Friday, July 13, 2012

Inside Natalie's Closet: Swimsuits!

It gets hot in Oklahoma over the summer.

Really hot.

Like triple digit hot. With humidity.

This means we tend to play in water a lot to cool off. Well, I don’t. I let the kids play in water while I read with a tall glass of Diet Coke by my side.

Natalie has two swimsuits that she loves and I decided to share them.

First up is a swimsuit from one of my favorite stores, Gymboree!

Want to know what’s great about the hat?

It has antennas!

I’ve shared this next one before.

The retro swimsuit with matching swim cap from Janie and Jack. LOVE their store too, but their prices are usually too much for me. Thankfully there’s a little website called eBay. That’s generally how I get Janie and Jack clothes.

Natalie’s like, “Am I going to loose one of these teeth’s soon?”

I replied, “At some point.”

Then she was like, “I’ll have to make sure I dress up for the tooth fairy then.”

She brought over Tom’s thing that he uses to transport heavy things (the name alludes me at the moment) and was like, “A prop!”

This means that we’ve probably been watching too many episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras.

So have you been spending your summer in the water?


  1. Those swimsuits are awfully cute! I lvoe them...She is quite the little model.

  2. Those are so cute. How fun to dress up a girl!

  3. She is so stinkin' adorable!! Love the suits and the hat is precious! Oklahoma is horrible in the summer!! We were up visiting my family over the 4th and it was SO much hotter than we are used to down here in Houston. It's like walking around with a hairdryer blowing in your face all the time. Ugh.

  4. Oh my gosh those swim suits are adorable! Of course Natalie looks SO cute in them.
    Hope you guys have a fun and fabulous weekend :D

  5. We took Aubria swimming for the first time last week and she loved it.

  6. Penny has 6 swimsuits... Brandon thinks I'm crazy.

  7. Adorable!!!!

    It's a dollie! Also, a hand truck depending on who you talk to! :)

  8. I LOVE that hat! And the swimsuits.
    Yup, we've spent the summer in the water... well, the rain water, constantly getting soaking wet because it is always raining here in UK - typical British weather!

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  10. Ummm, she is so freakin' CUTE!!! Love these swimsuits!

  11. Water water everywhere for us, too. The pool, the sprinkler, whatever they can get their hands on. HOT HOT HOT across the States, my dear.

    Love the suits. Wish I looked cute in my own suit!

  12. She looks so cute. Love the red one!

  13. OMG - those suits are so cute!!


Thanks for the comment!

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