Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Wish I Could Sing Like On Les Miserables

I got to see Les Miserables on Sunday with my friend Jennifer.

I loved it.

I got to see it in England during my senior class trip on stage. Which was lovely, don’t get me wrong, but I was only 18 and didn’t quite comprehend what all was going on. I loved the soundtrack though and would play it over and over. And I got so excited when Joey from Dawson’s Creek sang On My Own to Dawson in Dawson’s Creek.

Hugh Jackman is fantastic in the movie—is there nothing he can’t do? He’s right up there with Meryl Streep. He can sing. He can dance. He can act. I always marvel at people like that.

Russell Crowe has been getting some negative criticism for his part but I thought he did a wonderful job.

There were times when they’d finish a big musical number and I almost clapped. Then I realized, duh, you’re in a movie theater, not seeing it on stage. I imagine the people around me would have been like, “Uh? You don’t need to clap, numbnuts.”

Some people did clap at the end though.

I highly recommend the movie if you like the musical. Mind you, it’s almost ALL music so if you want a lot of dialogue, I’d pass. Some people were all, “I was tired of all the music..” Um, hello? It’s a MUSICAL. That’s sort of what happens in musicals.
When I got home I asked Tom if he wanted to sing his feelings for me like they did in Les Miserables.

“Not really,” Tom answered.

“A heart full of love!” I sang and Tom flinched. I am seriously tone deaf. Then I started to explain the story to him—because there were a few men in the theater after all—and Tom’s eyes started to glaze over right when I mentioned how Jean went to save Cosette.

“Sasha Baron Cohen was in it. Master of the house…” I started to sing and Tom made a face so I stopped. “You LIKE Sasha Baron Cohen.”

“Yes. But I won’t sit through two hours of singing. I won’t sit through two MINUTES of singing I don’t think,” Tom responded stubbornly.

“You have. You do when they sing on Family Guy,” I reminded him.

“That’s different.”

“On my own..”

“Please stop singing. Here.” Tom handed me a cookie.

I should have been insulted but he’s right. I can’t sing. Even my own children have covered their ears. Natalie even told me kindly, “You are not good,” when I started to sing to her before.

Still. I love the music. Maybe I’ll dig out my soundtrack and put it on iTunes. So if you see a car driving down the street with Empty Chairs, Empty Tables, hi, that’s me.


  1. i can't sing either but I love and always have loved singing along to les mis! lol.

  2. Heck, ignore him, put in the earbuds and sing.

  3. I haven't seen it yet. I think I need to have a girl's night out to go see it.

  4. oh I want to see it but I know my hubs won't go either :) I think I'll probably end up going with my Mom :)

  5. I'm going to see it one of these days but my husband won't go either. Have to go see whether I converted the old CD to digital; if so I can put it on my iPod and sign my head off. When nobody's around, of course.

  6. We love Les Mis and had the privilege of watching our son perform in it his Junior year of high school. Master of the House was one of my favorite songs from it as well. I totally suck at singing too so you're not alone. Ha! Guess we will have to make our way to see this movie and stat!

  7. Empty Chairs, Empty Tables is one of my favorites from Lez Miz. So haunting... so intense emotionally.

    ...and it points to the apparent futility of "popular" expressions against oppression.

  8. I really liked it too, but I did fid it funny that they literally sang everything! I tried singing to my friend, to try to have a singing conversation, but she wasn't so keen...

  9. I can't WAIT to see it but will probably wait until it comes out on DVD = mostly because I love it so much and the commercials for it make me cry!!! I used to sing along to the soundtrack of the musical VERY LOUDLY in my car on long trips! I am sure people passing me were all "Huh??"

  10. In the shower - I DO sing exactly like them! LOL
    I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to see it. Love Hugh Jackman - especially a singing Hugh. I hear Anne Hathaway just nailed I Dreamed A Dream.
    There is an awesome Wedding Flash Mob video on YouTube where the guests start singing One Day More - it's awesome!

  11. I love that someone else's kid doesn't want them to sing. I actually used it as a punishment for my son - pick your toys up before I count to 10 or I'll sing.

  12. I have no one to see that movie with... Brandon won't touch musicals!

  13. Love it! I was so excited when Joey sang On My Own on Dawson's Creek too!

  14. I cannot wait to see this. Though I think I have to go alone because my husband will not go with me and I don't have any movie-going friends here.

  15. I cannot wait to see this. Though I think I have to go alone because my husband will not go with me and I don't have any movie-going friends here.

  16. I'm all about singing when the moment hints. Like when my car window is open and we're sitting in traffic and my boys are mor-ti-fied. hahahahahaha!!! And I would have totally clapped in the theatre. I've a very outgowing movie watcher. My kids try and sit at least three rows away from me (I don't tell them it's my mind-tricks so I don't have to claim them in public either)...


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