Monday, October 1, 2012

And Then There Was The Macarena

“Wait a minute. Natalie got student of the month? I didn’t get student of the month. Does that mean I’m a bad student?” Tommy asked, worried.

“No, Tommy. Not at all. She just happened to be selected. You’re still a good student,” I assured him.

He still didn’t look convinced. “But…I don’t understand. The boy who got it in my class is not good. He talks a lot and got a 50 on the last State quiz. I don’t talk and I got a 100 on the State quiz.” Tommy scratched his head, looking puzzled.

“It’s the teacher’s decision. Maybe that boy helped another kid out,” I explained.

“I just don’t get it,” Tommy said again. Because of his Aspergers, he tends to latch onto things.

There was an assembly to celebrate Natalie’s award on Friday. When Tommy saw the paper about it he sighed. “I still don’t get this. Are you sure it doesn’t mean I’m not a good student?”

“You’re an excellent student,” I promised.

“Is Natalie better than me?” Tommy asked.

“No! You guys are both wonderful.”

It went on and on. I have to be patient with him. I know he truly doesn’t comprehend things. He still doesn’t understand small talk.

Anyway, I went to the assembly and holy crap, the gym that we all had to squeeze into got hot. And there was a group of Koreans sitting behind me speaking in their language and I always get paranoid that when a group of people are together not speaking English, that they’re talking about me. I kept patting my hair down. Maybe they were remarking on my greys. I haven’t gotten my hair colored in awhile because it’s so BORING to just sit there…

Tommy’s class walked in and I waved probably a little too eagerly. “Hi! Hiiii!”

He gave me a small wave and a Look that said, “Chill out.”

It’s just, I wanted him to see that I was still excited to see HIM even though I was there for Natalie’s award.

The rest of the classes filtered in. I began to get a little bored. When I’m bored I play the game, “What brand are the children wearing?” And I’m not a snob or anything, I swear. It’s just something to pass time. So I’d be like, “That’s Justice. That’s Gymboree. That’s Gap. Oh, that’s The Children’s Place. I saw that outfit in Kohls. Oh, there’s one from Target. Very cute. Must get.”

Natalie’s class was one of the last ones in. She didn’t notice me right away. Her eyes scanned the bleachers and didn’t land on me. I saw a moment of panic.

“Natalie!” I hissed. I don’t know why I hissed. It wasn’t like the assembly had started. But I didn’t want to be the crazy mom. Although I guess I sort of was thanks to my spastic hello to my son.

“Natalie!” I waved frantically and that’s when she noticed me.

“You came!” she shouted, a wide smile on her face

Of course I came. I’m not one of those types that say I’ll do something and then don’t. She kept turning around after she sat down. She whispered to the girl beside her and then pointed at me.

I tried to get a picture but, well, it was crowded.

Then she noticed Tommy and started pointing at him. Tommy gave her a quick wave and then promptly ignored her.

I did like when the assembly started that everyone stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance. I hate that some schools have taken it out. I’m not terribly religious but sheesh, leave the pledge alone.

After the pledge, the kids all started doing the Macarena. Yes, the dance! I was like, “Uh?” And then I hoped we weren’t meant to join in, because there was no way I was going to join in. For one, I have no rhythm. Two, I never really got the Macarena. Was it hands, shoulders, hips, turn? Or…something else? Some kids were really good. Others just stood there. Tommy just stood there. I don’t blame him. Natalie just hopped around.

Later, she got her award.

I’m glad she didn’t stand in the line and pick her nose like that blond boy.

I’m also glad I didn’t name my kid Bishop. Seriously, someone named their kid Bishop.

I managed to get a better shot when Natalie got home:

And then she promptly ate the candy that was in her bag because thankfully, she goes to a school that allows cupcakes. And tootsie rolls.


  1. She looks very proud!

  2. Cupcakes!
    Congratulations Na! Great work!
    And congrats Mom, good work raising them!

  3. I feel bad for Tommy... I've been affected by things like that my whole life. What if YOU gave him an award for being the best son? or is he too old for that?

    Natalie is so cute! :)

  4. I get Tommy, I really do. My son would have done the EXACT same thing. We have STAR awards here and, Lord, the upheaval when Lizzy got the award and he didn't. It got so bad I had to e-mail his teacher so she could give him one a week or so later. Longest few weeks of my life....

  5. Congrats to Natalie! Too bad they don't have "Student of the Week" to give more kids a chance. I'm sure Tommy deserves it!

  6. I do the same thing with baby girl clothes now.

    Congrats to Natalie and to Tommy! I'm sure they have both been working hard.

  7. Great pic of a cute girl. Love the outfit, too!


Thanks for the comment!

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