Monday, December 31, 2012

I Resolve To NOT...For 2013

So it’s sort of been a tradition on my blog to make resolutions…on what I’m NOT going to do. They’re much easier to keep, I’ve noticed…

Here is what I resolve NOT to do in 2013…

--I resolve to not…stop drinking Diet Coke. People are forever posting pictures and articles on how bad soda is for you and it only makes me want one even more.

--I resolve to not…start being a crafty parent. It’s just not for me and I don’t need to feel guilty about it. If someone wants to make a dress from a sock, good on them.

--I resolve to not…stop cringing when people continue to mess up your and you’re. If you’re-see what I did there? over the age of 10, you should know the difference. It’s YOU’RE welcome. Not your welcome.

--I resolve to not…feel guilty if the thought of playing a game with my kids causes me to want to rip my hair out. Hopefully they'll play better when they're older.

--I resolve to not…give up on finding an agent to represent me. Surely there is someone out there who believes in my writing. (I have a book on Kindle now called The Swimmer's Assistant if you're interested!)

--I resolve to not…stop making fun of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Keesha, and all those other awful singers who people have deemed “talented.” They aren’t my taste. At all. And what is the point of Nicki Minaj? I still don’t comprehend.

--I resolve to not…give up my junk food. I eat it in moderation. I laugh when these “experts” come on the TV and talk about how to give the junk up because you’ll feel “so much better.” No. I will not. If I don’t get my daily chocolate, I will not be a pleasant person to be around.

--I resolve to not…stop wondering how my husband can spend so long in the bathroom. Why would he want to remain in a room sniffing his filth? I don’t get it.

--I resolve to not…feel guilty for my parenting choices. I’m a proud breastfeeding, circumcising, non-organic food giving, allowing TV before the age of 2, disposable diaper buying mother. Hello.


  1. Amen! I like your (not you're) resolves to NOT do something. Easier than the resolves TO do something! Great post! Happy New Year!

  2. Well at least you're (wow, I tried to write "your" there as a joke but just...could not bring myself to do it) not that person on Facebook who wrote:

    You need to learn the difference between their/there/they're! Your in college!

  3. I resolve to never stop reading your blog! It's so awesome.

    When I see people use you're/your wrong, it makes me want to seriously hit them in the face. There's no excuse. I swear to God, people are getting dumber and lazier - never a good combination.

    Happy New Year!

  4. You're the kind of mother I hope to be. I don't want to be one of those crazy ones where everything is done to perfection. I believe in TV. I believe in normal food. I will breast feed. I will circumcise. I will definitely use disposable diapers. None of those cloth ones for me, thanks!

    Oh? And I must have my chocolate as well. And ranch dip.

  5. Now these are some resolutions I can get behind!

    And definitely don't give up on finding an agent. I spent all of Saturday finally reading your book. Loved it! Don't give up.

  6. Ooh, reading your posts sometimes makes me feel like we are the same person. I like the idea of a "not" list of resolutions. I also like that you eat chocolate every day (says the girl who just read your post while eating Cocoa Pebbles). I like that I'm not the only one who might go insane with the thought of crafting and playing games with kids. I like that I'm not alone in hating One Direction. I heard their "hit" song come on the radio the other day and I thought it was a spoof. A joke. But no, wait. That's a legit song that people are paying real, green, American dollars for? GEEEEZ.

    Happy New Years to you and you're family! Their's only won way too celebrate and thats with a ton of whine!

    (That last little bit made you twitch, huh? It hurt me to type it, I promise.)

  7. I feel exactly the same way about diet coke! The more people tell me it's bad, the more I want to crack one open.

  8. I feel very confident that these are resolutions that you'll keep! Happy New Year!

  9. Love the post.
    Your wonderful.
    You are wonderful.

  10. LOVE it! And linked you to my blog

  11. I don't do resolutions but I'll tell you what - I think I may just resolve to make a dress out of a sock. I think that should keep me busy all year!
    As for you? I love honesty and that is you. BTW, you sound like the perfect mom.

  12. I went to a personal trainer and he asked me if I drank diet Coke. I told him maybe 1-2 a week and he went nuts. I stopped going to him. If it was 2-3 a day, I could understand but seriously.

  13. I just bought some Frosted Flakes, I do not feel guilty. At all. The other words that peeve me, are when quite and quiet get mixed up, they obviously don't get caught with spell check and it really bugs me. I don't know why...

    I am loving the book too!

    Happy New Year!

  14. Couldn't agree more on the junk food one. If I don't have some daily chocolate, I'm like a drug addict needing a fix.

  15. Have you thought about submitting your book directly to a publisher to see what they think? While some publishers won't touch a book without an agent there are many that will. Check out the 2013 edition of Writer's Digest to see some listed!

  16. I really like this non-resolution thing! And I am with you on almost all counts!

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