Friday, June 21, 2013

Tumbling with Natalie

Natalie loves tumbling. She’s been doing it for two years. She got to showcase all the things she learned at the end of the year program.

She bounced:

She twirled on the bar:

She went across the balance beam:

She discovered a Justin Bieber song was playing over the loudspeaker:

She has more coordination than I ever did so she does pretty well. She’ll be doing it until she tells me she’s done.

Great job, Natalie!


  1. So glad to hear she still likes it. It's such a great sport! :-)

    Fellow gym mom...

  2. Loving her face on that last one! I on the other hand would have planted my face in the ground every single time. I'm just that coordinated.

  3. haha..that face in the last photo is amazing.

  4. LOL Love her face on the Justin Beiber song. I want to put my daughter in tumbling I think she would love it. Suppose to get a tumbling class at the youth club here but haven't heard anything yet.

  5. Doesn't like the Beib?
    Glad she found something she likes. Let Tommie run, she'll twirl!

  6. What an awesome little gymnast!

  7. She is a super cutie! :) Love the pictures!-The Dose Girls

  8. Lol my girls go to the same gym!! They loved the biebs song playing though. We absolutely adore that place!

  9. I used to LOVE tumbling! Then we moved and there wasn't a gym close enough to make it work. She looks so happy (except about the Biebs).

  10. She looks like she really enjoys tumbling. I loved tumbling when I was young! The balance beam... no so much.

  11. Gymnastics is such a great sport for the wee one's!! Oh but that face LOL Does she love or hate Justin? :)


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