Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Car Dings

My poor car.

I found this on the side not to long ago.

I usually park my car on the side street. The ding is the side that’s facing the street. Kids play in the street. From hockey, to bike riders, to skateboarders….I have a sick feeling that one of them did this.

My vent?

Why didn’t someone step forward and admit their mistake?

True, it could have happened from a cart at a store. But I would have noticed that.

It just drives me insane when people don’t do the right thing. How hard is it to apologize? If I hit someone’s car, I’d SAY something.

So the point is, do the right thing. Teach your kids to do the right thing.

And let me tell you, if something like this ever happens to my husband’s truck? Heaven help the neighborhood…


  1. I can't really even tell for sure what I'm looking at. But I like all the blue. it's calming.

    I did it. Sorry.

  2. That's a descent sized ding. When we lived in an apartment, there was a huge ding in the side of my car with some red paint to go along with it. My car is silverish. I knew who the person was that did it b/c there was only one red vehicle that parked in our parking lot. They never came and said anything to me. No apology or anything. And if another vehicle is leaving their paint on your car, you know it was a hard hit.

  3. Ouch! New dings are not good.. Sorry no one fessed up :(

  4. oooohhhh that would piss me off!!!!

  5. That always sucks!! And that does get me all upset... Kids running into your car.... at least have the decency to leave a tooth behind!!

  6. I understand your point. I wonder what a reaction would be if they only say "sorry" though?

  7. Completely agree with you.
    Hopefully one of these days the offender will have a car of their own and they will get the HUGEST ding ever.
    (mean of me I know)

  8. Sadly, most people don't take the time or energy to raise their kids right. And we're ALL paying for it, one way or another.

    My kids would be tormented by guilt if they hadn't fessed up!! But then again, I'm an awesome mother.

  9. Awe man! I'm sorry, that super sucks!


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