Friday, April 27, 2012

Seeing Titanic: Then and Now

So I got to see Titanic 3D in an IMAX theater with my friend Angie.

When it first came out I was in high school and dragged my then boyfriend to see it like five times. (I still feel bad about that. I practically took an entire DAY of his life seeing as the movie is 3 hours long..)

Seeing Titanic in 3D was amazing. You could see more details in the movie such as on the ship, the clothing…and yes, even Kate Winslet’s boob, which I could have done without but still, as far as boobs go she has nice ones.

Anyway, I noticed there is a difference in how I saw the movie in high school and how I saw it to this day.

For starters.

Most people know this scene. The flying scene. Leo tells her to close her eyes, step up, and trust him.

I’m sorry but no. I wouldn’t have. She had known him for a DAY at that point and he’s asking her to step up on the ledge of a ship where she could go tumbling to her death? No. I’d be like, “I’ll step up but my eyes are staying open.” (And yes, I know he saved her from jumping to her death but still…one never knows…)

And back in high school, I cried when Leo died:

I was like, “Leo noooooooo!”

Did I cry this time?

Not at that part.

No, because I’m a mother now, I cried over the thought of children dying. I cried when the Irish mother was telling her kids a story in their beds as the ship sank because she knew they wouldn’t get out. I cried when Cal picked up that little girl who was sobbing and used her to get on a lifeboat and then tossed her aside when the lifeboat wasn’t working.

Leo—well, Jack—was a grown man who had traveled so he lived a life.

The kids did not.

And also, I had other questions that I didn’t have when I saw it in high school. Such as, when Rose dies at the end, wouldn’t her husband be upset that instead of meeting HIM when she passes that she goes to Jack instead? I’d be all, “Um, pardon ME?” Yes, I know she was joining all the people who had died on the Titanic, but still.

Rose was also an actress so wouldn’t you think a family member would have recognized her and been like, “She’s alive!”

Why didn’t Jack and Rose try harder to share the door like depicted here:

Photo Credit: Floating All Over Facebook

So yeah. It’s still a good movie, but I’m older and my mind wanders more.

(And who else would have died when the ship went down? You know, the scene where Rose and Jack are hanging onto the back of the ship and Jack tells her to hold her breath and kick? Yeah, I tested that. I’d have so drowned..)


  1. I haven't seen it yet- I'm behind. but the cartoon with the door cracked me up :)

  2. The door part always REALLY bothered me!! They SO could have both fit! And did she have to shove him off the door when he died? I mean really?! "I'll never let go Jack" but get your dead ass off my door! Some love that was!

    And yeah, I never would have closed my eyes either!! :-)

  3. I agree. I saw the movie so many times as a teenie-bopper and my friend and I went to go see it again. You definitely think about it all differently as a coherent adult then a hormone crazed teen. I so agree with the parts that make me cry too! It's not Jack anymore. It's the moms and babies and the old couple holding hands in the bed while the water rushes in. So sad!!

    Love the door cartoon!

  4. I wondered about her returning to Jack, too. And that raises the question of people with multiple marriages. Just which one do you return to? My husband wasn't the sharing type; but, then, again, I haven't seen the Celestial Rules (assuming I'm headed in that direction), yet, either. Good point.

    The one thing I've never accepted is Rose giving the finger in the elevator. I realize she was rebelling but young ladies simply didn't do that, back then. They may have heard of it, talked of it, done it in private, but, would simply never have done it in so early a period of revolt. They weren't doing it in the 50s, for goodness' sake. Only really tough girls did that. Rose was a lady bred. She needed at least a couple of weeks before publicly giving someone the finger. I hate when writers insist on characters from another time using behavior from another period. Grrrr.

    I don't think you would have drowned. Adrenaline is quite a backup for us and you would have been able to at least hold your breath for thirty to forty seconds and then risen as you released it. You'd have been sputtering but you would have made it. The real danger was the temperature of the water.

    Isn't it wonderful revisiting? Loved the 3D, too. Really did see more. Come visit when you can.

  5. I read somewhere else that, as far as the door thing goes, it would have most likely flipped over and sunk (sank?) if Jack had been on it. In the movie, you see him try to climb up on it, but it kind of lists to the side, and I think at that point, he decided to keep Rose safe on the non-upended door rather than try to save himself.

