Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Airlines Charging For Everything

Every Thursday I'll be posting about something that annoys me. Sometimes you might not agree with what I rant about but everyone is different. Venting helps.


So when Tom and I flew to Hawaii, we did so on American Airlines.

Here’s what I like about American Airlines: they give 3 bags free for military members. This meant we didn’t have to fork over $25 for the one we checked in.

Here’s what we didn’t like about American Airlines: they wanted you to pay for a lot of stuff on board.

Look, I get that airlines aren’t doing well. Rising fuel costs have hit them hard. I get rising fuel costs. We had to fill up my husband’s truck the other day and I wanted to cry and throw things.


Charging for EARPHONES?

I remember when they used to pass them out. For FREE. And they were the nice ones. Now they want 2 bucks for the ear bud kind that hurts my ears. Then they’re like, “And feel free to keep them after!” Well, you bet I will! I paid for them!

Needless to say, we didn’t buy earphones. I had stuffed a pair of mine in my backpack so we shared those.

The flight was 8 hours. Back in the day when airlines were nice, they would feed you. Granted, the food wasn’t always the best but it was something.

Now they try to sell you snacks and sandwiches. And it’s not decent prices either. Eight bucks for a sandwich.

No, thank you.

You get a free drink and that’s it. Soon you’ll have to pay for that drink, I’m sure.

The movies on the airline used to be movies that were still in theaters. Now they are movies that are already out on DVD.

Flying is not what it used to be.

(Remember when people actually dressed up when they flew??)

(Well. I wasn’t alive when that happened. But I’ve seen it in movies and shows.)

(And I’m glad people can no longer smoke on planes. Yuck.)

I doubt airlines are going to get any better. In fact, they seem to be sliding downhill.

Unless you can afford first class. Then you get fed. And served champagne. And you probably get free earphones.

As it is, we can’t afford first class.

So we’ll be the ones in coach with a bag full of snacks because we refuse to fork over eight bucks for a sandwich.


  1. When we flew to Australia, on our 10 hour flight, they charged for food, drinks, pillows, blankets, movies... um, everything except going to the bathroom.

  2. I must have gotten really lucky the couple times I flew. Each flight there were barely any passengers, so I got the whole row to myself. I also got two free meals and free drinks.. Everybody was incredibly sweet! I definitely flew coach.

  3. I remember when people smoked on planes. So gross. I hate that you think you are paying one price for a flight but when the add all the fees the flight is much more expensive.

  4. You have to pay for the food now??!! Geez. Granted, the last time I flew was waayyy back in 2004.

    Ahhh, to be in first class. I can only imagine.

  5. Haha! I blogged on this exact subject a few months ago!

    I hate to admit this, but I am SO old, that I remember having to dress up to fly.

    I am also SO old that I remember having to pay for headphones before they gave them out for free!

  6. Yeah, flying kind of sucks now. On our flight to Hawaii I was across from a guy who was so hungover I thought he was going to barf all over the place. That was awesome. DON'T GET SO DRUNK THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT, ASSHOLE.

  7. My husband had an internship with Delta 4 years ago. He flew for free, and if there was room, he flew in business class. One time I flew with him to Dublin for the weekend, and we were able to sit in business class. I never wanted to go back to coach again. Unfortunately, the internship ended and there is no way I can afford anything but coach (and I can barely afford that). I have found when I fly half of my carry on is loaded with food! I am surprised they didn't provide a meal on a long flight like that, but I guess the budget no longer allows it.

  8. When I was in college, I went home by Greyhound bus (10 to 14 hours, ugh), and my roommate flew to her home (1.5 hours). This was when people dressed up to fly and meals were served. I said that seemed like a glamorous way to travel, but my roommate said nope, it never felt glamorous. These days, even less so!

  9. I won't pay for any of the extras either, and the baggage fees KILL me! I tend to fly Southwest now to avoid them!

  10. I couldn't imagine being on a plane with people smoking. Yuck!

  11. As much as I love to travel, flying just sucks!!! Having to get there hours beforehand, all the "security" screening, all the WAITING....ugh, it's awful! The seats get smaller and more uncomfortable, the service is terrible and the splash of soda you get (after they fill that dixie cup with ice!) isn't much to write home about! As for snacks, I'm surprised they let you take them could be a BOMB or something!!!

  12. I'd love to be the one in the back eating whatever contraband I snuck on board because it would mean I was actually getting to go somewhere!

  13. I still think it is unacceptable to fly anywhere in grungy clothes you would expect in a dorm room. Eileen Fisher, Fresh Produce, JJill were invented for a reason. Classy comfort.


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