Monday, July 16, 2012

I Could Handle Gymnastics

I’ve already mentioned that I don’t think I’m cut out to be a dance mom.

But I do think I can handle being a gymnastic mom for awhile due to the following:

--no expensive costumes (yes, I know as she moves up they could get expensive but she’s just in the beginning classes for now.)

--no hair in a neat bun (I still cannot figure this out for the life of me)

--no shouting angry teacher (oops. That wasn’t real life. That was the show on Lifetime called Dance Moms. Thankfully Natalie always had a nice (normal, fit) teacher.

Anyway, we’ll probably do gymnastics until Natalie tells me she’s over it. I’m not one of those parents who force her kids to stay in things. I figure life is short, why do something you don’t enjoy?

For now, Natalie enjoys it. These are the things she got to do at the end of her first year in gymnastics:

Balance beam. Does anyone else think of the scene in Anne of Green Gables when she crosses the rooftop?

Bouncing down the trampoline.

Practicing on the bar. She loves to flip.

After all of that, she got a medal.

I’m tempted to get her this since she loves Rapunzel:

(Sold here but it’s sold out at the moment.)

Natalie has almost mastered a cartwheel so it should be interesting to see what this year of gymnastics brings.


  1. when the fun is removed for the child, what's the point of having them participate. that's what i think of that show.

  2. So glad she's still liking gymnastics! My daughter's been doing it for 5 years now and still loves it just as much as when she first started. :-)

    I totally agree with you that once they start not liking it, what's the point. That's always been my approach with my daughter. I will not force her to do it. Maybe that's why she's thrived with it.

  3. Gymnastics is so fun! I used to do it when I was little and still have great memories from my gym days. :-).

  4. Loved the mention that her gymnastics instructor is actually "fit". That Abby Lee Miller is one large and in charge lady. I don't get that scares me.

  5. I think I'm going to put my boys in gymnastics soon. They have been asking.

    That leotard is darling!

  6. I think kids are just so cute when they're doing gymnastics. I love going with my little sister to her classes when I'm visiting.

  7. LOVE the 4 year old would love that as well :)

    I haven't had my daughter in anything, mainly because we're penny pinching over here...but she hasn't seemed interested in doing much like that. I have thought about putting her on a swim team though. The kid taught herself how to swim this Summer and she's pretty freakin' good at it.

  8. That's a cute little gymnastics outfit! Looks like she loves it!

  9. How cute is she!!

    I wish I would have put Bee in gymnastics when she was younger.

  10. We just put Annabelle in gymnastics and so far she's loving it! After one class she's got the cartwheel about 65% down, which is good for my less than graceful girl:) She's also jonesin' for a medal:)

  11. Sounds like you and your daughter are both enjoying it! I'm with you - life's too short to force kids into activities they don't enjoy!

  12. Cute! My sister did gymnastics until they asked her to do a back flip and she said, screw that... well, you know, the kid version. She was done!

  13. I've got a gymnast too and it's much easier than dance, but here, the lessons are FAR more expensive!

  14. My niece refused to participate in sports. She HATED it. But then she joined gymnastics and she loves it. Now she just likes to stand on her head with her legs spread wide open. It is a little disturbing, but hey, if she likes doing it, good! Shes also into bike riding and roller coasters and all the thrill seeking stuff. Her brother on the other hand? Won't even leave the house.

  15. You have a great attitude about kid's activities!!! My kids were not big class people Never pushed.
    As to daughter had short hair for a recital and the other girls told her she could not be in recital. The teacher was reluctant, too. Finally agreed if she used lots of bobby pins. And this was in the 90's. So I see it continues.........


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