Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Sixth Birthday, Natalie!

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

You’re six!

It hasn’t always been a smooth six years.

You were sort of an, erm, cranky baby.

You didn’t like your bunny hat.

 photo Card6-2.jpg

You didn’t like your pink hat.

 photo Target18-3.jpg

You didn’t like your car seat.

 photo Carseat3.jpg

You didn’t like your bouncer.

 photo Mad-2.jpg

You didn’t like if I tried to intrude on Daddy time.

You didn’t like not being able to get over the gate.

You didn’t like your first birthday cake and was insulted that it got all over you.

 photo Party31.jpg

You also started to climb out of your crib at a year and a half. Even on the lowest setting.

You kept us busy on a daily basis.

But your days weren't always filled with tears.

You let me dress you up.

 photo New2-1.jpg

 photo FancyDress-1.jpg

 photo RoyalGardens26-2.jpg

You are a ball of energy.

 photo BlueSuit5.jpg

You love your Disney Princesses:

You walk in heels better than I do.

 photo SadPic.jpg

You love your brother.

It's been a fun six years.

Happy Birthday, Natalie.


  1. Six years! Wow! Happy birthday to your beautiful princess. :)

  2. I've been reading your blog since you used to buy girl's clothes when they were on sale JUST IN CASE.

    I can't believe she's 6.

    That being said, that picture of her and Tommy is pretty amazing.

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    She's adorable!
    (I'm a tad jealous... I wish I'd had a girl to buy Princesses for. I call my boys "Princesses" when they act like whiny girls... and than his girlfriend nicknamed him Princess because of that...and I was happy I finally succeeded in something in parenting!!)

  4. Happy birthday Natalie! The pictures are brilliant! Keep them for when she's a teenager!

  5. Love the expression on her face in the picture with Tommy lol.

    Happy birthday to Natalie!!

  6. Happy birthday Natalie!!
    Such cute, cute pictures!

  7. Six and still the cutest kid around - Happy Birthday Na!

  8. aww...Happy Birthday! What a beautiful little girl and a beautiful little lady she is becoming!

  9. You really do have the most adorable kiddos! Happy 6th Birthday Natalie.

    And my new baby niece is named Natalie so good choice on selecting your daughter's name!!!!

  10. Happy birthday Natalie!! Those are some great pictures! I'm glad you had the presence of mind to take them and save them.

  11. Love this! Happy birthday Na...I mean Natalie!

  12. What a cute post! Happy birthday!

  13. Happy birthday Natalie! She is a cutie. You can see her personality in those baby pictures.

  14. happy birthday! I love how she's looking at Tommy in that picture!

  15. Happy B'day, Natalie. ViMae cried a lot at first, too. I think it makes us appreciate them more when they smile and enjoy life now!

  16. I can't believe she's already 6!! Happy Birthday!

    The picture for 'she loves her brother' is awesome! I love the look she's giving him lol

  17. Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful Na. Errr.., I mean Natalie!

  18. Happy birthday Natalie! Wow, 6 already, hard to believe!

  19. Happy Birthday to your "baby' :)

  20. Happy birthday to your beautiful big girl! I cannot believe she's six!! These pictures are darling- she's always been photogenic, even in the midst of a serious tantrum!

  21. Oh wow- what a great photo montage...LOVE IT!
    They're so beautiful, Amber!

  22. This made me laugh because I had a baby just like her - hated everything.
    Hope she had a great birthday!


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