Friday, October 12, 2012

Sold Out?!

Here was the plan: surprise the kids and take them to see Hotel Transylvania. They had no idea where we were going when we told them to load up into the truck. Tommy whined, as he always does, because he prefers to stay home.

“You’ll like this,” I promised.

“If this is Target, I won’t,” he muttered. It was like a dagger to my heart. Who couldn’t love Target?!

We pulled up at the movie theater and I was like, “Guess what we’re going to see?”

Natalie said, “A movie!” She didn’t seem to care about WHAT movie. She was just eager to see a movie.

“We’re seeing Hotel Transylvania!” I trilled.

“Oh, good. I was worried you had taken us to see Frankenweenie. That just looks weird,” Tommy said.

“It’s in BLACK and WHITE!” Natalie chimed in, horrified. “No color.” She pressed her palm to her lips. She would have not survived the 1950s.

We went inside the theater. It was filled with people. But, no matter, we arrived 30 minutes before the movie was due to start. We were okay. Tom went to stand in line for the tickets. I went to get our food. I got us a medium popcorn, a large soda, water for the kids, and two nachos. Yes, the total made me want to cry a little bit, but it’s a movie theater, land of the six dollar pretzel.

“The movie is sold out,” Tom said, coming up beside me—right as I had ordered everything!

“What? It can’t be. We’re early. We’re in a recession. Nothing should be sold out,” I replied.

“It’s sold out,” Tom repeated, pointing to a white sign under Hotel Transylvania that said CURRENT SHOW SOLD OUT.

“That can’t be!” I said again as the worker slid over all my food.

Tom rubbed his temples. “I’m not going to argue with you. It’s SOLD OUT.”

I shoved the nachos at him and marched over to the ticket area.

“Is the 210 showing REALLY sold out?” I asked the lady. Maybe they meant the show BEFORE that one.

“Yup,” she said, snapping her gum. She was a bored teenager probably thinking, “You shoulda been here an hour ago if you wanted tickets.” (And these tickets weren’t matinee prices either. They were still full price!)

But I didn’t know that! Seriously, we were in a recession. All I kept hearing was how poor people were and how no one has money to do anything because of rising gas prices. Clearly, they were mistaken. I never believe things are as dire as they say because every place I go, it’s BUSY. When we go to Disney World in June, I can almost bet it’ll be packed to the brim.

“Oh well,” Tom said. “It happens.” Nothing really phases Tom. How could be so calm? We had a plan!

“People are supposed to be poor! The only reason why WE can afford to be here is because we sold clothes at Once Upon A Child! Is everyone here rich or living beyong their means?” I hissed.

Tom blinked at me. “I don’t know. The show is sold out so let’s go.”

I refused. I said we’d just have to see the 3D version which started in…well, two hours. But I would not leave. Especially when we had a bunch of movie food.

“You are so stubborn,” Tom groaned, but he agreed to stay. Luckily the movie theater we were at had a diner in it so we sat there and ate our food.

“This is just….annoying,” I grumbled, dumping my SnoCaps into my popcorn. I took a big handful and shoved it in my mouth. Mmm. That was better.

We also ordered cheese fries from the diner because I figured cholesterol no longer counted after the fifth unhealthy thing you’ve consumed for the day.

So we waited. And waited. And waited.

Then we decided to see if the theater was opened. And it was. The movie didn’t start for another hour…and there were already people in there waiting!

The heck?

We got good seats, and I’m glad we got there early because the theater started to fill up. As in, nearly sold out. The only seats open were the ones in the first two rows. And this was a 3D version, which means extra expensive.


“Maybe all these other people come from money. They might have a family like the one on Downton Abbey. Or maybe their family member wrote a popular song and they share the royalties,” I whispered to Tom.

“Or maybe they have jobs that pay better than the military,” he added.

True. For all Tom does, he’s paid in peanuts, which makes NO sense. Wouldn’t you want the people defending your country to be paid well?

Anyway, for all the waiting we had to do, I was impressed with how patient the kids were. No one even complained. Probably because we kept shoving fatty foods at them.

“Here. Have some Sno Cap popcorn! Want a nacho?”

The movie ended up being funny and the kids loved the 3D aspect of it. I hope they relished in it all because odds are, we won’t be able to afford a 3D version for a long time. Still, it was a good time.

And, before the movie, they showed a preview for an awesome movie called Wreck It Ralph. We are SO going to see it.

Only this time we’ll come an HOUR early so it’s not sold out again.


  1. bahaha I love your determination! also snocaps and popcorn? GENIUS! I'm a milkduds and popcorn girl myself :)

  2. I'm sorry but I have to admit that I did get a giggle from your misfortune. Not because it happend to you but just because I know exactly how you felt. O my word and are movie snacks not expensive! Going to the movies with the kids plus snacks cost us more than a good night out (adults only, and luckily I'm a cheap drunk) ....

  3. I haven't been to a movie theater forever...I love the comfort of my own home and in my pjs but I don't have snocaps and buttery popcorn! Wreck it Ralph does look good!

  4. I am not looking forward to the day when I have to pay for two kids and their snacks at a movie. I am cheap, and only buy a drink when I go to a movie. I understand the theater only makes money off concessions, but it is starting to get ridiculous.

  5. Can you buy your tickets online? We can do that here... and you can buy the ticket days in advance. Which is why it gets "sold out" so fast before people actually get to the theater around here.

  6. Oh, and ask if your concession stand offers free refills on popcorn.

  7. I use Fandango for popular movies, and buy them almost a week in advance if I'm going opening weekend. That way I know we'll get to see the movie we want to see.

  8. snowcap popcorn? that was the most perplexing thing in this post!

  9. I rarely see movies on the weekends anymore. It is just too busy and people can be so annoying during movies. Best day, is late afternoon Monday or before noon mon-wed.

  10. Check to see if your movie theater allows you to buy your tickets online!! Then you have them and don't have to wait in line to buy them!

  11. We got lucky living in a small town, not many people really go to the theater so we were able to get there a little before hand and have plenty of time to buy tickets. I don't think any showing here has ever been sold out.

  12. "Wouldn’t you want the people defending your country to be paid well? "

    YES. and all our security forces, police, firefighters, etc. It's deplorable, and I'm so sorry he's paid so little.

  13. OMG I swear we are the same on this one. I took Caleb today and its was 40$ TOTAL for tickets and we did it a "movie tavern" and did lunch there as well - - crazy in price! BUT a great cartoon, we loved it

  14. Most likely they are living beyond their means!
    Glad you ended up having a good time. It would have been totally miserable if you would have hated the movie.

  15. lol I would have been the exact same way! You know if you tried to pile the kids back in the truck it would have been a very agonizing ride home HAHA

  16. Maybe those people were looking at the four of you wondering the same thing: 3D tickets and all of that food?
    Yes, Fandango and get tickets in advance.


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