Monday, June 18, 2012

Angry Birds and Father's Day

Tom got that for Father’s Day.

We’re into Angry Birds.

I ended up making Tom’s favorite dinner. Chicken Parm.

I also decided to come up with a list on why Tom rocks.

Top Ten Reasons Why Tom Is An Awesome Dad

10. He plays horse with the kids even though it probably hurts his shoulders. My kids have very bony butts.

9. He stayed by my side throughout their births. I mean, okay, he did make comments like, “Wow, look at the screen, you must’ve just had a BIG contraction!” and “You totally pooped when pushing,” but still.

8. He doesn’t mind when I buy the kids clothes. Well, much. Sometimes he’s like, “Uh, don’t they have enough pants?” and then I explain, “Well, yes, but not pants with flowers on them.” (For Natalie. I’d never buy pants with flowers on them for Tommy.)

7. He tells me I look beautiful almost daily even when I had baby food streaked across my cheek.

6. He changed diapers. Pee diapers, at least. He would act like he was dying whenever he did poo diapers. He’d do the whole pull the shirt over his nose thing if he had to do a poo diaper. I was like, “Really? You go into war and THIS is what scares you?”

5. He held Natalie a lot when she was newborn so I could sleep. For the first two months of her life, that was the only way she’d sleep. If someone was holding her. So he’d take her at night until she had to eat so I could sleep.

4. He’s not one of those anal people who look at all the ingredients in kid snacks. I know some stuff is bad, but moderation is the key. I’d go NUTS if he was like, “I only want my children to eat organic, unprocessed foods. At all times.”

3. He allows Natalie to dress him up. She likes to put her fancy hats and necklaces on him. It’s hilarious to see this man’s man with a pink bonnet on his head. (No pictures. He draws the line there.)

2. He helps Tommy with his video games and to put his Transformers back together. These were two things I struggled with when he was in Korea for a year. Transformers don’t click together as easily as they say and video games cheat. According to me. But Tom can figure both out easily.

1. He doesn’t hold back his affection. Ever. Even if Tom and I are arguing, if one of the kids comes up to him he always gives them a hug or kiss. Natalie is almost always in his lap as soon as he sits down.

So yeah. He’s awesome.

And my own father is pretty awesome too. Most people know that he stayed at home with me while my mom worked. Back then (ugh, I feel old) it wasn’t always the norm for men to do that so I imagine he caught lots of flack for it. But for me, it was fantastic having my Dad home. He was the cool Dad on the block, almost all the neighborhood kids wanted to play with him. It was a foreign concept to me when I’d go over and I’d see one of my friend’s mothers home. I’d be like, “Doesn’t she go to work and your Dad takes care of you?” So I had pretty high expectatiosn when I married Tom on what a good father was.

How was YOUR Father’s Day?


  1. This is a sweet list. You definitely have a keeper...& my husband said similar things when I was in labor; especially with making sure he told me I had pooped while pushing.

    We had a pretty perfect Father's Day :)

  2. Sounds like you have a great guy!

  3. Thank goodness for father's and the ability to play video games. Bud would be lost if it weren't for his father's ability to figure out what the heck you are supposed to do! (I agree that they cheat.)

    Sounds like you have a great guy!

  4. Excellant post! I had to laugh when you said video games cheat. That is exactly what my grandson used to say.

  5. Lovely list!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a sweet list! You are a lucky lady. :)

  7. Awww... how sweet!

    Hope you all had a great Father's Day!

  8. Awesome list! I don't think I'd read before that your dad stayed home and cared for you. How cool is that??!! I have been following a lot of "dad bloggers" lately and many of them are SAHDs. I have nothing for respect for them and I love to hear their stories!!

  9. What a great dad he is!

    My oldest would only sleep when someone was holding him, too and I thought I was going to lose my freaking mind.

  10. We had a great Father's Day here. My oldest left for camp that day - so we celebrated for two days :-)

    Your husband sounds like a great guy. I am constantly amazed at the patience of my husband. Dealing with dress up, My Little Pony memory games - and now with boyfriends. Especially since he grew up with 5 brothers and only 1 sister. Makes things interesting with him in a house full of women!

  11. Awesome tribute to a wonderful sounding guy.

  12. I remember your dad taking us places and getting us pizza. I remember him cooking beans a lot lol. And that time we were in your room watching a movie and he popped his head up your window when he was outside. We screamed so loud lol.

  13. Your Tom is a keeper.....sometimes the little things go the longest way. And your Dad pretty awesome too! Mine is great but not the cool dad that's for sure!! Now my hubby is a keeper too! I'd say we are both lucky! or are they!

  14. Isnt being a mom great! I love your Blog. I can't remember exactly how I found it but I sure appreciate it. Great job. I'll be following.


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