Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Overpriced Neiman Marcus Stuff At Target

I love Target.

It’s one of my favorite stores.

Sometimes I’m there multiple times per week.


I have to say, I’m a tad irritated the Neiman Marcus stuff they decided to sell.




Guess how much that tiny piece of luggage is?

$179.99! And it’s not even that big.

I bought a three piece luggage set on Black Friday once for $29.99. And it came with THREE luggage pieces.

Looking for a blazer? Well, you have have this one:

For $129.99.

Aching for a bike?

You can get this for $499.99.

No, that’s not a typo.

Is it laced with gold or something?

Is there a button to put it on warp speed?

Will there be jewelry in the basket?

I just can’t fathom paying that much for something. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been into name brand stuff. I admire some things, yes. But could I fork out the dough for it? Probably not.

I’ll be curious to see if anyone will actually buy this stuff. So far at my Target, the entire collection seems to be sitting there.

I noticed they had some adorable children’s dresses—but they ranged from $59-$99. After I stopped laughing, I put the dresses back on the rack.

I might be back to purchase when Target marks them down 50% off.

Or actually, I’ll wait until they hit 70% off.

And that’s why I love Target. Because of their DEALS.

Not because of their overpriced crap.


  1. I used to live near the outlet shop for a fancy luggage shop and I went once to have a look. The prices were still on the high side but I thought it would be worth it if it was well made.

    The shop assistant said it was best to wrap the suitcase in a garbage to protect it when I travelled. WTF... if I'm going to do that, I'll just throw my stuff in the garbage and save the money!

    I never pay for a label but I will pay for well made stuff that makes my life easier.

  2. I agree. That's craziness! You can find some good deals at Target and I love it as much as the next woman but they do have many overpriced items in that store. I could not believe the price on their light up Christmas decorations. No thank you!

  3. Target didn't used to be that expensive. That was what made it a great place. Walmart makes everything look ans feel so cheap, so Target was a good alternative. But I see you point, for sure!!

  4. Oh no. If Target goes that route then it will no longer be my happy place...and really, who can live like that?

  5. I saw the bike and thought it was super adorbs but I didn't look at it! Glad I didn't!! I would have fell on the ground laughing to death! However, I did see some cute little sparkle zipper pouches... for a mere $129.99. Are you freaking kidding me?? They were like a $15 dollar max kind of pouch. I'm with you, I'll wait until sale day... just like Kohl's with their Vera bags... $119.99...or wait until 50%, with my coals cash and extra 30% and I got my $17 vera bag!

  6. I'm kind of with you there - I'm used to walking into Target, seeing something cute and being able to afford it. I nearly had a heart attack over that ridiculously expensive blazer when I was there last week. If I want to pay that much for clothes - I wouldn't go to Target. Now I have to walk by the cute clothes and wonder if it's even near my price range of what is not ridiculous to pay.

  7. It's so dumb. Have you seen the dog accessories?? Like I would pay that much for something that will be covered in slober 10 minutes after I get home.

  8. ohhh, I LOVE that bike, but not for $499!!

  9. wow so sad. I love target but if I could afford that I probably wouldn't have to shop at target! who am I kidding I would anyway but that's nuts.

  10. I totally agree the deals are what gets me through the door!

  11. I thought about half the stuff was cute but the prices? still overpriced. it's Target for gods sake!

  12. I work at a Super Target overnight, and I've never seen anything more ridiculous than the prices of this Neiman Marcus stuff. $35 for a letter opener, $40 for a dog leash, $20 for a single christmas ball ornament, $50 for a small metal hexagonal box? It blows my mind.

    The ceramic dog dish they have (I forget the price $20-30 at least) is the same exact quality and extremely similar design as ceramic items by Threshold, the Target brand of housewares.

    I'm actually glad to see the Neiman Marcus not selling that well. At least some people have sense.

  13. I'm just catching up on reading. I just went today and my jaw abour dropped when I saw these prices. Ridiculous!


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