Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shoes Glorious Shoes

“Amber,” Tom said, frowning. “I have a question.”

“Yes?” I replied. Maybe he was going to ask if I wanted to go to Panera Bread and get one of those flower sugar cookies that I love.

“Why does Natalie have so many shoes?” He was staring at the shoe organizer in confusion. He was holding 4 pairs of Natalie’s shoes.

“Because,” I said. “She’s a girl. And each shoe coordinates with a different outfit.”

Tom blinked at me in confusion. It was like I had responded in Swahili.

“But these are both black shoes. Why does she need two pairs of black shoes?” Tom asked.

“Oh, one pair are Mary Janes. Perfect for dresses. The others are ballet flats. More casual. You know?”

From the look on Tom’s face it was clear that he didn’t know. Not one bit.

“No more shoes, okay?” he finally said.

It’s probably best that he hasn’t seen her closet. Because…



In my defense, I got them all at Target when they were marked down to 70% off. It would have been a crime NOT to buy them for that price.

It’s also a good thing Tom didn’t notice there were shoes stored behind Natalie’s door.


Also bought on sale at Target for 70% off.

They’re a mixture of sizes, by the way. One never knows when a child’s foot will grow. It’s best to be prepared, right?

Natalie has more shoes than Tom and I combined. I am missing the shoe gene for myself. I only wear two pairs of footwear: my black flip flops or my Sketcher Shape Ups that promise to tone my ass. That’s it. I mean, I do have heels shoved back in my closet that I rarely wear because I can’t walk in them properly. Plus, why spend life uncomfortable?

No, my shoe gene went to Natalie. I can’t get over how precious tiny girl shoes are.

You know, it could be worse.

I could buy a giant metal chicken named Beyonce like The Bloggess.

I think we’d be friends. We’re both passionate about our purchases.

She’d understand buying shoes for 70% off, I’m sure.


  1. Ever since I was a kid, I've been obsessed with baby shoes. The tinier the better. So my kids all have tons of size 0-1 shoes, which they rarely wore/wear. As they've gotten older, I've gotten more practical, and now they each have sandals, tennis shoes, and dress shoes. That's it.

    My 2.5-y.o. son's feet are now larger than my 3.5-y.o. daughter's feet, so he gets new shoes more often than she does. She's been in sixes for over a year now. I should probably buy her some new shoes, but what if she finally hits a growth spurt?

    And I love the Bloggess! I'm sure she'd totally understand your purchases.

  2. Gawd, I love the Bloggess. And I was in NYC a couple of months ago looking out from the balcony of my hotel down onto an apartment building and on the person's deck was a freaking Beyonce. I took a photo of it and I need to send it to the Bloggess. I want to read her book as well.

    I love shoes and purses and I have plenty of both but I find myself wearing the same pair every day of summer. Perhaps I need to lay off the purchases of footwear given I just stare at them in my closet and don't get around to wearing them.

  3. Men just don't understand the need for so many shoes. My husband insists that sneakers are best in every situation.

  4. Men are clueless...but the problem is little girls that like shoes grow up and then 70 % almost never happens and you end up with a shoe whore and broke! Only speaking from experience here!

  5. I have a love of shoes for me. While I would love to buy a million pairs of shoes for my daughter, I just hate when she grows out of them when she's hardly worn them.

  6. Sorry, looking at those photos I have to agree with Tom. No more shoes.

  7. I love the Bloggess.

    I don't have the shoe gene either, but I sure do like looking at them!

  8. I've seen that giant metal chicken called Beyoncee. The bloggess is funny sometimes :)

    The shoe genes missed me completely. My 8 yr old niece insists on getting high heeled black boots. I think SHE's got the gene, times two. Poor girl.

  9. I completely agree that a girl can never have too many shoes. Why don't men understand this?

  10. Penny has no shoes... not that she needs any at this point. But I'm itching to buy some!

    Thanks for participating in our Wednesday Walkabout!

  11. Bah. I have only black shoes. Like fifteen pair of black boots, eight pair of black sandals...girls need shoes.

  12. Natalie is a girl after my own heart. I got a great big hefty dose of that shoe gene! Tom would be in complete disbelief if he saw my closet.

  13. This is a girl thing. He is not ALLOWED to understand. It is also why I have boys. Because I want all the shoes to MYSELF!

  14. Ha! My boys have two pairs of shoes each: a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of flip-flops. I'd probably buy them more except ... they don't care. And if they don't care, I'm not spending the money!

  15. Now that is a good shoe collection!

  16. I totally want a chicken like that!

  17. Just tell Tom that he should be thankful that you don't have the shoe gene too. Because he would die, simply DIE, if he saw all the shoes in my closet (at last count in the mid-90's).

  18. Yeah I think my daughter has more shoes than I do also. But yet, so does my husband...;)

  19. Oh girl, you'd better keep that under wraps.

  20. Here's hoping Tom doesn't read the blog.

    My mom got my shoe gene for my kids. She loves to buy them shoes. I wish they had a pair of sandals, tennis shoes and shoes for church, but not that lucky!

  21. Love it!! My kiddo doesn't have that many shoes, but I really like the door organizer for them...methinks this will be in my kidlet's future.

  22. My daughter's shoe collection is slowly starting to be the same.
    Thank you so much for exposing me to that metal chicken blog post. It made my day.


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