Thursday, October 4, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Monolopy at McDonalds

It’s back!

Monopoly at McDonalds.

Yes, we frequent there often. Like once a week. Sometimes twice if it’s a hard week (read: something that I’ve cooked burnt.) I’m always in awe of the people who never get fast food and in a way, I sort of want to slip their children a fry. But I wouldn’t, because people can make their own choices, even though it’s the wrong one in my eyes. My parents mainly gave me healthy food. The second I was out of their home, I went wild. And by wild, I don’t mean drinking and partying. I mean I ran to the store and got like every box of Little Debbie snacks available. It can backfire, people.

But that’s not my point.

My point is, Monopoly is back. And each year I write a blog entry saying that THIS IS THE YEAR THAT I WILL WIN SOMETHING.

And each year it never happens.

Last year the only thing I won was a small drink. I was insulted. I give McDonalds a substantial amount of money and THAT’S my reward? I couldn’t even get a BURGER? Or a free milkshake? And then you hear on the news how some person found a game piece in the TRASH and it ends up being a winner. Like the $50,000 winner.

Not. Fair!

Still, I haven’t lost hope. Maybe this is my year. After all, it’s the 20th year of the Monopoly game. Maybe that means something. So far, it’s already been a step up from last year. I’ve won a free quarter pounder with cheese AND a free medium fries. Guess what I’m having for lunch this week?

Yes, I enter my codes online. If someone doesn’t want their codes, I will take them. I’m serious. My e-mail is

If I win something, well, I can’t promise that I’ll share because honestly, I’ve been playing this game for YEARS and I feel I’m due for a big win.

And also, because I’m at McDonalds every week.

(Their new pumpkin shake is quite tasty.)


  1. Not fair we don't have that at our McDonalds! and I would know we go there as often as you. (see no judgement from me)

  2. The other day Curtis and the kids got drinks or shakes or something with those Monopoly tabs on them. Colin won a Quarter Pounder. And Cameron was all, "Mommy, I lost my tab, but it said 'VACATION' on it!" It would SO be my luck for him to have, like, instantly won a trip somewhere and then lose the stinkin' tab ....

  3. you crack me up! and make me realize I haven't had mcd's in months. which is weird because I love their french fries.

  4. I always tried to do the monopoly thing but would get frustrated after getting the same dang pieces so frequently.

  5. Oh Monopoly...the bane of my existence. One year my roommates and I pulled our tabs together to win something. We grabbed snack between classes as often as we could, but still no win. Womp womp.

  6. I think I would be more involved in the monopoly thing if I ever heard sho won the big prizes. I have little faith they even exist!
    Oh but I do love me some McDonald's!

  7. I love the Monopoly game, but I haven't been to McDonald's yet to play. I should go grab a meal this weekend. I never win anything, but like you I think every year I will win something big.

  8. I haven't had McDonald's in awhile... well, you know we eat healthy, but if I have the option, I'm headed to Chick Fil A.

  9. hehe when I was younger I would collect them and put them on the board, the whole thing. Who doesnt love mcd's monopoly?! And I am with you, my boys get a happy meal every friday and we all love it!

  10. And that is why I play the lottery - because I'm so sure I will win.....someday.

    You must have been reading my mind though - I won a Quarter Pounder and fries too and was thinking that could be my lunch tomorrow!

  11. I hope you win a milkshake!! And we don't go that often, but we do go every once in a while, which obviously wouldn't be worth our time to play. So, I will gladly share our codes with you if/when we do go. =o)

  12. Oh hey I just read this as I was eating dinner from McDonalds. None of the pieces were big winners but I did get a medium fries which btw does not have pieces on it.

  13. Well, good luck to you!!

    I'm not a fan of Mickey D's in the states, but it's much, much better in Europe!! The things they offer are so much different, and the actual products LOOK like the photos on the menu. Weird, huh?

  14. I adore McDonalds...and even more when there is McDonalds Monopoly to play! And yeah, I'm there at least once a week too. I haven't won big either but I'll take all the free fries I can get!

  15. I'm not a big McDonald's eater, but I DO love their minty shakes in March. I will definitely have to try the pumpkin shake. Didn't know they offered that. Oh, and if I get a monopoly piece - I'll email it to you! Good luck!


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