Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Weather Games

“The snow is coming folks! We could get up to four inches!”

“It already started to fall up north. It’s coming, folks!”

“You see this blue mass? That’s the snow and it’ll be here very soon, folks!”

Ugh. The local news was taking over all the channels to report on the snow. Snow in Oklahoma is a Big Deal. It amuses me because I came from Wyoming where snow was Not A Big Deal.

“Don’t travel to Kansas, folks!” the newscaster continued. For the EIGHTH time. They were taking over all the channels and were saying THE SAME THING over and over.

First of all, no, I won’t travel to Kansas.

Second of all, WHERE was the flipping snow?!

Third of all, WHEN would they shut up and put Dr. Phil on? I understand they want to keep people informed, but if they say the same things over and over, there’s no point. Break in during commercials. I put Dr. Phil on when I clean. It’s amusing to hear people argue over ridiculous things and then Dr. Phil pops in and is all, “I wrote a book…” Dude, that’s great. But get on with the problem.

Anyway, all it did was rain. And rain. And rain. No snow. The military base even shut down at 2 because snow continued to be reported.

“It’ll be here soon!”

The kids kept peeking out the window hoping to spot the first flakes. They finally came in the evening but were brief.

“Was that the storm?” I asked Tom.


It turns out that no, it wasn’t the storm.

More snow came overnight.

The kids were hoping for a snow day.


All we got was a dusting.

The roads were clear.

What happened to all the snow?

Well, apparently it bypassed us. All that jabbering on from the local news was a waste. I missed Dr. Phil for nothing. It’s 2013, if I wanted to check on the weather, there IS an app for that. Don’t take over morning programs.

So yeah. Oklahoma is a bit of a finicky state.

And an overdramatic one.

“Up to 4 inches of snow!”

“Oops. Make that less than an inch.”

Can we just have Spring please?


  1. I agree! Bring on Spring! :)

    Thanks for stopping by Natural and Free, too! :) Have a great day!

  2. our schools closed before the snow even started, so i'm glad we actually got it. I would have been mad at a closing for nothing!

  3. Our schools here in Virginia have closed three times this year for what amounted to nothing more than some cold rain. Parents are MAD! I can see erring on the side of caution, but three different days off for rain is a bit excessive.

  4. Just you wait for tornado season to start!! There is a reason there is a very popular "Gary England Drinking Game"!!

  5. I miss the melodramatic Midwest meteorologists.

  6. A local channel in St Louis recently spent 2+ hours covering basically the traffic due to a recent snowstorm..funny thing, there was no traffic to speak of most large companies let out early, and alot of evening stuff was already cancelled, so the major jams were around 2, but from 4 to 630 the reporters were all out standing on snow mounds,measuring snow with rulers and making mini snowmen.
    We missed Wheel of Fortune and our must watch Jeapordy..for a traffic report.

  7. the same things happens in our area, too!

  8. They do the same thing here in NC. And yes, it is annoying.

  9. When my husband was stationed in Oklahoma for pilot training, I always thought the weather reports were ridiculous. There was this father and 2 sons that all worked on 1 news station and they were always a little dramatic. I grew up with weathermen who were dramatic about ice, but that's because it was Florida :)

  10. Same thing is happening here in Utah! It is rather irritating, to prepare for that BIG storm that could blow away our garbage cans and leave 4-6 inches. Cancel plans. Then only get a dusting or have it blow right past.

  11. That is pretty annoying when they constantly interrupt television for weather reports. We got a weather report that said, "The snow is going to miss us... maybe we will get a dusting." Didn't happen. It snowed all of yesterday and most of the evening. We got about 4-5 inches... not enough to close anything down here.

  12. That is what I figured would happen to Kansas.. and low and behold they got dumped on. I was shocked they closed things down before it even started flaking one bit! Who does that?!

  13. Oh, I HATE when the local stations try to turn everything into a big disaster and interrupt programs all day. They try so hard to work people into a tizzy.

    Here in NC, when that happens everyone runs to the store to buy bread and milk and it's a nightmare. At least half the time they are totally wrong anyway. Sheesh. --Lisa

  14. It rarely snows here, but it was funny when it did last year. 2 men stood at the junction of 2 main roads warning people that it was slippy. Apparently, no one thought to put grit down!

  15. It rarely snows here, but it was funny when it did last year. 2 men stood at the junction of 2 main roads warning people that it was slippy. Apparently, no one thought to put grit down!

  16. We've had the same happen to us here in Belgium ... big announcements and warnings and then no more than an inch or 2!
    I'm so over winter! I want some sun!


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