Friday, May 4, 2012

Pictures with Tommy

"Come on, Tommy, let’s take some pictures,” I urged.

“I’m too old for pictures.”

“What? You’re ten! Don’t you know I’ll be taking pictures of you for the rest of your life?”

“You’ll be dead before me so that’s not possible.”


“Well. My point is I’m taking pictures of you. So let’s go.”

“Tommy. Smile!”

“That’s not a smile! You need a haircut.”

“No! I like my hair long. I’m growing it long like Spencer in iCarly.”


“Just look happy, Tommy.”

“That’s better! Now can you—”

“Mom! I don’t want to alarm you but there is a spider next to us!”

Neither of us likes spiders. His father doesn’t like spiders either. So when one gets in the house, we’re arguing who gets to deal with it.

“The man deals with it!” I always insist. “You all act big and strong, surely you can deal with a spider!”

Tom’s like, “Eff that, I hate spiders.”

Then I say, “Okay, so you’ll give up your LIFE for your country but you can’t deal with a spider?”

“Pretty much. Yes.”

So yeah. It was no surprise that Tommy wasn’t thrilled to be near a spider.

We moved away from the spider.

Tommy was much happier.

And to get him to smile, all we had to do was discuss farts.

Then he did a random dance:

I have no idea what he’s doing here.

Ten-year-olds are weird.


  1. That last picture loks like some sort of karate stretch.

  2. He definitely warmed up to the camera, didn't he? :)

  3. Fabulous pictures :) I always have to discuss farts w/ Bree to get her to smile in pictures too. I usually have to pretend I farted and then make a big deal out of it. She laughs, a lot.

  4. I have a 7 year old son that's just as weird ;)

  5. Too cute!!!

    Both of our kids are weirdos (they come by it honestly).

    And, I'm the only one in the family who loves spiders, so I will catch them in a cup and send them back outside. I also love snakes, daddy long legs, lizards, frogs...pretty much everything unless it stings, or if it's a fly, roach or mosquito.

  6. He's so good looking! I was going to say cute, but he's 10. Too old for cute. Fart-talk is always good for smiles.

  7. That last picture is awesome! Bud does stuff like that in pictures. He's still young enough to let me take his picture but I only get pictures of him making crazy faces and poses. Boys!

    (And yeah, the man has to kill the spiders. I'm pretty sure it's in the Bible.)

  8. That'd be his imitation of the Karate Kid looking pensive.
    What a beautiful boy.

  9. These are great! What a cutie. Ohhh & Spencer is funny, I can totally see the hair resemblence :)

  10. BTW, your flyboy was probably taught fear of spiders in basic training. My son-in-law was in the 82nd airboure and he is DEATHLY afraid of spiders.

  11. He is so cute. Love that attitude.

  12. At least you didnt have to run into a wall

  13. The next time my oldest son reminds me that he needs a haircut, I'm going to see if telling him he looks like Spencer helps him feel any better. (We had to cut our last trip the barber shop short when someone came in with a rescued pit bull. With four kids in tow, I wasn't sticking around to see if it was a nice dog or not.)

    Does Spencer even have long hair?

  14. ..."weird" but awfully cute. You're gonna have to watch out for that one....:))

  15. I love your narrated photos of your kids. They are hilarious! And adorable, of course!

  16. I like that he's so cool with "You'll be dead before me." I probably would have cried - "Don't remind me!" Haha!

  17. HA! Loved the comment above about your not having to have run into a wall. I remember that photo series. I also loved that second to last picture best, the one with the gigantic smile. And your little Tommy is turning into a dude, huh? Still a cutie, though.


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