Friday, September 7, 2012

Stung By A Bee

So Natalie and I were just about to walk into her school when she yelped, “Ouch! It bit me!”

I was thinking, “Huh? What bit you?” I wasn’t completely with it seeing as I was half asleep. I am not a morning person.

Natalie lifted up her shirt and a bee comes flying out. Then she burst into tears saying that her stomach hurt.

She had been stung.

People passed us and most didn’t seem keen on having to hear a five-year-old wail. They probably assumed she didn’t want to go to school. That couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. Natalie loves school.

It was just a mean bee had stung her.

I hate bees. I always have. This is why. My Mom is always like, “But they pollinate and blah blah blah..” That’s nice and all but they also STING. Therefore I shout and act like a wimp when I see one around me. Yes, I have ran around my yard in a panic when I thought a bee had landed on me. I do leap out of chairs if one gets too close.


And now I hate them even more for hurting my kid.

I lifted up Natalie’s shirt and saw a red welt.

“Please don’t be allergic,” I muttered.

I didn’t think she would be. She’s not allergic to anything as far as I know. I’ve been stung before and was fine. Tom has been stung before and was fine. Tommy never has, but he’s just a lucky kid. He’s rarely hurt.



Let’s see.

She had a cyst on her leg that got bad enough for us to have to go to the hospital for a couple of days.

Then she got cut in her side and had to get those liquid stitches.

She got a hole in her head when she crashed into the corner of a wall. Had to get two staples to close them up.

Right before PreK started she landed straight on her face and got a gross bruise.

The kid…she’s hurt a lot.

And now she was stung.

“That bee was mean,” Natalie sniffled. She had calmed down, which I was impressed with. I thought she’d carry on for a bit. She seemed more affronted that the bee had dared to sting HER.

“Can you see my fingers? Are you okay?” I asked, wiggling my fingers at her. Oh please don’t let her be allergic.

“I can see,” Natalie said, wiping her face. “I need an ice pack from the nurse!”

Yes folks, she’s fallen down enough at school that she knows what an ice pack is.

I brought her to the nurse’s office and explained what happened. She checked the wound and saw that there was no stinger, which was a good thing. It was just red. She made Natalie an ice pack and handed it over.

We waited for ten minutes to make sure Natalie didn’t have a reaction. She didn’t. Phew.

I walked her to class and told her teacher what happened.

“A bee stung me!” Natalie said and lifted up her shirt. “Hey kids. A bee stung me!”

Well. Clearly she was okay.

Want to know what’s amusing about this whole story?

This is what she was wearing:

Clearly, the bee was not amused.


  1. Poor thing! Those HURT!! I think she was pretty brave, personally. Had to laugh at the "bee" outfit!!!

  2. She is a brave girl! Those things can hurt. It is pretty ironic she was stung while wearing a shirt with a bee on it.

  3. O how painful! And scary when you don't know if they are going to be allergic or not. Glad she was ok!

  4. The irony of her outfit is hilarious, but poor thing getting stung! I'm glad she's okay and not allergic.

  5. I couldn't help but chuckle about the outfit and you saying that the bee clearly was not amused!
    So glad that she is okay and didn't have an allergic reaction. Bee stings hurt!

  6. Clearly, the bee definitely wasn't amused, LOL! But I am so glad Natalie is okay! :)

  7. What a brave wee thing she is! Those suckers hurt! (Do you think she'll want to wear those clothes again?)

  8. I am so glad she didn't have a reaction. Hannah got stung for the first time during the last 20 minutes of her first day of kindergarten last year. The only relief is knowing they are not allergic!

  9. Must have been a bully bee...clearly one with no fashion sense! Gah! I hate those!

  10. Poor Natalie! Bees are very mean. I'm glad she bounced back quickly though.

  11. Poor baby girl but I love her outfit even if that mean ole bee didn't! Ha ha!

  12. We live in the burbs of Atlanta - where college football reigns. And we have the rivalry of the Georgia Bulldogs and the GA Tech Yellow Jackets. My husband went to tech. I went to UGA. My girls have shirts from both colleges. BUT neither will wear the UGA stuff anymore as the only time either of them have been stung is when they were wearing bulldog clothes. And it's happened more than once. :-)

  13. I've never been stung, knock on wood!

  14. poor Natalie!! but the irony of the outfit is amazing

  15. I remember you jumping around like crazy. I also remember getting stung before hurts a lot.

  16. Bee's really are mean. I feel like they know you hate them and fear them and they come right after you!

    I also wanted to let you know I that nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award”

    I know you are not new at blogging but I just love your blog so! I mean really I spend most days reading your post just laughing.

  17. so glad she's not allergic. I hate bees too. I run and scream when they fly near me. So pathetic LOL

  18. Well, her shirt DOES say to "Bee in Fashion" ... perhaps the bee was just taking it too literally? You know, bee IN fashion? :)

    Seriously though, I'm glad she wasn't allergic but sorry she got stung in the first place. Those things hurt!

  19. Oh noooo. I hate bees too and get angry as a mother bear when my kids get stung. Glad she wasn't allergic - that is always the bad part when a child gets stung for the first time. Because you never know until it happens. Cute shirt!

  20. Glad she's not allergic! This made me think of Thomas Jay from My Girl. Which makes me wonder, why don't they ever play that movie on TV?

  21. Haha! I think it's cute. Darn bees and their lack of humor. Glad she wasn't allergic.

  22. How does your writing just flow so beautifully? I love your stories! :) That outfit was beyond the best part. So funny!

  23. Oh no, how scary. Son got stung by a bee between his eyebrows, thankfully he is tough and wasn't . You have a brave girl, just love that outfit.
    stopping from SITS SHAREFEST, have a great weekend


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