Friday, August 10, 2012

The Proper Way To Store Sunglasses

I’m sorry, but I can’t have a conversation with someone if they have their sunglasses on their forehead.

Like this:

(Only people rig their sunglasses so nothing holds them up. They just SIT there. By themselves.)

Since the sun has been extra bright, a lot of people keep their sunglasses close. Normal people prop them up on TOP of their heads.

Some folks, as I mentioned above, want to be rebels and put theirs like this:

Doesn’t that bug them? Don’t they feel the glasses pressing into their temples? Do they think they look cool?

Is anyone else tempted to slide their glasses on top of their heads like a normal human being?

Or am I just weird?

It’s just so distracting! Tom had a work BBQ not to long ago and one of his friends came over to talk. His glasses were just sitting there ON HIS FOREHEAD and I couldn’t even carry on a conversation properly. I kept wanting to say, “Excuse me, sir? Can you fix your sunglasses? Or are you shielding another pair of eyeballs?”

It’s especially fun when people have their sunglasses on the back of their heads:

Celebrities do this a lot.

Men do this a lot.

Yes, I want to fix the sunglasses. Or be like, “Do you have a face on the back of your head now? Har, har, har.”

Let’s stop bugging other human beings.

Sunglasses go like this:

Not like this:

Or this:



  1. HAHA! Love this post! I have no clue how they get their sunglasses to balance like that.. I haven't personally seen it, so maybe it is a fad where you are at? I hope it doesn't make its way here. It would drive me bonkers too.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Or when they have them hanging on the back of their neck as though the neck has eyeballs? HOW do they not just fall off? I have trouble keeping them on top of my head. I can't imagine trying to keep them affixed to my forehead. Silly...very very silly! Besides, you either want to wear them or you don't. Right?! kinda worked up there. Must need more coffee

  3. I'm not sure I've ever had someone approach me while wearing sunglasses on their forehead. I bet now it will happen all the time and I will be equally annoyed!

  4. If someone where to walk up to me like that I would definitely be staring at the glasses and not paying attention to the conversation. People are weird. (You? You are hilarious.)

  5. I'm with you - when you're not using them, I like them best on top of my head... it's like a makeshift headband!

  6. Oh man this made me laugh out loud! I stare at them on the forehead too - I can't figure out ohw on earth you can make them stay like that, and it looks dumb. Seriously guys,top of the head, or somewhere else. Not your forehead.

  7. HILARIOUS!!!!!
    I love it.
    I need to remember to try that. Pretty sure I wouldn't lose them.

  8. Hahaha! I agree. That drives me nuts too. Especially putting them on the back of the head.

  9. I have never seen anyone put their sunglasses on their forehead or the backs of their head. So weird.

  10. hhahahaha - Oh how I agree with you!
    Do celebrities really wear them on the backs of their heads? I hope this isn't a new fad because I will always think it looks stupid. Just like the baggy pants that show underwear. I mean, how long is that silly style going to hang around?

  11. I think I have to agree with you on this. It just looks stupid when you have sunglasses on your forehead.

  12. Drives me nuts when people have their sunglasses on a string thing, hanging down, but not in the front of their body - hanging down their BACK!

  13. Guy Fieri does that sunglasses on the back of his head thing and whenever I catch Diners, Drive ins and Dives, I want to crawl through the television and slap him silly.

  14. Too cute...I hate when people put them around their necks...not the proper way either!

  15. This made me laugh - though I've never seen anyone actually wear their sunglasses like that! But I'm glad to hear I'm doing it right ;)

  16. Cute photos! And thank you I hate when people do that!

  17. Na is cute wherever the sunglasses are


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