Friday, April 19, 2013

When My Husband Deploys

Deployments. They stink. But I try to look on the bright side of things. Dwelling on being sad will not help the time go by any quicker. So I decided to make a list of things I like to do when my husband is deployed.

Stretch out in bed. Yes, I’m one of those people who enjoy having the bed to myself. Some people are like, “I can’t sleep without my mate!” I’m all, “I won’t be disturbed by man snoring!” Mind you, I do freak myself out at night and then wish he were there to tell me that there are no ghosts in the room with us and no, that ball of cat fur is not a giant spider, ready to attack.

Fart/Stop Shaving. I basically turn into a dude when he’s gone. I mean, I act like a civilized human being when I leave the house (for the most part) but at home I’m in sweats with hairy legs.

Cereal for dinner. I love easy meals! Tom isn’t a fan of them. Meaning, if I ever said, “Cereal for dinner!” he’d be like, “What? I can’t have cereal for dinner!” Or if I said, “Dinner is whatever you can find,” he would seem baffled on what he ought to do. The kids are fine with it though so we have easy meals at least two times a week. Sometimes more.

Watch girly shows and movies. Tom isn’t a fan of a lot of my shows. Grey’s Anatomy bores him, and Downton Abbey baffles him. “I don’t see the point in any of this?” he once said. I can watch my stuff whenever I want. Chick flicks make me laugh which helps take my mind off the fact that he’ll be gone for awhile.

Know that with each day that passes brings it closer to him coming home. Some days are harder than others and I just tell myself, “It’ll pass. Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” Yes, that’s totally a line from Anne of Green Gables.


  1. I once nannyed (is that a word?) for a family where the Dad was away on business every few weeks. I'd literally never had cereal for dinner, I thought it was both odd and cool. I like a proper meal, but any man living in my place (I know that makes it sound like there's loads, there's not, I'm just saying) would have to be prepared to make the occasional meal. Otherwise, it's salad all the way.

  2. I love cereal for dinner! My husband does not get this at all either.

  3. I love to stretch out on the bed too but I have to admit that the time that I spent away from Mr. Big before I moved down I couldn't sleep because he was so far away.

    But I did do the whole fart/stop shaving bit...yeah, he's not around, no need to impress ;-)

    I do the cereal for dinner a lot!! Mr. Big, he's all for it. In fact, he's the ceral hog in the house.

  4. I'm sure he is waiting eagerly to come home to your sweaty hairy legs and bowl of cereal...


    I hope he gets home soon.

  5. I'm sure that he does things differently when you aren't around as well.
    How is he doing without his dog and being the boss now?

  6. When my hubby is away for business, I love to fall asleep to the TV (girl shows of course) and I eat in the bed (his side of course) and usually it is cereal. Hope yours isn't gone long.

  7. Great perspective! These are actually all the reasons that I appreciate the nights my husband works. I complain sometimes that I wish he were home more in the evenings, but then we couldn't have cereal for dinner and I couldn't watch my TV shows!

  8. Don't forget the remote control!!! When my husband is gone, I get to watch anything I want! YAY, REAL HOUSEWIVES!

  9. I do remember the days before we were married and Tony moved in.

    The kids had "camp outs" in the living room when I was too tired to put them to bed.

    We actually ate around the table MORE then,

    And most important... I had no idea channels like CNN existed.


    I wouldn't trade him for anything but sometimes I do miss the good old days...

  10. Yes on more bed space and girly shows! Brandon starts flying nights soon and I'm actually looking forward to it a bit. I get to sleep in the bed for a few hours alone, nice. I get to watch what I want! Yay!

    My sister is one of those who has trouble sleeping without her husband. I told her to get over it ;)

  11. There are definitely a few pro's to deployment.

    Enjoy not shaving your legs and eating cereal. :)

  12. I could eat cereal for dinner 5 nights a week. And I'm with you on sleeping alone. I'm not a cuddler when I sleep. I like my space.

    Seriously though, hope the time goes by super fast for you.

  13. Your terrific attitude makes it workable; power on and thanks to your whole family for what you do. Besides the fuzzy leggedness -- that's neither a plus nor minus.

  14. I love all of those too...and you are so right to focus on the positive and look for the gifts!

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  16. Before it started warming up, I would shave my legs maybe every 3-4 days. My farting routine didn't change because I fart on Steve all the time and find it HILARIOUS. I have, however, been slacking in the overall housekeeping department. When I discovered a little brown ball on the floor, and finally realized that it was not chocolate, a marble, a piece of food, or a craft supply, but a TURDLET, I realized that this is like one step above living in a frat house. Time to deep-clean!

    (The turdlet belonged to Molly, not some vermin running around my house, btw.)

  17. I love how you look at the bright side! And every one of the things that you listed is definitely a bright side!

  18. Cracking up at the cereal for dinner...that is one of the best parts of having my hubby travel when he does! Great post! And you are definitely being a good sport and making the best of it!-Ashley

  19. If he has to be gone, might as well make the best of it!

  20. Cereal for dinner...maybe even better than eggs and bacon for dinner. I love easy dinners but my husband is the cook in this family.
    And we feel pretty safe generally where we live (as safe as anyone can feel, I guess) but if he's gone, my mind conjures up all sorts of psychos and creatures and demons.


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