on our way back from Ireland. It was NOT pretty. To add insult to injury, the guy had bad breath. AND he didn't even introduce himself!

  5. I've flown a couple times, and luckily I had great experiences. There were barely any passengers on the plane and I got the whole row to myself. Everyone was so polite! I can only hope that it goes that smooth every time. Good luck on your plane ride!

  6. Also, other passengers - please dress appropriately. Nothing fancy, but PJ pants?? It's not Spa Time.

  7. Once on along trip to Ireland I sat next to a PRAYER. Now I don;t mind prayer, I have in fact been known to pray myself but this fellow prayed LOUDLY over everything. His meal. His dessert. His after supper tea. His before supper tea. Oh my.....

  8. I agree with everything - we fly to Hawaii on Saturday. Only 4 hours for us though. ;-) Hoping we BOTH have pleasant flights.

  9. You should make a t-shirt that says, "My kids are home. Shh I'm reading" I totally agree with you on all accounts. People are so inconsiderate and just don't care anymore. That is one reason I love my ereader. I can play music, with headphones and read at the same time.

  10. Once on a flight to Cancun, I sat next to an old dude with heinous breath. Named Phil. Who was traveling with his wife ... named Phyllis. (Seriously.) And apparently Phil was one of those talkers who doesn't take a hint that you'd rather sit and read. But he was also hard of hearing, so he talked very loudly and leaned waaaaaaaay in, like inches from my face.

    Fun times!

  11. 8 hours is a long flight. Yes. . . 16 hours is a longer flight, but 8 hours is long.

    I hate flying.

  12. What about the people who fart next to you...or the ones who CRUNCH CRUNCH MUNCH really loudly. That's annoying.

  13. i haven't had any bad co-passengers, but i was once the only passenger on the plane and the male flight attendant asked me if i wanted to have sex with him since we had the cabin to ourselves.
    i said no thank you.

  14. You forgot being squished in the middle seat.....just trying to give you more to get irritated about.

    Enjoy the trip!

  15. I sat next to a stinky hippie once. For real. That was the worse.

  16. I agree times 15. Making me smile girl! Thanks for stopping by yesterday for my SITS Day. Have a great weekend.

  17. I have a tiny bladder and always request a window seat when I buy my ticket. :)I'm My rudest was a big dude who kept trying to inch his way over into my space. I literally had to push his leg back with my leg.

  18. I hate the ones that push/kick on your seatback the whole way!! Those seats are uncomfortable enough, thanks!!

    Also people who smack on their gum! But that bugs me anywhere, not just planes.

    Good luck, have a safe trip and HAVE FUN!!!! Woooo Hoooo for honeymoons!

  19. I haven't flown too many times, but I really can't remember any rude passengers. Well, except the lady who decided to pull out her perfume and spray some on herself. And since the air is recirculated, it felt like I was living in a perfume bottle the entire 6 hour flight to California. Fun! Also, some randomness thrown mother in law was on the flight with a plane full of people who had all just left Hawaii and she turned to talk to another passenger and proceeded to tell them she'd just flown back from Hawaii. EVERYONE on the plane had just flown back from news flash there.


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