Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: No iPhone 5

I’m not going to lie, I’m drooling a bit over the iPhone 5.

I’m incredibly jealous of the people who have one.

I was watching the news and a little girl who couldn’t have been older than ten lifted her new iPhone 5 to the camera and announced, “My friends are going to be jealous.”

I’m jealous!

How does a CHILD have an iPhone 5 before I do?

Then again, the segment was shot in New York. Tons of rich kids wander New York and get whatever they want. Must be nice.

I so wish I could get an iPhone 5 but I have to wait. For, you know, funds. I could get it now but my kids are accustomed to eating every night.

So I will wait.

And who knows, maybe Santa will get me one.


  1. Oh, the sacrifices we make as moms. Just think of all the character you're developing by waiting. So much patience.

    Good luck. I hope you get one sooner than you expect.

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day.

  2. I want one too. The whole needing to eat thing is just getting in the way.

  3. I guess I am on the other side of this- I don't care about the iPhone 5. I have a working iPhone (4) and my husband has the 4S. As long as it works, I'll stick with the 4 and only upgrade to the new iPhone when mine breaks.

  4. my DH texted me on my non-smart phone the other day: "I'm bringing home an iphone for you."
    What? Really? I was floored -- I mean, yes, the eating and clothing 3 kids on one salary thing. I thought, OMGosh, he's robbed a bank. Just because I coveted the 5.

    Well, he did come home with an iphone - but it was his coworker who got the new 5...and gave me his old 3.
    So still technically behind the times, but at least on board with a smarter phone. I'll take it and count my blessings.
    And canned goods.

  5. I excited to buy an ipone 5 when the 6 is out like I've done all the other times. $99 is still a lot for a phone...but it's not $299. :)

  6. holy crap, a 10ish year old with an iphone?! My 9 year old keeps asking for a cell phone, but Even if money wasn't an issue (and it is..sigh) I don't think kids need a cell phone. Ugh, it just irks me. She's also asking about makeup...freaking A, stop trying to grow up so fast!

  7. "Dear Santa, I have been a good girl all year. Please bring me an iPhone 5 and also world peace."

    Christmas is less than three months away, it could happen!

  8. I wonder all the time about all the cool shit I would have if I didn't have to buy food. When you think about it, it seems like such a waste of money- why would I buy cereal when I could be buying more nail polish? Grrr.


  9. What the hell's wrong with your kids wanting to eat every night? Don't they care about you? I think they could skip maybe two dinners a week. Hope you get your phone soon!

  10. I'm pretty sure Santa blogs - he seems the type, with that stay-at-home physique and the half-moon spectacles. :)

    It's only a matter of time, now...

  11. Ah, the joys of eating every night. When I was a child we were in the midst of the Depression of 1929-30's, I didn't know what it was to eat every night, sometimes not every day. I still don't have an Iphone but that's okay; I am eating every day. Ha. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

  12. Only if your two years are up and you sign for a new two year contract.

  13. iPhone - smiPhone. As you can tell, I've not been Appletized yet.

    All I can say about the 10 year old with one - can you say "spoiled rotten?"

    My 18 year old doesn't even have a smart phone (of any sort) yet. A 10 year old? Please. Wouldn't happen in this house. Even if I had the funds.

  14. I haven't even looked at the new one. I'm so in love with my 4s that I'm sure I'll be contended for the rest of my life.
    I waited for a long time to get an iphone.

  15. Why does a 10 year old even need an iphone! gah!

  16. I'm pretty "old school", or perhaps just OLD, when it comes to phones. I think they should be simple to use and be used to make and receive phone calls. And that's it. Not text, not take photos, not to make movies, not to listen to music, not to surf the internet. Just phone calls. Those new phones? I don't even know how to answer them!!!

    So I'm not jealous, lol!

  17. LOL thats to funny, you know i just got my first smart phone at 32 years old and sent my first text message ever a month ago. My MOTHER texted before I did! ;)

  18. I heard the new iphone 5 has a 'Do Not Disturb' button. I want it just for that! My husband says just don't answer your phone/text. Who does that?!? LOL.

  19. O yes, I really hope Santa wins the lotto before chrismast, then I might also get an iPhone .... nothing wrong with dreaming this there!

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