Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Calling Pregnant Women Fat

“She’s gained too much weight...”


I rolled my eyes when I heard that. No, they weren’t talking about me. But about her.

That’s Jessica Simpson, in case you didn't know.

And she’s pregnant.

And she’s SUPPOSED to gain weight.

She’s been receiving criticism for gaining too much weight.

I, for one, am happy to see a celebrity walk around LOOKING pregnant. So often you see this stick thin celebrity with a tiny bump boasting about how they still eat right and don’t treat their bodies like a garbage disposal simply because they are expecting.

I gained 30 pounds with each of my kids. Maybe even a little more. I ate what I wanted. When I wanted. Because if I didn’t, Baby got upset. And when Baby got upset, I got upset. Therefore, I ate.

Jessica Simpson is eating.

She’s not like those models who get knocked up and who gain like 10 lbs. Or the ones who boast that Yoga keeps them thin. (Snorts.)

So I say, you go Jessica Simpson, for looking like a REAL pregnant woman. I hope after you have the baby that it takes you awhile to lose all the weight. It really doesn’t impress the general public when a woman steps out two weeks after giving birth looking as though she never carried a baby at all. (Or maybe some people are impressed. I'm just like, "Well, must be nice to have your own personal chef, trainer, and nanny..)

You have a good number of people on your side, Jessica. So eat what you want and enjoy!

(Is it bad that I'm munching on a Krispy Kreme donut while writing this?)


  1. That's why I love Pink ... she seems to be much more normal about life ... taking time to be a mom.

  2. Amen! I think Jessica is adorable and beautiful pregnant or not. It is disturbing how the media attacks women about their weight, especially when they are expecting. It's almost a "pack mentality". And they wonder why there has been a rise in the pro-ana (girls who support and perpetuate anorexia) online.

    As always, thanks for keeping it real!

  3. I don't know why people are so mean, everyone gains pregnancy weight differently. (I won't tell you that I was one of those people you couldn't tell were pregnant from behind ;) ) Every pregnant woman is beautiful.

  4. AMEN!!! I couldn't agree more.

  5. I gained 60 lbs with my son and I did not even eat that much- I was nauseous most of my pregnancy! It was wrong I gained that much and didn't get to enjoy it! ;) Most of that was butt and hips.. and swelling. But, I wouldn't change it for the world. It makes me sick to see these women have babies and then walk out of the hospital looking the same as they did before they got pregnant. Go Jessica- eat that fatty food and enjoy it while you can!

  6. I hate when people criticize pregnant women's weight. I think Jessica looks great.

  7. I was guilty of thinking "wow she's gained a lot of weight" only by Hollywood's standards, and sometimes I buy into that crap too. I have no room to talk seeing as how my 5'2 frame gaained 40 with my first and 50 with the second.

    I too hope it takes her a while to get the weight off. That would show that she's a "normal" woman for sure!
    great post:)

  8. Well said!

    I'm sure her doctor would let her know if there were a health issue. And even if there is, it's still none of our business.

    When I was pregnant, my doctor told me my primary job was "growing that baby". I still remember that. She may be a celebrity, but right now her primary job isn't about looking good, or even performing, it's about growing a healthy baby. And she's doing just that.

  9. I was hoping to gain a ton but the diabetes put a damper on that. I have approximately 18 days (not that I'm counting) left and I've gained 30.

  10. I gained like 70 pounds with my first. SO WHAT. I lost it all, after the baby was born healthy.

    I know a woman right now who is struggling with weight gain during pregnancy. She is not eating properly, in an attempt to stay thin. It's making me very sad.

  11. The midwives at first told me I wasn't gaining enough. And then they said I gained too much. Geez...

  12. I'm just so impressed she can still wear heels! seriously...I was in flats before the 3rd trimester!
    And I still rarely wear them now.

    I had a former friend who would always greet pregnant, waddling me with "wow, you are huge."

    noticed I said "former" friend?

  13. *clap clap clap* I SO agree with this! So what if she's gained some weight? That's what pregnant women do. If I were held to the Hollywood standard of thinness all the time, I'd probably take that nine-month hiatus and run with it! I think she looks great, and you know she'll have it all off within a matter of weeks anyway.

  14. Hell yeah! Jessica is beautiful, growing a baby and they need to leave her alone.

  15. Word to this entire post. I ate enough during my pregnancies for quadruplets. Not saying this was necessarily the best choice, but hey, it worked! I had a whole-body pregnancy, but now at 42 I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight for #1 son, so it's all good.

    She's glorying in her pregnancy. The press needs to back off.

  16. I think celebrities are damned if they do and damned if they don't. She looks great!

  17. Amen. I'm always amazed by the people who seem to think it's healthy to stay underweight during pregnancy. Hello?! It's actually best to put on some baby weight!

  18. I totally agree with this post! LOVE how pregnant she looks, she's like a typical pregnant person!

  19. I agree! I think she looks gorgeous!!!

  20. People are always giving that girl a hard time! I'd really hate being a celebrity and having every action analyzed!!!!

    The doctor gave me a hard time about "weight" when I had Shane. After losing 65 POUNDS in two weeks, he realized that I had been carrying a crazy amount of water weight!!!! I was bloated like a tick! If you can't say something nice....then shut it! Pregnancy is hard enough!

  21. AGREED. Let's not forget when a celeb gives birth and people expect them to just hit the gym in a nano second. This is how they are with Hiliary Duff now. sShe gave birth TWO WEEKS AGO.


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