Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Cell Phones During Movies

The glow of the screen was distracting. Did the woman not hear the part when the booming voice said to turn off cell phones? I mean, maybe she couldn’t read? If so, that wasn’t an excuse. There was even a PHOTO of a cell phone with a line crossed through it which means TURN IT OFF. Or turn it on vibrate. Basically, put it away until the movie was over.


We were seeing Wreck-It Ralph and some lady across the way kept fiddling on Facebook. And oh…there was a guy a few seats over messing with his phone.


This is so incredibly rude. When the lights go down, it’s time for the cell phone to go away. It might be previews, but some people LIKE the previews. I like the previews and I get distracted when I see the glare of a screen. Maybe I have ADD.

It irritates me even more when people still have their phones out when the actual movie has started. I don’t CARE if you’re in the middle of an important text. Get up and go to the hall. If you’re waiting for an important text, seeing a movie is probably not what you should be doing. If you’re about to get three stars on Angry Birds, sorry, when the movie begins, it’s over.

You have no idea how hard it is not to toss popcorn at the back of phone users heads. But then I’d be creating a movie theater faux paux. Still. They would have started it.

I also hate when halfway through a movie people decide to check their phones. If you can’t go an hour without using it, don’t see a movie. If your phone vibrates and you think it might be someone important, take it to the hall. Okay?

So please. When you see a movie, put your phone away when the lights go down. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you feel popcorn being tossed at you.


  1. OMG...totally agree on this. I LOVE going to the movies, and the previews are one of my favorites parts of the whole experience. When I see people on their cell phones during the previews/movies, it makes me want to kick the back of their seat. This is one of my biggest pet peeves!

  2. I'll toss the popcorn with you! That'd be fun!

  3. I hate this too!!! Between people chomping snacks with their mouths open, TALKING, fiddling with phones, and otherwise making annoying noises, I refuse to pay big bucks to go to the movies. I just don't. I can see a movie at home, in a comfy quiet place, in peace, for a fraction of the price!

    And my popcorn is way better.

  4. I couldn't agree more! It's even worse when someone answers a freaking phone call in the middle of a movie! Ugh. I would totally start throwing popcorn. Haha (:

  5. They even have a worker who comes out before the movie to voice it as well!!

    I actually asked a lady months ago to close her phone. She was okay, but later I realized she moved to sit somewhere else.

  6. Oh I am almost afraid to post this, not that I dont agree with you whole heartily, but I dont want to ruin your upcoming vacation to has to be worst then a movie theater when it comes to cell phones, they not only talk, play games,they shoot pictures in areas that is clearly announced NO Flash photography along with taking videos, but my biggest pet peeve is the idiot on a quiet Disney bus with everyone about zonked out after a long day in the parks and he/she has to let everyone back home know what they did via their cell phone..have fun;)

  7. It is so annoying when someone plays with their phone during a movie. It drives me crazy!

  8. My biggest pet peeve is parents at the playground who sit on a bench and look at facebook the whole time. YOu are missing childhood people! Leave it alone for a second and just enjoy the amusement in front of you. Killlls me!

  9. I totally agree!!! It drives me crazy when i pay darn good money to see a movie and end up sitting behind some jerk with his cell phone! Ugh!!!


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