    . . .I say about the fictional characters. :0)

  6. I've been a Titanic FREAK since it came out for the first time 15 years ago. I had the VHS, then when those went out I've had the DVD. And no matter how many times I've seen it, which is probably more times than I can imagine, I always see it differently. For instance, when I was a teen...yeah, I cried when Jack died. Like you, I was all like, "Why GOD?!! WHY!!!!" but now, like you...I cry when I see the frozen baby in the water, and when the Mother is telling her kids a story...but I do cry at the end when she dies and meets back up with Jack. I have a thing about flashbacks, and even though it isn't really a's similar to one.

    They could have definitely though...Rose could have gotten on one side, and then Jack would gotten on the other and they kinda would have been in the 69 position, but not in the sexual kinda way...that's just only way I know to describe it haha

  7. I snorted out my Coke while reading this post, thank you very much!!!

    I think I need to see this movie again, but, I'm thinking that she spent a lifetime with her husband. She didn't get that chance with Jack, and Jack had been her first true love. I seem to remember her saying something like "Oh I loved my husband, no doubt about that but Jack Dawson was...." (I tell you, I never could memorize lines from movies except for Titanic and Steel Magnolias!)

    Amber, don't lose your sense of romance! You have always been a romantic at heart, for as long as I've been a follower. This review kinda makes me sad!

    Oh, and Rose was an actress? I thought she flew airplanes, rode horses, lived life but I didn't know she was an actress. They didn't really have MOVIES back then, did they?... just pictures... and the theater. Oh I dunno. Dammit, now I have to go watch this movie again.

  8. I've always wondered why he would hang off the side of the door. Guess he wasn't good at puzzles. He would suck at Survivor...well, especially since he didn't survive.

  9. I know. Dammit, that Rose was a total door-hog.

  10. Hahahaha! I thought that about the door the first time I saw it! My friends all said she was too fat to share. I didn't think so, it seemed like movie illogic to me.

  11. The thing about the Titanic I cannot get out of my mind is when rescue boats approached, how many people were not rescued because they THOUGHT they were dead, but they were really alive?

    I used to volunteer with our local water rescue team, and am a certified ice rescue specialist, and NOW we know that people can survive being submerged in icy water for quite a long time (there are several cases of survivors being in icy water for more than an hour!). When the core body temp reaches 80 degrees or less, you APPEAR dead, but aren't necessarily.

    Of course, that was not known in the 1920s.

    But I can't shake that thought.


    But were left in the icy water, because they were believed to be dead.


  12. Since I was a little girl I read everything I could on the Titanic. I saw The Unsinkable Molly Brown at a young age so of course I wanted to watch Titanic with Farm Boy when it came out. He hated it...thought it was a mean movie.

    I just looked at him and said..."ya knew people were gonna die in the end!!!" What was he expecetin'!!!

    Needless to say...he doesn't share my love of the subject!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  13. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    I haven't seen Titanic for years but I remember the scene with the kids. I wonder what that mom had to have been thinking? Wow.

    I also remember the older couple, scared but hugging each other on the bed. In many ways that would be the way to go. After living a full life and with the person you love the most.

    I was always touched by the violinists playing to help calm people. I thought their actions were truly among the best. I also love that this really happened, it wasn't just added for story purposes.

  14. I'm going to see Titanic this weekend finally and I honestly can't understand how I've waited this long. I've seen it since it originally came out and I always love it just the same. The part that makes me cry every time is when Rose and Jack are saying bye as she's going down in the lifeboat then jumps out, yeah so emotional right here, ha.

    Also as frustrated as I get with the whole "Jack could have fit!" on the plank, it's been pointed out to me that they were both probably too heavy to hold it up is the assumption we're supposed to go with.

    And I so would have drowned too, I think that in so many movies where long "hold your breath" scenes happen, haha.

  15. This cracked me up as well. I remember being upset as a younger person watching this, mostly by the death of real people when I thought about what the movie depicted. Even then I kinda saw through the whirlwind sea-romance of Jack and Rose. I also thought it was really funny that she said, "I'll never let go" and then...let go. I mean, yeah, he was dead. But still. It was funny.

  16. I think it's can never go back! I loved this movie when it came out and I loved the people I saw it with. I think I'll just stick with my good memories and leave it at that.

    Like you, my mind would be wandering too much, lol!

  17. Yes, sometimes you have to put aside the impracticality of it all... I like the movie the first time, but I'm not in a hurry to see it in 3D!

  18. No, only one person could've been on the door. Yeah, in terms of size, they both fit perfectly. but that was a flimsy wooden door and they were two grown-up people. the weight would've been too much. think of that before you call Rose stupid.


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