Monday, May 7, 2012

Angry Birds Cake!

Well, Tom left for training.

Before he left, we celebrated his birthday since he’d be gone on his real one.

I picked up some balloons:

And a cake:

No way I could make a cake like that. My cakes are usually from a box with frosting from a can. This one had FONDANT on it. I’ve never had a cake with fondant. I like it, but I think I prefer good old fashioned buttercream frosting. (And yes, the cake IS sitting on Pizza Hut boxes. That's what Tom wanted for dinner. Fine by me, because it means no dishes!)

He got some presents:

At one point Natalie was like, “Maybe you’ll get a doll, Daddy!”


No doll.

But he did get the Rambo knife he’s been wanting.

No, I’m serious. He wanted a Rambo knife. From Rambo 2. I guess it comes with a flint and a compass…all I’m saying is, the next time he makes fun of me for gushing about Lost, I’m going to be like, “At least I don’t have a LOST knife..”

He said he had a good day. He’s one of those people who don’t make a big deal about his birthday.

He’s crazy.

While I don’t like getting older, one of the perks for birthdays is CAKE.

So happy birthday to Tom!


  1. His face with the M&M blankie is priceless. What does fondant taste like?

  2. I love fondant, but then, I've always been odd. Happy birthday, Tom.

  3. I have a brother named Tom whom I like very much. Your Tom looks very nice too. Hers's to the TOMS !

  4. Happy birthday to Tom! Glad he enjoyed his birthday :) The Angry birds cake is too cool!

  5. Happy Birthday, Tom!

    The Rambo knife makes sense. If it's like a real knife that is useable, it kinda fits with his persona as the tough military guy. I'm glad he had a good birthday!!

  6. Oh, and I had to chuckle at the bag of MM's. I remember that he was always munching on MMs while skyping with you last time he went away!

  7. My husband's birthday was yesterday and he wanted a survival knife set from the knife channel. Yes, there is a channel for this. And I don't think he could use them for our survival, either.

  8. Happy Birthday Tom!

    Love the cake.

  9. I do cake from a box and icing from a can. What does fondant taste like? I keep imagining that it's gross. Pretty - but not so yummy. So - from someone who likes icing from a can - what's the verdict?!

    and I knew I liked you - I would love to gush about LOST with you :-)

  10. Love the Angry Birds cake but I'm with you, buttercream is way better frosting than fondant.

  11. Woohoo!!! Even though I late to this party I want to wish your wonderful Tom a very happy birthday.

    Golly gee, and Angry Bird Cake, Pizza, M&M blankie and a Rambo knife...does it get any better for a fella??? Boys and their toys....Heeehehehe!

    Great pictures sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous week! :o)

  12. Happy Birthday Tom!!

    Looooveee the cake. I'm not really into fondant either.

  13. I have a friend who makes cakes like that. She amazes me. I'm just lucky if mine have frosting on them. Maybe some sprinkles, if I'm feeling artistic.

    Happy happy birthday!

  14. Such a cute cake! I have never tasted a fondant cake, it looks too plasticky or something.

    I'm glad he has a Rambo knife. Truly the universal

    So so sorry he has to go again!

  15. My husband and both my boys are all obsessed with knives. I'm obsessed with shoes.

    Happy Birthday to Tom!

  16. My Husband doesn't make a big deal out of his Birthday either although, I try really, really hard...I love birthdays!

    I'm glad Tom had a good one, and got that Rambo knife :)

  17. I think Rambo knife is the exact opposite of DOLL! lol

    The cake is very cute! I have never eaten a cake made with fondant. I just realized that.

    I just started a blog to document what I hope to be the best summer ever. I would love for you to pop over and join the fun!

  18. Glad you make a fuss ~ that's what birthdays are for. Too bad he didn't get a doll ~ the look on his face would probably have been priceless!

  19. A Rambo knife and an Angry Birds cake...sounds like a perfect birthday for your guy! Happy Birthday, Tom.

  20. I can't get over how much Tommy looks like him. :)

    However, I must say that I completely disagree with his mentality on birthdays.

    My birthday will last no less than one month, and will entail all kinds of fun things and lots of things done for me because of course, it is my birthday.

    Wait til I hit 40. All I'm saying is there is a trip involved.

  21. Happy Birthday, Tom! 30?? He's still a baby, lol!

    Natalie is a hoot!

  22. I love the designs you can do with fondant, or the cake-ladies can do with fondant, I should say. But, I prefer regular icing, too.

  23. Cute cake! Looks like a good early birthday!

  24. Happy Birthday to Tom I hope he gets his birthday wish. Hugs

  25. Happy Birthday to Tom! And that's hilarious about the doll. My kid always wants to get people kitties for their birthdays.... Anyways thanks for stopping by my SITS day! It is wonderful to meet you!

  26. Happy Birthday Tom!

    Too bad he didn't get a doll. :-)

  27. I love it. Giant Rambo knife aside, it looks like a birthday party for a little guy, and given that Tom's a big soldier dude, that's so (don't tell him I said this) cute. Awww. You know, I've never had fondant either. It looks so pretty, and that cake is gorgeous, but I'm a chocolate girl and I want my icing brown. And thick. Cake is an icing conveyance platform as far as I'm concerned. Happy birthday, Tom. And nice new design, Amber.

  28. I'm not a fan of fondant either, it never tastes good to me. I prefer great frosting and cake, I don't care as much what it looks like :) The design on the cake that you bought though is great, whoever made it did a great job!


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