Thursday, November 22, 2012

Enjoy The Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. And for those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today, I hope you have a wonderful day.

I decided to make a list of things that I am thankful for.

--Chocolate. It has helped me through a lot of hard times. I don’t drink wine so this is my go to treat when no one is listening to me or when my DVR breaks and doesn’t record the latest Grey’s Anatomy even though I TOLD IT TO. Stupid electronics.

--My husband. He’s had to work many a holiday and I’m glad he gets today off. I’m also grateful that he’s around to cut the turkey. I don’t know how to cut turkeys properly. I usually butcher it to the point where my husband asks if a bear broke into our home and mauled the turkey.

--My kids. They are loud but they are pretty fantastic.

--Deoderant. Without it, we would all stink. My son, especially. He’s only 10 but he NEEDS deoderant. Otherwise he can clear out a room.

--Good TV shows. I love when I find a show that keeps me excited. Or guessing.

--Electricity. When I watch shows like The Tudors I’m extra grateful for it. Having to handwash clothes would make me terribly cranky.

If you plan on shopping tonight, stay safe! And tell me what you got!

I won't have a new post up Friday because I'll be busy getting all our Christmas decorations out from the garage.

Send good thoughts that I'm not crushed by all the boxes we have out there.


  1. Do NOT get crushed by runaway boxes in your garage. I'm about to climb a ladder to finish trimming the top of a tree that we allowed to grow much too tall for its location. May we meet back here in a couple of days, healthy and unbroken!

  2. great things to be thankful for!! happy turkey day

  3. Lovely list of Thanksgivings. I, too, am grateful for deodorant, but only wish more people that shopped at Walmart would use it!

  4. Yeah, deodarant is a good one. I NEED it in the sweaty summer here. The thought of not having it makes me gag. I'm also grateful for chocolate, it just makes everything better, doesn't it?

  5. You can watch Grey's online on the ABC site. I did that this week since I am away for the holiday. Good luck with the boxes.

  6. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, glad Tom didn't have to work!

    And yes, I think I could deal with a lot of things but doing the laundry by hand is not one of those.

  7. Tree up, lights need to wait for the man to get back from the dunes. Need to put out all the doo dads.

    Last Xmas with Sheldon before she moves to California....waaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

  8. I hope you survived!!! Tommy needs D.O. already?? LOL... Kaedyn likes to steal mine and put it on. I would hate washing clothes by hand too ..... ew...


Thanks for the comment!

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