Friday, July 6, 2012

My View On Magic Mike

I know I probably should have been drooling into my popcorn or something.

But I didn’t.

In fact, I kept waiting for the moment when I was supposed to be like, “Oh, yum.”

I saw Magic Mike and honestly, I was more excited about the popcorn than the movie. There’s no doubt that the men in the film are attractive. They just aren’t my type. My type is John Krasinksi. Or Jason Segel.

My friend Angie enjoys having a pickle with her popcorn. I had to take a picture because this cracked me up considering the type of movie we were about to see:

I was surprised that there was an actual plot to the movie albeit a rather stupid one. The actress who plays the sister in the movie? Has no expression. Her tone barely changes.

Yes, there are dance moves. But here’s what bugs me. They take a new guy who can’t dance and suddenly, within 5 minutes, he can dance.

I can’t dance.

There’s no amount of teaching that can give me rhythm. So it irritates me when someone can suddenly bust a move, no problem.

The movie ends with no real finality. It’s just…over. You’re left thinking, “Uh? Is the new guy going to be okay? Will the actress who plays his sister ever be in another movie and if so, should I avoid it? How does Channing Tatum spin like that and not get dizzy?


Yeah, I made another card.

But really, I feel like I need to wash my hands whenever I handle money now.

Would I ever watch it again? No.

Do I want to go to a male strip club? No. I would be mortified if I were pulled up on stage and dry humped. What if I farted or something?

Still, it’s a fun movie to watch with friends.

But really, wash your hands after you handle money.

Especially dollar bills.


  1. I don't think Channing Tatum is especially hot either, so I'm not rushing out to see the movie. Not that I can, with this baby and all!

  2. I think going to see a movie where Matthew McConaughey & Channing Tatum play male strippers is a fun though, but honestly, I don't think I'd waste my money (unless it's sweaty stripper thong ones) on going to see it. I just drool at the pictures, although, Channing Tatum has a rather large head...his body isn't half bad. But I've always been a McConaughey fan :)

    Still, I've heard a lot of people say that the storyline was stupid...and I reply with a "duh". There just can't be that much to a stripper story.

  3. I went to see it with my sis-in-law and it was a super fun girl's night kinda movie. Plot was unnecessary and sort of interfered in the whole point of the movie, honestly. I have waited many many years to finally get to watch Matthew McConaughey strip!

    With that said, it was a silly movie. Of course!! It's about Male Strippers. My sis-in-law and I laughed our heads off through the whole thing! I couldn't imagine going to see one of these shows "live" - how embarrassing for everyone! I think Channing Tatum's character summed it up perfectly when the Kid's sister says she thought it was a joke, "Well, it is pretty funny."

  4. Love the pickle picture. That is hilarious. I have to admit, I do want to see this movie!

  5. My daughter just left to see with her friend....can't wait to see what to 18 years think! I agree with the hand washing money ...yuck!

  6. I thought the same thing about the spinning. I kept waiting for him to fall off the stage but no, then he went and did some kind of break dancing.

    And the ending...wth? Whatever happened to closure?

    I too thought the guys were soso. Definitely didn't walk out of there all hot and bothered.

  7. Ha!

    And ew. I just touched money... washing hands now.

  8. I was going to go and just tell Phin I was seeing the new Soderberg movie, because I was always a huge fan, but now I don't know. Sounds like it might be best seen on Netflicks, when I'm home alone. With a pickle.

  9. The pickle has me cracking up!

    I still haven't seen it. I kinda prefer my own imagination :-)

  10. The pickle made my day.

    I'm going to see MM tonight with a group of girls from our local newspaper's mommy group. We're not expecting much, so it looks like our expectations will be met ;)

    Eh, it was a good motivation to schedule a girls' night out. Movie, popcorn, dessert afterward... we don' need no steenken' plot!

  11. Ha! I haven't seen the movie and really have no desire to. Strippers have never been my thing.

    And I've always thought about that when I handle dollar bills! Eww.

  12. I didn't hear good things either. I don't get the drooling, I mean there are much more attractive men that have clothes on.

    Also I'm now going to have to launder my money on purpose. ;)

  13. ack! now i'm going to be even MORE OCD about my money.

  14. I just wish the movie was 2 hours of him dancing. That boy can move!

  15. Thank you for ruining money for me. I never thought that was possible, but I've also never stopped to think about all the places that money could have been. *Sigh* ;)

  16. I figured I could wait for DVD. As for the dollar thing, I always wash my hands. After working in retail for a few years I have seen money pulled out of many places it should not be.

  17. I found it to be a sad movie. I felt so bad for the people caught up in that kind of life.

    I liked the dancing parts. Not the nudity though. Channing can really move!

    Matthew M. kinda came off smelly and a tad goofy.

    It was kinda like watching a could just fast forward to the action!

    The actress playing the sister shouldn't quit her day job!

  18. Maybe the movie would have been more enjoyable after a few drinks. Works for me. But no amount of alcohol makes movie theater popcorn palatable to me. I think that's the real shame. The decline of popcorn at the movies.

  19. I have not seen it. I was invited to go, but I was out of town. My sister... well, you and she are kindred spirits. She could have written this post! She felt the same exact way!

  20. Unfortunately I've always felt that way about money even before Magic Mike, you just can't ever trust where money has been.

  21. I haven't seen it and really am not planning to. Thanks for your synopsis! :D I think I am in the minority in not caring in the least about spending $20 for some guy to shake his balls. <--really not attractive even if the rest of him is

    Maybe that means I am totally and completely satiated in my own bedroom *ahem* I'd much rather stuff money in Irishman's pants (and then still get to spend it HAAAAA)

  22. I thought I was the only one!!! The dialogue seemed like it belonged on a reality TV show instead of a scripted film. My friend and I were blushing through too many parts, and thought it was going to be a light hearted movie...instead it was drugs and titty shots (really, in a MALE stripper movie, why have female nudity??) All my coworkers loved it...and I wanted my money back.
    And the sister was HORRIBLE! You described her perfectly!

  23. thank you. I will never look at another dollar bill the same. lol

    I haven't seen Magic Mike. I'm not much on seeing male strippers anyway.
    It just doesn't do much for me seeing a man wiggle and dance on stage.

  24. I haven't seen it yet and probably won't until it comes out on DVD. But I will most certainly watch it then.

  25. I watched the movie and sat there wondering why the heck was I there....

  26. A) So glad I'm Canadian. We don't have singles. (Wait a minute...does that mean the fives in my wallet have been down a thong? *scrubbing with Purell*)
    B) I eschewed Magic Mike in favour of Ted. Because Mark Wahlberg is delicious.
    C) John Krasinski and Jason Segal are your dream celeb crushes? ME TOO! *squeal* Which leads me to ask: Are you a Joe girl as well? (As in NKOTB)

  27. Oh gross. Thanks for the $1 bill imagery.
    My husband favors Jason segel!

    Channing Tatum is cute and all but this movie was such trash. Like the coyote ugly for women. And you're right. No freaking plot at all!


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