Monday, November 12, 2012

A Turkey Named Sam

So Natalie came home with a turkey.

A fake one, mind you.

(Could you imagine if it were real? We wouldn’t even be able to eat it because at that point Natalie would have gotten attached and named it.)

Anyway, we had to decorate it with anything we “had on hand in the house.”

It’s no secret that I’m not crafty. The crafty moms probably had an entire drawer dedicated to things like that.


“Uh, Natalie. Do you want to use the leftover spice drops that we used for Tommy’s project?”

I rifled around kitchen drawers and oh…oh…I found a few spare puffy ball thingies. I think I had bought a pack from when Tommy had to decorate a turkey. Some had dust balls attached to them.

“Glitter!” Natalie shrieked, holding up the bottle like it was the holy grail. “I found GLITTER!”

Oh, fantastic. I hid that from her awhile back because she started to sprinkle glitter all over the house.

“Because,” she had explained to me like I was the idiot, “I’m Tinkerbell.”

I laid everything out in front of Natalie and told her she could go to town. As she started gluing the puff balls everywhere I started to think, “Should I be helping her?” I mean, you know some mothers totally pushed their five-year-olds out of the way and decorated the turkey like an actual turkey. They probably went to Hobby Lobby and bought feathers and other fancy craft things.

Me? Well, I wanted to clean out the junk drawer.

So I let Natalie do it all. And actually, she did a pretty good job:

“I named him Sam! And he likes glitter,” Natalie said proudly. Then she tried to sneak the glitter upstairs but I found the bottle in her underwear.

“This stays down here. In case you have other projects,” I added when it looked like Natalie was about to put up a fuss.

When we took the turkey to school I saw some fancy turkeys. The ones that said, “An Adult Was Here.”

I’m proud to say that Natalie’s turkey says, “My name is Sam and a five-year-old decorated me.”


  1. That is so great that you let her decorate it herself! I love how her turkey turned out (:

  2. Nice turkey! I would let my daughter have at it too.

  3. As a fellow NON crafty person, I can relate. Her turkey looks better than I would have done it. My youngest is in 2nd grade and we are currently working on a ship that had to be made from recyclable materials for Thanksgiving. We have 4 days left, and so far we have a gallon milk jug cut in half and painted black with some bamboo bbq skewers cut and fashioned into a mast in the middle. It has been sitting just like that for a week lol. I hate crafts.

  4. My son is in kindergarten and when he brought his first project home I let him do it all by himself. Then I went up to the school and I felt bad for Bailey his looked horrible compared to the others so the next 2 projects I did for him but you know what because of this post ive decided not again.. i will let my 5 year old be proud of his work and not care about how it looks compared to the adult made ones! Thanks for posting this!

  5. I think it's great and even better that she did it herself! It's always good for them to use their own imaginations. Kudos to you for being such a cool mom instead of a helicopter mom! :)

  6. she did great! I hope I'm that hands off with my kiddos projects haha

  7. I'm team Sam! I hate when parents do all of the work - totally defeats the purpose!

  8. Sam is great, but I don't see enough glitter.


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