Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When One Cannot Do Kid Hair

“Makeup optional…”

That’s what it said on the paper I got about Natalie’s ballet photos.

And it specified to do hair nicely.

Nicely? I could barely do my own hair nicely, let alone my five-year-old's.

I’m always jealous of the mothers who can do hair neatly. French braids, pig tails, Katniss-style hair—whatever the request, they can do it.


Well, when my daughter has pig tails, they are never right down the center of her head. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. But the part always looks off and one pigtail is up and the other is down.

When she goes to ballet, I do an easy bun. Meaning I put her hair in a ponytail and simply don’t pull the entire thing through the band. So it’s sort of like a bun. And since she’s in beginning ballet, they don’t care.

But now. Now it was picture time.

Natalie was thrilled. It meant she got to wear her recital costume. The one I paid $65 for. I’m sorry, it’s so not worth $65. I could have bought an adorable Janie and Jack outfit for $65, complete with all the accessories.

The costume came with a hair thingy. I didn’t know where the hair thingy went on her hair. It didn’t specify.

For the makeup, I went with lip gloss and light eyeshadow. After all, this wasn’t an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. Some people might think it’s okay to cake makeup on their daughters, I am not one of them.

In the end, she looked like this:

I used hairspray to keep her hair down.

And I would later find out that her bow DID NOT go there. It clipped near the back against her bow.


Most people would have known that.

Some kids did have a lot of makeup on. Natalie sort of sighed when she pointed out a little girl who had Kardashian-esque type makeup on.

“She has darker lipstick!” Natalie whispered.

“She can’t be older than ten. I don’t agree with it,” I explained.

“I have NO lipstick,” Natalie fumed.

“You have enough.”

I’m not sure how she did with pictures. The parents were not allowed in that room. They grabbed the kids and then returned them twenty minutes later.

“Did you smile?” I asked Natalie.

“Sort of,” she replied.

I’ll find out in three weeks how she did.

For professional photos she usually comes across looking constipated.

It’s because the photographers don’t realize that they have to run into the wall to get her to laugh.

Like I do.


  1. Fun post. The whole comparing thing can be tricky.

  2. Yet another reason I am grateful I have boys... I could not do girl hair. I wear mine in a ponytail, bun or just hanging daily :)

  3. My Girly took a few dance classes and I had bun panic. I have no idea how to make a bun (other than the way you do it!). I was glad she didn't continue. Never did master the bun... but I'm working hard on French braiding. :P

  4. I wish my girls wanted me to do their hair. My two toms boys want one ponytail only, no accessories. Boring!

  5. I'm not too good with the hair either...but I'm learning. Well, Pinterest is teaching me...nevertheless, I do blow dry & straighten my 4 year old's hair every day. It's a crazy, curly jungle if I don't. I've learned how to pull the front layer of her back in a poof...and that's about it.

    Bree only gets to wear makeup on Halloween, no exceptions, although, I will allow her to have some (clear) lipgloss.

    I'm sure the picture will be fine :)

  6. I like the picture you took ... and as for the hair clip thingy ... at least she didn't look like a clone :)

  7. I can't even do my own hair. My daughter will have two hairstyles: Down and ponytail. That's all I do!

  8. LOL you're so funny! And she's adorable. :) I CAN do hair, although I'm glad we don't have kids just yet. Bring it on, military life. Bring. It. On.

  9. I'm sure she did great. She's clearly a natural!

  10. AH! My daughter, 3 1/2, has ballet pictures next week. I didn't even think about what to do with her hair. When I try to just BRUSH it she screams like I'm torturing her. Here's hoping lopsided pigtails become all the rage! (I have the same problem!)

  11. Great post! I love that you are trying with the hair. They really should have instructions for the bow. And please, a little girl is not supposed to be marked like a prostitute. She should be accented as the sweet little girl she is.

  12. Truthfully, Natalie does NOT need make up at all. In every single picture you've ever shown us of Natalie, she is perfect. She is going to grow up to be a natural beauty, for sure.

  13. And? I cannot even get my hair to do a bun. It will NOT stay. And I don't understand how a pencil sticking through it would hold all the strands. It makes no logical sense to me!

