Saturday, November 17, 2012

Road Tripping Tips with #kiaholidays

It’s the holidays which means it’s time to decorate.

And, for a lot of people, to travel.

I was contacted by someone from Kia and asked to talk about road trips, which is perfect, because we’ve done road trips. Since we’re a military family, if my husband gets another stateside base we’ll have to drive there.

We drove from Wyoming to Oklahoma.

And my parents live about 6 hours away from us now so we travel there too.

What are some ways to keep the family comfortable during road trips?

For us, we always bought new toys for the kids. Nothing huge, mind you, but small toys. The ones you can find at the dollar spot at Target. We’d also buy books and yes, we would have DVD players with new DVDs.

What also works?


Kia has a variety of different vehicles that would ensure a comfortable ride.

And they have these hampsters, who never fail to make my children laugh:

If the kids get rowdy, I recommend either A) buying earplugs or B) turning up the volume of your radio.

I’m kidding.

If the kids get noisy, I would just dig out another toy. I would never give them everything new at once. That’s a Travel DON’T!

There are also different road games you can play. Some that are easy for young kids is to have them find different colored vehicles (Kia has a whole bunch of awesome colors!) (And did I mention the dancing hampsters? Yes? Well, the dancing hampsters rock.)

I also mentioned the space, right? Well, look at all this space in the 2013 Kia Sorento:

So basically, here is what you need to have an enjoyable road trip with children:

--new toys

--game ideas



Okay, that last part probably isn't safe. So maybe if things get rough, have a stash of chocolate on hand.

Or, you know, the earplugs.

(To learn more about Kia, you can like their Facebook page.)


  1. Are you kidding? I'm all about the booze. Not while I'm driving, of course. I leave the driving to my hubs but you can bet your sweet potatoes as soon as the car gets over the river and thru the woods, I'm popping the cork. Uh huh. :) Great post! Here from ShareFest!

  2. Kia asked you to do a post? Thats really big! Congrats!

  3. Earplugs is a must we always have a battle of the bands! Between my hubby 80's rock and my daughter's crap....

  4. Is Kia giving you a car for this? Coming soon: test driving!


Thanks for the comment!

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