Friday, November 30, 2012

Antler Ear Photos

So I had this idea that everyone would wear antler ears and I'd take a picture.

The problem was, Tommy was like, "No thanks."

Then Tom surprised me and said he'd wear them so I was like, "Yay!" Natalie agreed and then it came to the challenge.


The cat.

I got him cat antlers.

Lucky for us, he's pretty chill, especially after he's just eaten.

So I was able to put them on:

Doesn't Max look thrilled. He's probably thinking, "Hope this lady knows the tree is going to be clawed to death tonight."

He's so coughing up a hairball into my shoe, isn't he?


  1. Awww I think he looks adorable!! Tom though, he doesn't look that happy. ;-)

  2. Tom looks less impressed than Max! Natalie looks gorgeous, as ever.

  3. Oh, I see the look of revenge in the cat's eyes already!

  4. Hehehe revenge is lurking in Max's eyes already!

  5. omg KITTY antlers! so sweet {hubby doesnt look to happy btw}

  6. When Tom agreed to wear the antlers did he know that he'd be featured on the blog? That is the real question.

    And yes, Max is totally going to get revenge.

  7. Watch out! Mine puked into my open purse. While a good excuse to go purse shopping, not necessarily an awesome experience.

  8. hahaha cats are hilarious!!! Love the family antler pic though too cute.

  9. Did you bribe Tom? Don't think I would ever be able to get my husband to wear antlers :)

  10. I'd close your bedroom door. God only knows what he'll do to you in your sleep!

    (Great picture!)

  11. hands down the best pic I've seen on a blog all year. thanks!!!


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