  14. The only time Lil Duck's hair looks perfect is when she comes back from her Dad's house and his girlfriend has styled it. Only then are the parts perfect or the ponytails smooth.

    Eh...I don't care. When I do her hair it most often me asking her what she wants and then allowing HER to do it. Of course thats minus the hard stuff like braids. I CAN do perfect I just choose not to. I think Natalie looks beautiful! And I wouldn't have known where that deng bow went either. LilDuck would've wanted on her shoulder attached to the strap of the costume like a corsage. Ha!

  15. I can barely do my own hair, so I am glad that I have boys! I can style their hair just fine. Natalie's hair looks super cute, and I love where you put the clip.. even if that isn't where it was supposed to go! I'm sure her pictures turned out great :)

  16. Your daughter is stunning on her own so your in the clear!
    I like the fact that you recongnize that her pigatails are off becuase I often wonder if its the unknown! My daughter (4) doesnt let me do her hair so I dont have the problem of it being even or not!
    Great post...and I too think makeup is toddler & tiara-ish for pictures!

  17. I don't know how to do girl hair either. Yesterday while subbing a little girl needed her hair fixed. I did my best but I was appalled at my efforts. :)

  18. I have a girlfriend whose daughters (all three) do Irish Dancing. They all have to have perfect ringlets for performances. She actually bought them wigs, after years of doing these little tiny ringlets.

  19. I can totally relate! I'm a "dance mom"...but not like those ones on TV. My daughter was about Natalie's age when she started dancing too. She's 12 I've probably paid a small fortune in costume fees, jazz AND tap shoes, class tuition, tights, pictures, performance tickets....oh geez. Let me stop. Have fun while you still can!!

  20. I'm sure her pictures will be beautiful, and even better because she's not caked in makeup. And don't worry, I'm sure I wouldn't know where to put the bow, either.

    Love the new site look!

  21. First, I like the new look over here.

    Second... do hair takes practice and willing little girl to sit still. Since I don't have a willing little girl who wants to sit still, I totally understand.

  22. my mom is one of those ladies who can do hair. I did not get that gene, I suck at it.

  23. Just FYI, for her recital, you're supposed to have enough make-up on to see the make-up from the audience ! In the words of my former dance instructor "Make them up to look like hookers!" To this day, I refuse to wear blue eye shadow..... :)

    Oh, and her hair looked great! They never give instructions for those stupid bows....

  24. Cute photos! And really I think I like the bow better the way you had it!

  25. She is absolutely gorgeous. And I am the worst about doing my daughter's hair. I braid it or put it in an easy bun (like you described) most days, because her curls are like some horrible, knotting Velcro and brushing her hair is torture for both of us. Pulling it back keeps it from getting quite as knotted.

    I wouldn't have had the first idea how to put that bow in, either.

  26. So funny! I was great a kids hair when my kids were babies and didn't know they had options! But now that they are old enough to have an opinion it is a battle to get it to look nice and neat! So I truly think it is their fault ... not mine ... that their hair is a mess!

    Love your blog!

  27. I'm sure the photos will be terrific! You've got a great kiddo - how could they not??

    Ballet is so great and it will really help her, all her life. Yes the fees and outfits are crazy expensive, but trust me, it's all worth it!

    And no, you don't cake makeup on little girls!!!! What are some people thinking??

  28. I cant do girl hair either!! I can barely get mine in a decent pony tail.

    Im sure she looked adorable!

  29. You gave me heart palpitations! Crap! This is what I have to look forward to?? I cannot do hair either! Babe's pigtails look exactly how you described! And yeah, I totally would have put the hair thing in the same spot you did! I think it adds a touch of personality! :-)

    Can't wait to see the pictures!

  30. When my daughter wanted fancy hair she went next door and her friend's mama did it. It was so curly and tangled we finally cut it short. Then she took dance lessons and was told she couldn't be in the recital unless she had long hair in a bun. I spoke to the teacher and they finally agreed she could slick it back and hold it down with bobby pins. She never took dance lessons again . Her hair is now long but she is grown and takes care of it herself.


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